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Marriage: Children:
  1. Josiah ALLEN: Birth: 20 JAN 1800 in Edgefield Dist., SC. Death: DEC 1891 in Jasper Co., MS

  2. Henry A. ALLEN: Birth: ABT 1801 in Edgefield Dist., SC. Death: ABT 1893 in Jasper Co., MS

  3. Drury ALLEN: Birth: 20 MAY 1807 in Edgefield Dist., SC. Death: 13 APR 1908 in Smith Springs, Erath Co., TX

  4. Nancy ALLEN: Birth: ABT 1808 in Edgefield Co., SC. Death: 1860

  5. Barbara ALLEN: Birth: ABT 1811 in Edgefield Co., SC. Death: ABT 1827

Marriage: Children:
  1. Elizabeth ALLEN: Birth: ABT 1821 in Clarke Co., AL.

  2. TURNER WEBB ALLEN: Birth: 29 APR 1823 in Clarke Co., AL. Death: 3 DEC 1903 in Noble, Sabine Par., LA

  3. Susannah ALLEN: Birth: ABT 1827 in Clarke Co., AL.

  4. Sarah ALLEN: Birth: ABT 1829 in Clarke Co., AL.

  5. Wade Hampton S. ALLEN: Birth: ABT 1832 in Clarke Co., AL. Death: BEF 5 JUN 1862 in Civil War?

a. Note:   128 DRURY ALLEN, son of JOSIAH ALLEN, SR.
  "Allens of the Southern States." Lillie Ruby File.
  ALLENS OF THE SOUTHERN STATES, by Norma C. Miller. ...DRURY ALLEN was born ca 1772 in Ninty-Six District, South Carolina and his will was proved in Clarke Co., AL in Feb. Court, 1857. Drury was married twice: (1) About 1799 in Edgefield Co., SC to Margaret Waite (died in 1818 in AL), the daughter of John Waite. (2) Jan. 17, 1821 in Clarke Co., AL to NANCY "FANNIE" WEBB, the daughter of HENDLEY WEBB of Edgefield Co., SC. Drury was one of the minor orphans of JOSIAH ALLEN, deceased, in the estate settlement papers of Josiah Allen in 1784. Drury's mother, nee ELIZABETH DELOACH, was the second wife of JOSIAH and she later married Aaron Etheridge as her second husband. The will of Aaron Etheridge was proved in 1820, and he bequeathed a legacy to Drury Allen who was one of the children his wife had by Josiah Allen. There is no record of the marriage of Drury Allen and Margaret, but Ball's accounts of the Allen and Waite families of Clarke Co. were taken from members of the family who were living in Clarke Co. at the time of Margaret's death, so it should be accurate. There is a marriage record in Clarke Co., for Drury's second marriage to Nancy "Fanny" Webb. Hendley Webb's will was probated in Edgefield Co., SC after 1820 and it mentioned two sons-in-law, Drury Allen and William Coats. Drury Allen, with his first wife Margaret and five children, migrated from South Carolina to Mississippi Territory about 1811. It is said they "brought all their household goods to Alabama on two pack horses and in a rolling hogshead along the pathway through the Indian tribes." The Allen family settled south of Suggsville. They went to Fort Madison for protection during the Indian uprisings associated with the War of 1812. Both Drury Allen and his oldest son, Josiah, enlisted in Captain Dale's Company to help protect the fort from the Indians. Josiah was not yet fourteen years old when he and his father enlisted. The area in which the Allens settled was then known as Clarke County, Mississippi Territory. Drury's name is found on a "Petition to Congress by purchasers of public lands east of Pearl River," signed in 1815. Drury Allen was listed on the 1816 census of Clarke County, Mississippi Territory. Alabama became a state in 1819 and Clarke County is one of the counties fortunate enough to have their early records escape destruction. The will of Drury (Drewry) Allen was dated April 26, 1856 and presented in Clarke County court for probate on February 4, 1857. It mentioned four sons: Josiah, Henry, Drewry and TURNER W. ALLEN. It also mentioned a daughter Nancy Herlock and four other children: Elizabeth Herlock, Susanna Mosely, Sarah French and Wade H. Allen.
  Interlibrary Loan File. "The Great South-East or Clarke County, Alabama." ...DRURY ALLEN, SR., removing from Edgefield district, South Carolina, became a resident near Clarksville in 1811 or 1812. He came with his wife and five children; three sons, Josiah, Henry and Drury Junior, and two daughters, Nancy and Barbara. They came with two pack horses, bringing goods all in a rolling hogshead, along the pathway through the Indian tribes. They soon removed south of Suggsville and found safety in Fort Madison during the Indian troubles. The father, Drury Allen, was in the expedition led by Captain Dale, connected with the Conoe Fight. Mrs. Allen, who was Miss Margaret Waite, died in 1818; and in 1820 MISS FANNIE WEBB, a sister of Mrs. William Coate, became Mrs. Allen. Five other children were now added to the family, as the years passed along, Bettie, TURNER, Susan, Sarah, and Wade Hampton. No records are at hand concerning the other children (other than Drury, Jr. and Henry mentioned seperatly) of Drury Allen, Sr.; but his descendants in Clarke and elsewhere are not likely soon to become extinct. Some of his great-grandchildren are now very active, energetic, promising boys; and through the girls of this line many families have been woven together.
  Interlibrary Loan File. CREEK WAR INCIDENTS By Henry Sale Halbert. ...Introduction. The incidents narrated below, while of a minor character, cannot fail of interest as being in the main a contribution of new facts, and of additional facts as to well known events. They are all believed to be authentic. The facts except as to the Holy Ground and Seekaboo, were obtained from Rev. Josiah Allen and his brother Henry, sons of DRURY ALLEN, who early settled in South Alabama and participated in the stirring events of the Creek War. These brothers were men of intelligence and well preserved memories. They were in the mist of all the events they described, and have on more than one occasion narrated these as well as other occurences with remarkable clearness.
  1. Capt Sam Dale.
  see file for content..................... This explains why Dale was in command at this point. Rev. Josiah Allen of Jasper County, Miss., and his brother Henry Allen, among others, were present. On the morning of the last day's march to the Holy Ground, one of Dale's men was attacked with a severe illness and fell back to the rear with a comrade, DRURY ALLEN, who agreed to stay with him and take care of him. Both followed slowly in the track of the advancing army...........see file for content.
  3. The Canoe Fight.
  see file for content.................... As will be noticed there were nine men on the east side of the Alabama river during the progress of the Canoe Fight. There names were: Lieut. Walter Creagh, DRURY ALLEN, Jonathan Embree, William Foster, John Bradley, John Campbell, John Elliott, John Graham, and John French. ........ ....see file for content. 9. Creek Reconnoisance of Fort Madison. Toward the latter part of October, 1813, nine hundred Creek warriors under (Bill) Weatherford came down the Alabama river from the Holy Ground and camped on the western side of the river, near Jim Cornell's Ferry. Their object was to capture Fort Madison so as to procure a supply of arms and ammunition, as there was a deficiency of war material among the Creeks..........see file for content.....The board cabin of DRURY ALLEN stood a few feet north of the block house, which was in the southeast corner, the door of his cabin facing south. see file for content............ At night, about 8 or 9 o'clock, Henry Allen, a boy about twelve years of age, happened to be sitting near the door in his father, DRURY ALLEN'S cabin. Glancing up he saw a man standing in the door-way, with his arms pressed against the facing, and looking earnestly into the cabin. Drury Allen, then in the rear of his cabin, about the same time noticed the intruder, and quickly said to Henry: "Who is that standing there?" "It is Charley Elliott, father," was the boy's reply. Just then the visitor, or intruder, quickly withdrew from the door-way. Allen instantly arose, took down his gun and exclaimed, "That is Bill Weatherford. It is not Charley Elliott." With gun in hand, he went out in search of his visitor.... see file for content.......
  Interlibrary Loan File.
  "Names in South Carolina" Everett Dick, in his "Dixie Frontier, suggests a unique use for hogsheads. Just before 1820 and "the great migration," he says, "many moved from the carolinas and Georgia in the most primitive manner. Pack horses and hogsheads were used to carry personal effects. The latter were an adaptation of the then common method of marketing tobacco. A long rod was inserted lengthwise in a huge waterproof hogshead. This rod projected far enough at each end to allow it to serve as an axle, and a pair of shafts were fastened to it. An ox pulling in the shafts drew a revolving trunk hundreds of miles through the Indian wilds to the planter's final destination. In this manner William Coate and his family from Neburg [Newberry?] District, and Drury Allen and his wife and five children, from the Edgefield section of South Carolina, moved to Clarke County, Alabama.
  Interlibrary Loan File.
  "Dictionary of Alabama Biography." Gives about the same information as in "The Great South-East, or Clarke Co, AL." See above.
  Clarke County Obituaries. DRURY ALLEN, 79 yrs. 2 mos. 8 days, died 2/4/1857. Was born in Edgefield Dist., SC & moved to Clarke Co. in its early settlement. Was attached to Capt. Sam Dales's company & fought in the Canoe Battle. Clarke County Democrat 2/12/1857.
  "Twenty-One Southern Families." Joyce Reeves File. No new info.
  1790 Age abt 13.
  1800 Edgefield Co., SC Census. #172 ALLEN, DRURY Males 1 under 10 Infant - Josiah ...........1 26 to 45 22 - Drury Females 1 16 to 26 19 - Margaret (my guesstimate)
  1810 Edgefield Co., SC Census. ALLEN, DRURY Males 3 under 10 10 - Josiah, 9 - Henry, 4 - Drury, Jr. ...........1 26 to 45 32 - Drury, Sr. Females 2 under 10 7 - Barbara, 1 - Nancy ...............1 26 to 45 29 - Margaret
  1816 Clarke Co., Census. ALLEN, DRURY Males 2 over 21 38 - Drury Sr. .............2 under 21 Females 3 over 21 35 - Margaret. .................2 under 21
  1820 Age abt 43. Ck Clarke Co., AL Census. Between marriages.
  1830 Clarke Co., AL, Census. ALLEN, DRURY Males 1 5-10 6 - TURNER ...........1 50-60 53 - Drury, Sr. Females 1 Under 5 Infant - Sarah ...............2 5-10 9 - Elizabeth / 4 - Susan ...............1 30-40 40 - NANCY "FANNIE"
  1840 Clarke Co., AL, Census. p. 237 ALLEN, DRURY Males 1 5-10 7 - Wade ............1 15-20 16 - Turner ............1 50-60 63 - Drury, Sr. Females 2 10-15 11 - Sarah / 14 - Susan ................1 15-20 19 - Elizabeth ................1 50-60 50 - NANCY "FANNIE" Male Slaves 1 10-24 ......................1 30-55 Female Slaves 2 Under 10 .........................1 10-24 .........................1 24-30
  1850 Clarke Co, AL Census. #401, p. 232. ALLEN, DRURY 73 1777 Farmer SC 1200 acres .............FANNY 60 1790 Wife SC .............Wade 17 1833 Son AL French, Sarah 20 1830 Dau AL
  1860 Drury Sr. died in 1857. See Nancy Webb.
  L&D-94: Clarke Co. Hist. Soc. Quarterly. Vol. 2, No. 2, pp 20-23. 1977. See Josiah Allen Mathews.
  L&D-22: PROBATE COURT: 12 Feb 1857. William J. Hurlock filed in court the last Will and Testament of DRURY ALLEN, deceased. (see below)
  L&D-103: DREWRY ALLEN'S Last Will and Testament.
  L&D-136A: Clarke Co., AL Marriage Records. DREWRY ALLEN m. FEAMY [FANNY] WEBB 17 Jan 1821.
  L&D-140: Will of HENDLEY WEBB. See Hendley Webb.
  L&D-167: Maps of Clarke Co., AL
  John Odom Notes. Norma Miller File.
  DRURY ALLEN (ca 1777-1857), son of JOSIAH ALLEN (ca 1732-June, 1781) and ELIZABETH ALLEN was born near Mine Creek, Edgefield Co, SC and died in Clarke Co, AL.
  DRURY ALLEN (ca 1777-1857) married his first wife Margaret "Peggy" Waite, daughter of John & Anne Waite, in 1799, Edgefield Co., SC. They removed to Clarke Co., AL during the period of 1811-1812.
  Clarke Co., AL was established 10 Dec 1812 by an Act of the Legislature of The Mississippi Territory.
  DRURY ALLEN (ca 1777-1857) married his second wife FANNY WEBB, daughter of ANNA and HENLEY "HENDLEY" WEBB on January 17, 1820/21. Clarke Co, AL.
  Will of DRURY ALLEN, Sr., dated 26 Apr 1856. Kathy Walker File.
  Information Sheets. Kathy Walker File. DOB given as 1777.
  Letter dated 27 Oct 1993. Tim Sears File.
  Edgefield Co., S.C. Marriages, 1769-1880 LDS Microfiche. Box 31, Pack 1102, Frames 080 & 083, Lived 1826.
  Record Copy, NSDAR 617517, Norma CARTER Miller.
  FTM CD #12 - Everton's Computerized Family File, Vol. 1. Norma Miller File.
  Edgefield Co. Marriages 1769-1880. Brenda Devoe File. Webb, __?__ m. Drury Allen. Box 31, Pack 1102, Frames 080/083, Lived 1826.
  Information sheets & letter dated 17 Apr 1995. Yvonne Fassett File. Clarke Co., AL Records. Obituaries.
  1850 Screven Co., GA Slave Schedule. Drury Allen had nine slaves.
  Descendants of Richard Alleyn. DOB as 1772
  E-mail dated 26 Mar 1999. Julian Hopson File. Hendley Webb ODC
  Robert Allen, Sr. Descendant Chart. Tim Sears File.
  E-mail dated 20 Jun 2000. Christie Johnson File.
  E-mail dated 2 Feb 2001. Pat Huber File.
  Elizabeth DeLoach ODC. WFT, Bundle 4, Vol 18, Tree 669.
  WFT, Bundle 4, Vol 18, Tree 669. Drury Allen (Sr.) Notes. ...Ancestral File #JC9H-3S ...Will 7 Mar 1821, Edgefield, SC ...IGI-7026717, Sh. 76, Film 538642 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.