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 Herman Lester /Reeves/
B: 3 Jan 1934
P: Pennington Gap, Lee, Virginia, United States
M: 1955-11-28
P: Brookville, Indiana
D: 4 Mar 1989
P: Big Stone Gap, Wise, Virginia, United States

 Chester Vera /Neeley/
B: 28 Jun 1940
P: Berea, Madison, Kentucky, USA
D: 14 Jul 2008
P: Richmond, Wayne, Indiana

 Charles /Reeves/
B: 8 Mar 1890
P: Jackson County, Tennessee, USA
M: 1920-1922
P: Probably Wise County, Virginia, USA
D: 2 Sep 1935
P: Upper Matacumbe, Florida

 Susan Myrtle /Osborne/
B: 26 May 1902
P: Jonesville, Lee County, Virginia, USA
D: 16 Oct 1991
P: Mentone, San Bernardino, California, Unite...

 Charles Winford /Neeley/
B: 1902-03-06
P: Jackson County, Kentucky, USA
M: 1918
P: Kentucky
D: 7 Mar 1950
P: Brookville, Franklin, Indiana, United States

 Rhoda /Settle/
B: 1902-10-13
P: Kentucky, United States
D: 1951-06-21
P: Richmond, Indiana

 James M. Tim "Jim Gris" /Jackson/
B: 1855
P: Jackson, Madison, Tennessee, United States
M: 18 May 1876
P: Jackson County, Tennessee
D: after 1920
 Aletha Jane (Letha) /Woolbright/ unconfirmed
B: 1858
P: Jackson County, Tennessee
P: Tennessee, United States
 Silas Emory Doc /Osborne/
B: 24 Jul 1880
P: Lee County, Virginia, USA
M: 09 Dec 1902
P: Lee County, Virginia
D: 29 Jul 1962
P: Marion, Virginia, USA
 Cora Elizabeth /Pennington/
B: May 1884
P: Jonesville, Lee, VA
D: 28 January 1961
 Armon /Neeley/
B: 23 Dec 1876
P: Jackson, Kentucky
M: 16 Jan 1896
P: Jackson Co, Kentucky, USA
D: 8 dec 1954
P: Madison, Kentucky
 Ajja May /Isaacs/
B: 5 Apr 1879
P: Kentucky
D: 25 Jul 1943
P: Madison, Kentucky, United States
 John P. Franklin /Settle/
B: 14 Feb 1878
P: Jackson, Kentucky, United States
M: 29 Dec 1896
P: Madison County, Kentucky
D: 15 May 1969
P: Berea, Madison, Kentucky, United States of...
 Cora C. /Cornelison/
B: 1881-12-29
P: Madison County, Kentucky
D: 1955-03-20
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