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Marriage: Children:
  1. Henry C. Massey: Birth: 19 Nov 1828 in , St. Charles County, Missouri.

  2. Maria Louisa Massey: Birth: ABT 1831 in , , Missouri.

  3. Solon L. Massey: Birth: ABT 1834 in , , Iowa.

1. Title:   Biographies in "Atlas Map of Jersey County, Illinois"
Publication:, Jersey Co. IL Site

a. Note:   From Atlas Map of Jersey County, IL (on, Jersey Co. IL Site): Mr. Woodberry Massey resided in St. Charles county a short time after his marriage, and about 1830, crossed the river into Illinois, and settled on the present site of upper Grafton, where he entered some land. Not long after he moved to the forks of Otter creek, where for a short time, he carried on merchandise, after which he removed with his family to Galena, and there engaged in mining and merchandise, residing there about one year, when he moved to Dubuque, where he was engaged in the same pursuit. After a while he withdrew from mercantile pursuits and devoted his whole attention to mining. Soon he commenced working an abandoned claim, which proved to be quite rich in lead ore, and in going on the grounds with his men on the afternoon of September 7th, 1835, and there meeting some of the former operators of the mine, and a dispute arising, without any notice he was shot an dkilled by two men, father and son, by the name of Smith, both of whom afterwards paid the penalty of their crime by their death. The elder Smith was shot by Henry I. Massey, a brother of the one that was killed. The circumstances were that Smith came riding through Galena, asserting that he would exterminate the Mssey family, whereupon Mr. Massey rushed into the street and shot Smith dead while sitting on his horse. He then rushed through his shop and mounted a horse and crossed the river into Iowa. Miss Louisa Massey, sister of Woodberry Massey, entered a store in Dubuque with the avowed intention of purchasing goods, and the younger Smith being poin ted out to her by a small boy, she quickly drew a pistol and shot him in the breast, giving him a mortal wound. The general verdict of the people was that the brother and sister of Mr. Massey did right in avenging his tragical death. After the event we have mentioned occurred, Mrs. Massey retired with her family to St. Charles, Missouri, and in 1837 settled in the present limits of this county, and in the winter of that year was married to B. F. Massey, a brother of her former husband. She died at her residence on the 4th of January 1852. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.