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1. Title:   Genealogies of Virginia Families, From the William and MaryCollegeQuarterly Historical Magizine
Page:   v. II,p. 90,91.
Publication:   Name: Name: Name: Name: Name: Genealogical Publishing Co.,Inc., 1982;;;;;
2. Title:   GEDCOM File : mchale1859.ged
Author:   DAVID CLARK DORSEY 306 HAWKE STREET FREDERICKSBURG VA 224011-540-899-6501 [email protected]
3. Title:   Ball Families of Virginia'a Northern Neck: An Outline 1990
Page:   p. 47.
Author:   Margaret Lester Hill
Publication:   Name: Name: Name: Name: Name: Mary Ball Washington Museum & Library,Inc.;;;;;

a. Note:   H5456
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