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Henry Church: Birth: 30 Nov 1750 in Suffolk,England. Death: 27 Jul 1860 in Hundred,Wetzel County,Wv
Henry Church: Birth: 1861 in Church Dist., Wetzel Co., WV.
Ida Church: Birth: 1872 in Church Dist., Wetzel Co., WV.
James F. Church: Birth: Oct 1868 in Mason County,West Virginia. Death: in Carlyle,Clinton County,Illinois
James Church: Birth: ABT 1784 in Ohio County,Virginia.
Jerush Church: Birth: Apr 1831 in Hundred,Wv. Death: 25 Feb 1909 in Church Fork,Wetzel County,Wv
Josiah Church: Birth: 1874 in Church Dist., Wetzel Co., WV.
Julia Ann Church: Birth: 1875. Death: 19 Dec 1969
Louis "Dick" Church: Birth: 5 Jan 1907 in Lebanon,Laclede County,Missouri. Death: 7 May 1990 in Galesburg,Ill.
Margaret Ann Minerva Church: Birth: 3 Feb 1904 in Lebanon,Laclede County,Missouri. Death: 12 Oct 1990 in Vancouver,Clark County,Washington
Maria Church: Birth: 1865 in Church Dist., Wetzel Co., WV.
Mary Church: Birth: 1829.
Myrtle Alice Church: Birth: 4 Mar 1897 in Vienna,Maries County,Missouri. Death: 10 Apr 1966 in Portland,Oregon
Nancy Church: Birth: 1868 in Church Dist., Wetzel Co., WV.
Norah Isobel Church: Birth: 6 Feb 1900 in Vienna,Maries County,Missouri. Death: 17 Sep 1958 in Portland,Mulnomah County,Oregon
Oilla Church: Birth: 1877 in Church Dist., Wetzel Co., WV.
Samuel Church: Birth: 1815 in Virginia.
Sarah "Sally" Church: Birth: ABT 1802. Death: 9 Jul 1894 in Hundred,Wetzel County,Wv
Sarah E. Church: Birth: 19 Jul 1860.
Sarah Church: Birth: Dec 1824 in Virginia.
Sarah Church: Birth: 1822 in Virginia.
Susan Church: Birth: 1875 in Church Dist., Wetzel Co., WV.
Thomas J. Church: Birth: ABT 1869.
William Clark Church: Birth: ABT 1782 in Ohio County,Va.
William Clark Church: Birth: Jun 1832 in Pendleton County,Virginia. Death: in Johnston County,Oklahoma
William Church: Birth: 21 Sep 1819 in Virginia. Death: 14 Dec 1858 in Wetzel County,Virginia
William Church: Birth: 1847 in Tyler Co., Va.
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James Ciroli: Birth: 4 Feb 1922 in Belmont County Ohio. Death: 14 Apr 1985 in Newark Ohio
Delia Clabourn: Birth: 1894 in ,,Arkansas.
Joseph C. Clabourn: Birth: 1864/1866 in ,,Kentucky.
Luverney Clabourn: Birth: 14 Mar 1892 in ,Arkansas,Arkansas. Death: 20 Jul 1893 in ,Arkansas,Arkansas
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Alice Clancy: Birth: 1898 in Wetzel County,Wv. Death: 1925 in Wetzel County,Wv
Joseph Clancy: Birth: 1856. Death: 1936 in Wetzel County,Wv
Eleanore Clare: Birth: Oct 1292 in of England. Death: 1337
Elizabeth de Clare: Birth: 16 Sep 1295 in Tewkesbury,Gloucester,England. Death: 4 Nov 1360
Gilbert de Clare: Birth: in Christchurch,Hampshire,England. Death: 7 Dec 1295 in Mammouth Castle,England
Gilbert de Clare: Birth: 10 May 1291 in Near Tewkesbury,Gloucester,England. Death: 24 Jun 1314
Margaret de Clare: Birth: ABT 1292 in of Tunbridge Cas,Kent,England. Death: 13 Apr 1342 in France
Clarinda: Birth: May 1876.
Abba Jane Clark: Birth: 4 May 1837 in Marshall County,Wv. Death: 17 Jan 1913 in Wetzel Co.,Wv
Albina Medora Clark: Birth: 30 May 1854 in Il. Death: 8 Oct 1916 in Peru,Chatauqua Co,Ks
Alta R. Clark: Birth: 25 Oct 1915. Death: 20 Jul 1918
Anne M Clark: Birth: ABT. 17 MAR 1902 in Upshur Co., Wv. Death: 31 Aug 1903 in Upshur Co., Wv
Austin A Clark: Birth: 3 Nov 1911 in West Virginia. Death: 8 Aug 1983 in Ohio
Austin Friend Clark: Birth: 1903. Death: 15 Mar 1952 in Reader,Wetzel County,Wv
Bell B. Clark: Birth: 1873. Death: 10 Aug 1895
Clarence A. Clark: Birth: 4 Oct 1878 in West Va.. Death: 20 May 1958 in Beverly,Ohio. Buried in New Martinsville,West Virginia
Daisey Idella Clark: Birth: 11 Jul 1882.
Dallas E. Clark: Birth: ABT 1878 in Wetzel County, Wv.
David Edward Clark: Birth: 4 May 1884 in Fish Creek, Marshall County, Wv. Death: 29 Aug 1965 in Moundsville, Marshall County, Wv
David Clark: Death: BEF 1915
Dayton Clark: Birth: 1 Jan 1900. Death: 5 Jun 1964
della Clark: Birth: 1875.
Dixie Arnold Clark: Birth: 16 Nov 1926. Death: 7 Jun 1986
Donald Robert Clark: Birth: 16 Jul 1921 in Reader,Wetzel County,Wv. Death: 16 Jul 1977 in Wheeling,Ohio County,Wv
Dwight Clark: Birth: 16 Oct 1906 in Smithfield,Wetzel County,Wv. Death: 9 Nov 1941
Eli J. Clark: Birth: 1842.
Eliz Jane Clark: Birth: 1840. Death: 1911
Florence Mary Clark: Birth: 12 Sep 1918 in Jacksonberg,West Virginia. Death: 18 Aug 1946 in Mantua,Ohio
Flossie A. Clark: Birth: 20 Jul 1912. Death: 8 Jan 1988
Floy Clark: Birth: 22 May 1928 in Hastings,West Virginia. Death: 5 Apr 1985 in Columbus,Ohio. Buried in New Martinsville,West Virginia
Frank T Clark: Birth: 28 Aug 1905 in Wv. Death: 12 May 1969 in Tucson, az
George Miller Clark: Birth: 1 Jan 1843 in Monongalia County Virginia. Death: 15 Oct 1935 in Morrow County Ohio
George W. Clark: Birth: ABT 1879 in Marion County,Wv.
George Clark: Birth: 1881 in Tenmile, Wv, Upshur Co..
Jacalyn Lee Clark: Birth: 18 Apr 1938 in Nampa Canyon,Idaho. Death: 18 Jun 1997
Jacob M. Clark: Birth: ABT 1795.
James Edward Clark: Birth: 12 Aug 1973 in Ravenna,Ohio. Death: 20 Dec 1992 in Car Wreck State Route 700 Hiram Twp. Buried Windham,Ohio
James Clark: Birth: 17 Mar 1916 in Jacksonberg,West Virginia. Death: 19 Mar 1970 in Windham,Ohio
James Clark: Birth: 1859 in Monroe County,Oh.
John Vincent Clark: Birth: 21 Jan 1855 in Marshall Co., Va. Death: 25 Aug 1933 in Marshall Co., Wv
John Clark: Birth: 1813 in ,,Pennsylvania.
John Clark: Birth: 1845.
John Clark: Birth: 1870.
Josephus Clark: Birth: 12 Mar 1835 in Marshall County,Wv. Death: 12 Jun 1905 in New Martinsville, Wetzel County, Wv
Lambert Clark: Birth: 1914. Death: 1914
Liban J. Clark: Birth: 1875.
Louis S. Clark: Birth: 1870. Death: 1941
Lulu Clark: Birth: 1873.
Mary Ann Clark: Birth: 1868.
Mary Catherine Clark: Birth: 12 Jan 1869. Death: 22 Aug 1959
Mary Clark: Birth: ABT 1825 in Virginia. Death: BEF 1871 in Wv
Mary Clark: Birth: 1868.
Matilda Clark: Birth: 1833 in Virginia. Death: 31 Mar 1920 in Reader, Wetzel County, Wv
Miller Edman Clark: Birth: 2 Jan 1913 in Jacksonburg,Wetzel Co.,West Va.. Death: 25 Apr 1998 in Marietta Center (Nursing Home) Marietta,Ohio
Namoi Ruth Clark: Birth: 9 Oct 1913 in Jacksonberg,West Virginia. Death: Jul 1925 in Jacksonberg,Hastings,West Virginia
Nancy Jane Clark: Birth: 1839.
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