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Marriage: Children:
  1. Riley Truitt: Birth: ABT 1695 in , Somerset, MD. Death: BEF 1718

  2. John Truitt: Birth: ABT 1697 in , Somerset, MD. Death: 1749 in , Worcester, MD

  3. Thomas Truitt: Birth: ABT 1699 in , Somerset, MD. Death: ABT 6 Mar 1764 in , Worcester, MD

  4. George Truitt: Birth: ABT 1701 in , Somerset, MD. Death: AFT 1775 in George's Folly, Worcester, MD

  5. Elizabeth Truitt: Birth: ABT 1703 in , Somerset, MD. Death: 1780 in , Sussex, DE

a. Note:   l was probated on 5/30/1718. ------- From: Edna Shannonhouse, Nov 1995 ------- From the research work of Ronnie Truitt of Walhalla, SC; received from Dale Truitt Jul 1996 <[email protected]> ------- From the research work of Reverend William Jefferson Gammon (1876-1967) and Ada Mildred Truitt (1913-1976); received Jul 2000.
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