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Eleanor De Castille: Birth: 1224 in Castile, Burgos, Castilla-Leon, Spain. Death: 29 NOV 1290 in Herdeby, Lincolnshire, England
Ferdinand III De Castille: Birth: 1201. Death: 1252
Robert de Caston: Birth: 1288 in Wayland, Norfolk, , England. Death: AUG 1369 in Wayland, Norfolk, , England
Fernando Nuez-Muneze Noir de Castrogeriz: Birth: 855. Death: 927
Muniadomna de Castrogeriz: Birth: 875. Death: 935
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Marie de Champagne: Birth: 1171. Death: 1204
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Hugh de Chatelleralt: Birth: 1008. Death: 1075
Eleanor de Chatellerault: Birth: 1103 in Chestellerault, Aquitaine,France. Death: 30 MAR 1130 in Talmont Vendee, France
Eleanor De Clare: Birth: 1127 in Suffolk, England. Death: 1184 in England
Eleanor de Clare: Birth: OCT 1292. Death: 30 JUN 1337 in England
Eveline De Clare: Birth: 1172 in Hereford, Herefordshire, , England. Death: 04 JUN 1225 in London, Middlesex, , England
Gilbert De Clare: Birth: 02 SEP 1243 in England. Death: 07 DEC 1295 in England
Isabel FitzGilbert De Clare: Birth: 1172. Death: 1220
Isabel De Clare: Birth: 1226. Death: 1264
Lady Isabel de Clare: Birth: 08 NOV 1226 in Clare, Suffolk, , England. Death: 10 JUL 1264 in Cleveland, , Yorkshire, Scotland
Margaret de Clare: Birth: 1286 in Connaught, Clare, , Ireland. Death: 1333 in Badlesmere, Kent, England
Margaret De Clare: Birth: 1293 in England. Death: 09 APR 1342 in Kent, England
Margaret De Clare: Birth: 1286. Death: 1333
Richard De Clare: Birth: 04 AUG 1222 in England. Death: 15 JUL 1262 in Kent, England
Robert De Clare: Birth: 1064. Death: 1136
Roger De Clare: Birth: 1116. Death: 1173
Joane De Clopton: Birth: 1363 in Paston, Norfolk, England. Death: 1394 in Augustine Friars, Clare, Suffolk, England
Anne de Coleville: Birth: 1235 in Carlton, Colville,Suffolk. Death: 1280 in Chipping, Gloucestershire, England
Roger de Coleville: Birth: 1200 in Bytham Castle, Lincolnshire, England. Death: 1227 in Bytham Castle, Lincolnshire
William de Coleville: Birth: 1165 in Leadenham, Lincolnshire, England. Death: 1230 in Leadenham, Lincolnshire
Harlevin de Conteville: Birth: 1001. Death: 1066
Adelaide de Corbeil: Birth: 1073 in Champagne, Dordogne, Aquitaine, France. Death: 1126 in , , , France
Elise Elizabeth de Corbeil: Birth: 1070 in Champagne, Dordogne, Aquitaine, France. Death: 1084
Elise De Corbeil: Birth: 1047 in Corbeil, Marne, Champagne-Ardenne, France.
Elise de Corbeil: Birth: 1017 in Corbiel, Marne, Champagne-Ardenne, France. Death: 12 OCT 1104 in Gournay Sur Marne, Seine-Saint-Denis, Ile-de-France, France
Margareta De Cornu: Birth: 1360.
Agnes de Coucy: Birth: 1219. Death: 1277
Agnes de Coucy: Death: 1213
Enguerrand III de Coucy: Death: 1243
Felicite de Coucy: Birth: 1222 in Vervins, Picardie, France. Death: 1307
Lord Enguerrand II de Coucy: Birth: 1110 in Boves Somme Picardie,France. Death: 1148 in Palestine (Crusader)
Lord Thomas de Marle de Coucy: Birth: 1073. Death: 1129 in Amiens Somme Picardie France
Millicent de Coucy: Birth: 1112.
Raoul de Coucy: Birth: 1139 in Boves Somme Picardie,France. Death: 01 NOV 1191 in Seige of Acre Palestine
Robert de Coucy: Death: 1234
Thomas de Coucy: Death: 1253
Thomas de Coucy: Birth: 1211. Death: 1276
Thomas de Coucy: Birth: 1184 in Boves Somme Picardie,France. Death: 1253 in Foigny, France
Yolanda de Coucy: Birth: 1164 in Boves Somme Picardie,France. Death: 18 MAR 1222 in France
Yolande de Coucy: Birth: 1168. Death: 1221
Yolande de Coucy: Birth: 1168. Death: 1222
Alice De Courtenay: Birth: 1218 in Kent, England.
Alice de Courtenay: Birth: 1160 in Charente, Poitou-Charentes, France. Death: 1218 in Courtenay, Yonne Bourgogne, France
Hugh de Courtenay: Birth: 25 MAR 1250 in Okehampton, Devon, England. Death: 28 FEB 1291 in Cullicomb, Devon, England
John De Courtenay: Birth: 1224 in Okehampton,Devonshire, England. Death: 03 MAR 1293 in Ford Abbey, Devonshire, England
Adelaide de Crecy: Birth: 1040 in Corbiel, Marne, Champagne-Ardenne, France. Death: 1104 in Gournay Sur Marne, Seine-Saint-Denis, Ile-de-France, France
Isabel De Creown: Birth: 1220. Death: 1276
Gonnor de Crepon: Birth: in Normandie, , , France. Death: 1031 in France
Eve De Criketot: Birth: 1259. Death: 1316
William I de Criketot: Birth: 1219. Death: 1269
Mathilde de Cuiseaux: Birth: 1110 in Cuiseaux, Bourgogne, France. Death: 26 JUN 1137 in Cuiseaux, Bourgogne, France
Gui de Dampierre: Birth: 1225. Death: 1305
Guillaume II de Dampierre: Birth: 1198. Death: 1241
Jean de Dampierre: Birth: 1227. Death: 1259
Jeanne de Dampierre: Birth: 1229.
Marie de Dampierre: Birth: 1231. Death: 1302
Archibald De Douglas: Birth: 1198. Death: 1240
Alix de Dreux: Birth: 1156. Death: 1217
Philippa de Dreux: Birth: 1192 in Druex, Beauce Centre, France. Death: 17 MAR 1242 in Argonne Lorraine, France
Robert II de Dreux: Birth: 1154. Death: 1218
Robert de Dreux: Birth: 1154 in Braine, Picardie, France. Death: 28 DEC 1218 in France
Yolande de Dreux: Birth: 1212 in Eure et loire Beauce, Centre, France. Death: 30 OCT 1248 in d'Or, Bourgogne, France
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Alice De Driby: Birth: 1340 in Wakefield, Berkshire, England. Death: 12 OCT 1412 in Stamford, Lincolnshire, England
John De Driby: Birth: 1310 in Berkshire,,,England. Death: 1357 in Berkshire,,,England
Robert De Driby: Birth: 1290 in Berkshire,,,England. Death: 1357 in England
Simon De Driby: Birth: 1260 in Mortimer, Berkshire, England. Death: 1289 in Tattershall, Horncastle,Lincolns, England
Anna de Drokonsford: Birth: 1360.
Gunnild de Dunbar: Birth: 1126 in Dunbar, East Lothian, , Scotland. Death: 12 MAY 1166 in Paisley, Renfrewshire, , Scotland
Dauphine De Dundas: Birth: 1384 in Dundas, West Lothian, , Scotland. Death: 1459 in Calder, West Lothian, , Scotland
Reginald Robert de Dunstanville: Birth: 1054 in Castle Combe, Wiltshire, , England. Death: 1124 in Tewkesbury, Wiltshire, , England
Agnes de Emmely: Birth: 1197 in Mitford, Northumberland, , England. Death: 1253 in Mitford, Northumberland, , England
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Humphry De Fairsted: Birth: 1431 in Shadochurst, Kent, , England.
Margaret De Fairsted: Birth: 1460 in S,Kent,England. Death: 1546 in S,Kent,England
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Arletta Herlene de Falaise: Birth: 1003. Death: 1050
Fulbert de Falaise: Birth: 1017.
Fulbert de Falaise: Birth: 980 in France. Death: 1027 in Normandy, , , France
Harlette de Falaise: Birth: 1003 in Falaise Calvados, Basse, Normandy, France. Death: 1066 in Mortain, Normandy, France
Harlette de Falaise: Birth: 09 JUN 1003 in Falaise,Calvados,Normandy, France. Death: 23 APR 1078 in St Grestain Abbey, Calvados,Normandy
Harlette de Falaise: Birth: 1003. Death: 1050
Herleva de Falaise: Birth: 1003 in Falaise, Calvados, Basse-Normandie, France. Death: 1050 in Grestain, Eure, Haute-Normandie, France
Herleve de Falaise: Birth: 1003. Death: 1050
Person Not Viewable
Person Not Viewable
Itha de Faucigny: Birth: 1086 in Geneva, Switzerland. Death: 1191 in Somme Picardie, France
Louis Seigneur de Faucigny: Birth: 1060.
Helena de Felbrigg: Birth: 1390 in Breisworth Manor, Suffolk, , England. Death: 1426 in Breisworth, Suffolk, , England
Maud de Felbrigg: Birth: 1222 in Felbrigg, Norfolk, England. Death: 1275 in Erpingham, Norfolk, , England
Richard De Felbrigg: Birth: 1190.
Simon de Felbrigg: Birth: 1367 in Felbrigg,Erpingham,Norfolk, England. Death: SEP 1431 in Beeston Regis Erpingham,Norfolk, England
Alan De Fenwick: Birth: 1297 in Fenwick Tower, Northamptonshire, England. Death: 1389

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