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Havilah S. Hawkins: Birth: 6 Jan 1918 in NJ. Death: 31 Aug 1999 in Camden, ME
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Nancy Norris Hayden: Birth: 20 Oct 1829 in ME. Death: 16 Apr 1916
Anna Jane Haynes: Birth: 24 Aug 1855 in Shelby, Canada. Death: 4 Dec 1940 in Oneida county, NY
Bridgham Haynes: Birth: 19 Feb 1832 in Eden, ME.
Caroline Thomas Haynes: Birth: 6 Nov 1838 in Eden, ME.
Elizabeth Jane Haynes: Birth: 23 Jan 1835 in Eden, ME.
Emma Adelaide Haynes: Birth: 10 Aug 1845 in Eden, ME. Death: 7 Jan 1858
Ephraim Haynes: Birth: 28 Sep 1803 in Trenton, ME. Death: 13 Oct 1881
Ernest L. Haynes: Birth: 1876 in ME.
Frank M. Haynes: Birth: 1872 in ME.
Fred P. Haynes: Birth: 1872 in ME.
George M. Haynes: Birth: 1873 in ME.
George Melvin Haynes: Birth: 1 Feb 1856 in Bucksport, ME.
George Washington Haynes: Birth: 7 Aug 1833 in Eden, ME. Death: 30 Dec 1897
Harry A. Haynes: Birth: 1878 in ME.
Helen Maria Haynes: Birth: 19 Mar 1848 in Eden, ME. Death: 12 Mar 1859
Isadora Helen Haynes: Birth: 5 Aug 1857 in Dedham, ME.
John Perley Haynes: Birth: 4 May 1836 in Eden, ME.
John Perley Haynes: Birth: 1879 in ME.
Laura Adams Haynes: Birth: 23 Feb 1853 in Eden, ME.
Laura Charlotte Haynes: Birth: 5 Sep 1875 in Dedham, ME.
Louisa Bodfish Haynes: Birth: 1 Mar 1841 in Eden, ME.
Margaret Thomas Haynes: Birth: 5 Sep 1866 in Dedham, ME.
Mary Ann Haynes: Birth: 19 Jan 1833 in Trenton, ME.
Mary Jane Haynes: Birth: 19 Sep 1863 in Dedham, ME.
Mary Haynes: Birth: 12 Nov 1804 in ME. Death: 11 Nov 1878 in Ellsworth, ME
Melville Haynes: Birth: 11 Aug 1843 in Penobscot, ME.
Perley Haynes: Birth: 1801 in Trenton, ME. Death: 3 Dec 1885 in Dedham, ME
Perley Haynes: Birth: 22 Apr 1757 in Haverhill, MA. Death: 12 Oct 1833 in Trenton, ME
Susan Philena Haynes: Birth: 5 Oct 1850 in Eden, ME.
William H. Haynes: Birth: 1861 in ME.
Winifred Hays: Birth: 1924. Death: 28 Nov 1986 in Blue Hill, ME
Addie E. Haywood: Birth: 1875 in MO.
Albert Haywood: Birth: 1842 in MO. Death: 12 Nov 1882 in MO
Austin H. Haywood: Birth: 1879 in MO.
Cora B. Haywood: Birth: 1877 in MO.
Laura E. Haywood: Birth: 1870 in MO.
Mary H. Haywood: Birth: 1872 in MO.
Hannah Hazen: Birth: 5 Feb 1709 in Haverhill, MA.
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Caroline Matilda Heard: Birth: 24 Jul 1831 in S. Thomaston, ME.
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Alvin R. Heath: Birth: 7 Sep 1852 in Penobscot, ME. Death: 28 Nov 1902
Averill D. Heath: Birth: 22 Aug 1834 in Penobscot, ME. Death: 11 May 1908 in Penobscot, ME
Cheston C. Heath: Birth: Nov 1836 in ME.
Ebenezer Heath: Birth: 24 Sep 1799 in Penobscot, ME . Death: 26 Jun 1872 in Penobscot, ME
Ebenezer Heath: Birth: 16 Apr 1824 in Penobscot, ME.
Eldad Heath: Birth: 26 Sep 1751 in Plaistow, NH.
Elijah L. Heath: Birth: 24 Sep 1821 in Penobscot, ME. Death: 22 Oct 1892
Elijah S. Heath: Birth: 1878. Death: 1928
Elizabeth Heath: Birth: 11 Jan 1788 in Poss. Sedgwick, ME. Death: 1884
Elmina Heath: Birth: 1798 in ME.
Isaac Heath: Birth: 17 Jun 1773 in Penobscot, ME .
Josiah Heath: Birth: 24 Mar 1791 in Penobscot, ME.
Lucy D. Heath: Birth: 2 Oct 1832 in Penobscot, ME. Death: 21 Sep 1911 in Penobscot, ME
Mary Ann Heath: Birth: 28 Jun 1815 in Penobscot, ME.
Mary Heath: Birth: 28 May 1777 in Penobscot, ME.
Merrill Heath: Birth: 1807 in Verona, ME.
Merrill Heath: Birth: 5 Nov 1781 in Penobscot, ME.
Moses Heath: Birth: 1807 in Brooklin, ME.
Oliver Heath: Birth: 13 Oct 1796 in Penobscot, ME.
Prudence Heath: Birth: 11 Sep 1774 in Penobscot, ME.
Sarah Heath: Birth: 22 Nov 1797.
Sarah Heath: Birth: 9 Sep 1823 in Penobscot, ME . Death: 3 Sep 1895
Susanna Heath: Birth: 10 Feb 1779 in Penobscot, ME.
Tryphenia Heath: Birth: 1 May 1784 in Frankfort, ME. Death: 26 Nov 1872
William A. Heath: Birth: 3 Oct 1881 in ME. Death: 15 Apr 1969
Zebediah Heath: Birth: 18 Oct 1788 in Penobscot, ME.
Zebediah Heath: Birth: 9 Aug 1815 in Castine, ME. Death: 31 Dec 1888
Zebediah Heath: Birth: 26 Jul 1850 in Castine, ME.
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Helen Russell Heiser: Birth: 28 Jun 1852 in New York, NY. Death: aft. 1919
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Etta Lloyd Hench: Birth: 22 Aug 1872 in Koszia, IA.
Allen Henderson: Birth: 1845 in NB, Canada.
Archibald Henderson: Birth: 13 Jan 1835 in NS.
Charles Henderson: Birth: 28 Jun 1848 in Blue Hill, ME.
Hilda M. Henderson: Birth: 5 Oct 1915 in Blue Hill, ME. Death: 2 Jan 2012 in Ellsworth, ME
Melvin H. Henderson: Birth: poss. 1875 in ME.
Stover P. Henderson: Birth: 1865 in of Blue Hill, ME.
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