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Marriage: Children:
  1. Rachel Truitt: Birth: ABT 1691.

  2. George Timmons Truitt: Birth: ABT 1692 in , Somerset, MD. Death: 1772 in , Somerset, MD

  3. Job Truitt: Birth: ABT 1693 in , Somerset, MD. Death: 1727 in , Somerset, MD

  4. Josiah Truitt: Birth: ABT 1694.

  5. Alice Truitt: Birth: ABT 1695 in , Somerset, MD. Death: 1 Apr 1730 in , Somerset, MD

  6. Keziah Truitt: Birth: ABT 1697 in , Somerset, MD.

  7. Rebecca Timmons Truitt: Birth: ABT 1700 in , Somerset, MD.

  8. Sarah TImmons Truitt: Birth: ABT 1703 in , Somerset, MD.

  9. Mordecai Truitt: Birth: BEF 1705. Death: ABT 1730

  10. Mary Truitt: Birth: ABT 1706 in , Somerset, MD.

  11. Nehemiah Truitt: Birth: ABT 1707 in , Somerset, MD. Death: 2 Jul 1773 in , Worcester, MD

a. Note:   From: V. Skinner Job is first cited on the Accomac County Tax Lists in 1689 (with two taxable persons). He was probably living in the household of his brother James until 1689. Job does not appear on the Accomac Tax Lists for 1690 or 1691. He emigrated to Somerset County prior to 1692. He is cited as Jobe Truitt on the list of debts for Mr. James Minyard / Maynard of Somerset County, dated 2/10/1693 (OS). He registered for a cattle mark in Somerset County in 1704. (This cattle mark is probably for his son Job.) Jobe Truitt is cited in the list of debts for the estate of Mr. John Edgar, dated 10/1705. In 1707 Job Truitt was living in Somerset County, MD. On 7/2/1709 Job Truitt is cited as a surety for Elizabeth Williams in the settlement of the estate of John Williams. (In 1718 the estate was settled by Mary WIlliams.) Job purchased the land "Belfast" from Thomas MacClemy in 1715. He is cited on the 1723 Tax List as having two taxable persons in Bogerternorton Hundred. A person by the name of Mordica / Mordecai is also cited. On 8/14/1727 Job Truitt received payment from the estate of William Bowin; his name is cited as Tob Truitt. Theland "Belfast" was given to his son Nehemiah in Job's will (Folio 289, LIber MH#3, WIlls, Worcester County*). The administrator of the estate was George Truitt; the widow Mary renounced administration of the estate. The sureties for George Truitt were: George Turitt, son of George, and Henry Jarman (The accounts can be found in Folio 186, Liber 11, Administration Accounts, Prerogative Court). Job may have married Mary Jarman, rather than Mary Powell or Mary Timmons, but whomever he married, he is reported to have had nine children. ------- From: Edna Shannonhouse, Nov 1995
  Will of Job Truitt: Calendar of Wills, Vo1.II, p.164, dated 4/1/1730, probated 5/10/1730. To son George; to son Nehemiah, to pass to his son George; daughter-in-law Parthenia; granddaughter, ???inah during her widowhood; grandson Job, son of my deceased son Job; wife Mary. Witness: Benjamin Truitt. ------- From: Ann Hamor <[email protected]> Jun 1996
  Job was married to Mary Powell in 1682 in Accomack, VA. They had no known children.
  He signe a will on 1 Apr 1730 in Somerset County, MD. ------- From: Carl Bochau <[email protected]> Sep 2000
  In your notes for JobTruitt b. abt 1657, d. 1 Apr 1730. Near the bottom of the first paragraph it states that Job's will (Folio 289 Liber MH#3, Wills,Worcester County) At the time of his death there was no WorcesterCounty. Worcester County was not established until 1742. -------------------------- From the research work of Ronnie Truitt of Walhalla, SC; received from Dale Truitt Jul 1996 <[email protected]> ------- From: Larry George Truitt <[email protected]> Nov 1996 -------------------------- From: Betty Evenson<[email protected]> Oct 1997
  Nehemia Sr.'s father Job Truitt, b abt 1657 Accomack Virginia, m. MaryPowell (I do not know her parents). ------------------------- From: Carl Bochau <[email protected]> Sep 2000
  Another Asa Hemmons/Mahala Truitt descendant sent the following to metoday:
  Database: Full context of Maryland Calendar of Wills Maryland Calendar of Wills: Volume 6 page 164 10 May 1730 1 April 1730 To daughter-in-law Partheny Truitt, 50 A. where she now lives duringher widowhood, and to granddaughter Leninah during life.
  To son George and heirs, afsd, plantation and dwelling. Plantation"Truitt's Choyce". To son Nehemiah and heirs, 250 A. "Belfast", he dying without issue,said land to pass to son George and heirs, and personalty.
  To grandson Job (son of Job) and heirs,m 50 A "Job's Fishing Hole"adjacent to John Bradford's.
  To daughters Alice, Cassiah and Rebecca, personalty. To daughters Sarah and Rebecca Timmans, 1s. each. It would seem that Job was married to Mary Timmons. Rebecca's middle name was Timmans in the above will. It's also interesting that no wife was mentioned.. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.