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Marriage: Children:
  1. George Truitt: Birth: BEF 1 Apr 1730 in , Somerset, MD.

  2. Ann Truitt: Birth: ABT 1739.

  3. Sarah Truitt: Birth: 13 Feb 1744/1745.

  4. William Truitt: Birth: 28 Nov 1744 in , Worcester, MD. Death: Dec 1809 in , Worcester, MD

  5. Comfort Truitt: Birth: 21 Apr 1750 in , Worcester, MD.

  6. Truitt: Birth: 22 Jul 1752.

  7. Naomi Truitt: Birth: 17 Mar 1754 in , Worcester, MD.

  8. Nehemiah Truitt: Birth: 3 Feb 1757 in , Somerset, MD. Death: 18 Feb 1816 in , Worcester, MD

a. Note:   ist. (While it is generally believed that a male first appeared on the tax lists at age 16, several documented occurrences show them appearing at age 18. Thus, I have used the earlier year in approximating the birth.) Per the Somerset County Tax Lists, Nehemiah Truitt is sited as living in the household of George Truitt of Job from 1731 through 1735, but Nehemiah has his own household in 1736. He received the land "Belfast" (250 ac) from his father in his father's will. He was a member of St. Martin's Parish, Church of England. He died in 1773 and his will was entered into probate on 7/2/1773 in Worcester County (Folio 215, Liber JW#4, Wills, Worcester County). The executor of his will was his son Nehemiah (The sureties for Nehemiah Truitt, Jr. were John Smith and Stephen Timmons.) ------- From: Ann Hamor <[email protected]> Jun 1996
  Sources: - Marie Monson, from Margaret Dale. - Register of St. Martins Episcopal Church - Worcester County Parish, p. 6 - marriages and births (names of two children obliterated). Magruder's Col. ?xtr, Volume 4, p. 99 - Nehemiah's Will. ------- From the research work of Ronnie Truitt of Walhalla, SC; received from Dale Truitt Jul 1996 <[email protected]> ------- From: Larry George Truitt <[email protected]> Nov 1996 ------- From: Betty Evenson <[email protected]> Oct 1997
  Nehemia's parents: Nehemia Sr. b. bef 1730, Somerset (Worc divided from Somerset) m. Mary Bradford--I do not have her parents.
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