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Marriage: Children:
  1. Jane Truitt: Birth: ABT 1653 in , Accomac, VA. Death: ABT 1670 in , Accomac, VA

  2. Dorothy Truitt: Birth: ABT 1655 in , Accomac, VA. Death: 1708 in , Somerset, MD

  3. John Truitt: Birth: ABT 1657 in , Accomac, VA. Death: 7 May 1722 in , Somerset, MD

  4. Job Truitt: Birth: ABT 1657 in Muddy Creek Plantation, Accomac, VA. Death: 1 Apr 1730 in , Somerset, MD

  5. Elizabeth Truitt: Birth: 1660 in , Accomac, VA. Death: ABT 1729 in , Somerset, MD

  6. James Truitt: Birth: ABT 1661 in Muddy Creek Plantation, Accomac, VA. Death: 30 May 1718 in , Somerset, MD

  7. Susannah Truitt: Birth: ABT 1668 in , Accomac, VA. Death: AFT 1670 in , Accomac, VA

a. Note:   d Grants: Volume 1, 1623-1666," page :327
  On Mar 24, 1654/55 George Truitt paid for Alice's transport. She died after 1663. ------- From: Edna Shannonhouse, Nov 1995
  Says there also was a child named Tabitha. ------- From the research work of Ronnie Truitt of Walhalla, SC; received from Dale Truitt Jul 1996 <[email protected]> ------- From: Richard L. Foster <[email protected]> Dec 2005
  Every web page I've come across does substantiate that Jane is George and Alice's daughter, but that George and Alice married about 1651/1652 instead of 1655.
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