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a. Note:   CAPT. HAVILAH HAWKINS Captain Havilah Hawkins, 81, died Aug. 31, 1999, at the Camden Health Care Center. Capt. Hawkins was born in Passaic, N.J., Jan. 6, 1918, the son of artist Joseph W. Hawkins and Marie Smith Hawkins. Havilah first experienced the beauty of Maine with his parents and brother, Donald at the age of nine. He fell in love with the Maine coast, spending many happy hours rowing among the islands and hitching rides on old coasting schooners. When he was 18, he chose Sedgwick as his home and built his first of several boats, a 13 foot pea-pod. In the following years, he acquired an education in art at Boston Museum School of Art, The Art Students League, N.Y., National Academy of Art, N.Y. and studied yacht design at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Havilah married Mary Elizabeth Day of Brooklin in 1947. While restoring an old cape in Sedgwick, they had the opportunity to acquire the schooner STEPHEN TABER and began carrying passengers on weekly trips along! the coast. Eleven successful years later they purchased the Schooner ALICE WENTWORTH. With the experience and confidence gained in the windjammer business, the decision was made to sell the two old schooners and the dream of building a new schooner became possible. Capt. Hawkins designed the first schooner built specifically for the windjammer business. She was built at the Harvey Gamage Yard in South Bristol, christened MARY DAY and launched in January, 1962. Capt. Hawkins, Mary and their two sons, Havilah II and Ronald sailed the MARY DAY from the docks of Camden Harbor for 35 seasons. The MARY DAY continues to sail from Camden Harbor, a handsome testimonial to Capt. Hawkins' genius. During the winter season, he worked in his shop, inventing. Among his successes were wooden toys, a navigational tool, a line of machines for the production of ping-pong paddles, and a windmill powered boat. Several of these inventions were patented. In his later years, he returned to art, co! ncentrating primarily on sculpture. Capt. Hawkins is survived! by his wife, Mary Day Hawkins; two sons, Ronald Hawkins and Havilah Hawkins II and his wife, Beverly; their two children, Caleb and Mari; his brother, Dr. Donald Hawkins and his wife, Sylvia. We honor Capt. Hawkins' request that there be no funeral service and encourage the many whose lives he has touched to pay their respects in their own personal and private ways. He is greatly missed. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.