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  1. Johann Heinrich Adolph Brockmann gnt Meyer: Birth: ABT 1839 in Hamburg , St Pauli No 329 , Hamburg, Hamburg. Death: BEF 1874 in Hamburg, Hamburg , Hamburg Hansestadt

  2. Amanda Caroline Dorothea Brockmann: Birth: 1841 in Hamburg, St Pauli No 159, Hamburg, Hamburg. Death: AFT 1860 in Duvenstedt Tangstedt, Gut Ksp Bergstedt Holstein Germany

  3. Julius Wilhelm Johannes Brockmann: Birth: 30 Jul 1844 in Hamburg Sternstr 10, St Pauli No 388, Hamburg, Hamburg. Death: 19 Aug 1907 in Hamburg Tarpenbekstr 96 no 2, Hamburg, Hamburg Hansestadt

  4. Wilhelm Peter Brockmann: Birth: 1847 in Hamburg Sternstr 10, St Pauli No 287, Hamburg, Hamburg.

  5. Gevert Jacob Wilhelm Gottfried Brockmann: Birth: 1850 in Hamburg Sternstr 10, St Pauli No 78, Hamburg, Hamburg.

  6. Josephine Henriette Catharina Brockmann: Birth: 20 Aug 1852 in Hamburg, St Pauli no 413 , Hamburg Hansestadt. Death: in Hamburg Bleckstr 5, Hamburg, Hamburg

  7. Johanna Wilhelmine Pauline Brockmann: Birth: 3 Sep 1854 in Hamburg Bleckstr 5, Hamburg, Hamburg, Hamburg. Death: 25 Dec 1915 in Hamburg Schwalbenstr 55, Hamburg, Hamburg, Hamburg

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