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Marriage: Children:
  1. Lilly Rowe: Birth: 1884 in , Adair, Kentucky. Death: DECEASED

  2. William Pem Rowe: Birth: 1886 in , Adair, Kentucky. Death: 1952

  3. Thomas Rowe: Birth: 1888 in , Adair, Kentucky.

  4. Junius Rowe: Birth: 1890 in , Adair, Kentucky.

  5. Anne Rowe: Birth: 1892 in , Adair, Kentucky.

  6. Etta Rowe: Birth: 1894 in , Adair, Kentucky.

  7. Sarah Ellen Rowe: Birth: 1896 in , Adair, Kentucky.

  8. Laura Rowe: Birth: 1898 in , Adair, Kentucky.

Marriage: Children:
  1. Frank Yates: Birth: ABT 1900 in , Adair, Kentucky. Death: BEF 1910 in , Adair, Kentucky

  2. Person Not Viewable

  3. Ray C. Yates: Birth: 1905. Death: 1991

  4. Bernice Yates: Birth: 1906 in , Adair, Kentucky. Death: BEF 1910 in , Adair, Kentucky

a. Note:   ine McGee Collins research her mother's line. Her grandmother, who Barbara knew well, was Lily Rowe and Lily's father was John Robert Rowe. John Rowe married Amanda Voiles. I have found Amanda Voiles' father listed as William Voiles and also James Allen or Voiles. Barbara states that her grandmother, Lilly Rowe, talked of her grandparents often and told Barbara that her (Lily's) grandfather was an herb doctor and traveled the country. She gave his name as William Voiles.
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