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  1. Thomas Beaty: Birth: ABT 1750 in , , Pennsylvania.

  2. Pleasant Beaty: Birth: ABT 1751 in , , Pennsylvania.

  3. James Beaty: Birth: 10 Feb 1752 in Nottingham, Chester, Pennsylvania. Death: AFT Mar 1835 in Murfreesboro, Rutherford, Tennessee

  4. Phoebe Beaty: Birth: 15 Feb 1752 in Nottingham, Chester, Pennsylvania. Death: 1845 in , Fentress, Tennessee

  5. Andrew Beaty: Birth: 1758/1760 in Nottingham, Chester, Pennsylvania. Death: 19 Jul 1836 in , Fentress, Tennessee

  6. Alexander Beaty: Birth: 1768 in Nottingham, Chester, Pennsylvania. Death: 3 Mar 1850 in , Clinton, Kentucky

  7. John Beaty: Birth: 1780 in , , Pennsylvania. Death: 2 May 1854

  8. David Beaty: Birth: 1783 in Nottingham, Chester, Pennsylvania. Death: 1850 in Boatland, Fentress, Tennessee

  9. George Beaty: Birth: 4 Feb 1785 in Kennett Square, Chester, Pennsylvania. Death: 17 Nov 1850 in Boatland, Fentress, Tennessee

a. Note:   garet Beaty have no apparent connection to the Clinton Co., KY and Fentress Co., TN area. They lived and probably died in Washington Co., VA, as did most of their children. In 1823 their son Alexander M. Beaty sold his portion of a future inheritance involving the Washington Co., VA estate of his grandfather, Thomas Montgomery, to his brothers John Junior and James. He apparently left Washington Co., VA after that time and died before 1844. Court documents finally dividing the estate in the 1840s frequently refer to "the unknown heirs of Alexander M. Beaty deceased." In the 1950s or 1960s an apparently erroneous conclusion was reached relating to this family. John and Margaret were identified as being the parents of Alexander Beaty, Andrew Beaty and several other Beatys who were early settlers in Cumberland Co., KY and Overton Co., TN. I believe that this association was made based on the assumption that the son of John and Margaret -- Alexander M. Beaty -- was the same Alexander Beaty who settled in Cumberland Co., KY around 1800. Over the years this conclusion has been incorporated into many reports and books written about the early Beatys of Clinton Co., KY and Fentress Co., TN, and has found its way into many family trees. Unfortunately, information from primary sources and documents does not seem to support this conclusion. In addition to Washington Co., VA Court Records, the Revolutionary War pension application of Andrew Beaty and the Indian War Bounty Land applications of Alexander Beaty and his widow Catharine (Travis) Beaty provide several facts that are not consistent with this conclusion. 1) Alexander Beaty and Andrew Beaty are proven to be brothers. There is no suggestion that Alexander M. Beaty had an older brother named Andrew. 2) Alexander M. Beaty of Washington Co. was thought by his family to have died prior to 1844. The death date of Alexander Beaty of Clinton Co. was given by his widow Catharine as March 3, 1851. Although not proven, statements in the Bounty Land applications of Alexander and Catharine Beaty suggest that the father of Andrew and Alexander was Billy Beaty. In several sworn statements included in the applications, Eleanor (Nellie) Meek says she was living at the house of Alexander Beaty about 1794 when he served as a soldier against the Indians under his brother Captain Andy Beaty. She helped fix his clothes before he left and she remained there with his father and mother until he returned home. She continued to live there until she married some years later. In another statement, she says that she "lived at the house of Billy Beaty in Sullivan Co., TN at the time Alexander volunteered and had from a small child."
  Willie Rogers Beaty -- Nel Rocklein has concluded, based on her own research and that of a couple more people, that Alexander, b. 1768, and Andrew, b. 1758-60, were the children of William "Billy" Beaty, dates of b/d estimated only. This is based on a single affidavit in which the affiant is witness for a bounty land application by Alexander Beaty. In it she mentions that she had lived with Billy Beaty during the time that Andrew had served in the Revolutionary War, and that Alexander was a small boy at that time. Y-DNA has shown that two living Beatys who are descendants of Andrew do not have Beaty DNA, but we believe there was an non-paternity issue somewhere down the line at least a generation or two to produce this result. Of course, from wherever this non-paternity break occured, their descendants would not have Beaty DNA, even thought they carried the name. It does not suggest that Alexander and Andrew are not brothers. We have DNA samples from descendants of James (IF Isaac was his son), John, David and George, and also a William which you didn't mention, that moved to MO. We can say that the above names are CLOSELY related, but we can't conclude they are brothers, or that they are brothers of Andrew and Alexander. I don't think we have ever discovered anything at all about the Thomas, b. abt 1750 you mentioned, or the Pleasant, b. abt 1751. We believe, based on James' RW application, that James and Phoebe, who married John McClellan, were twin siblings. That leaves William and Martin. William was for years believed to have been the Capt. William Batey, who settled in Rutherford Co, Murfreesboro, but that William Batey has been solidly researched and found to be of another line. So, we now believe that this William was confused with the William who went to MO. Martin was said to be a brother or possibly a cousin, of the Kentucky Beatys, but his line has also been identified as another lineage. (He could have been a cousin, but not a brother.) My belief is that all these Beatys were probably related, with a common Irish ancestor that either never immigrated to America, or perhaps did immigrate and died soon after arriving in America. He may have brought all or part of his family with him, but we have no proof of any of this. Willie Rogers Beaty -- Just a couple of additional notes. In reality, the Billy Beaty that we have appended to be the parents of Andrew and ALexander Beaty of L2b is still pretty much an unknown person. The ONLY reference to him seems to be that document in Alexander Beaty's pension application file, made by Eleanor Meek. See following note from Nel Rocklein, the principle researcher of Alexander Beaty's line: On 9 April 1853, Eleanor Meek, widow of James Meek, aged about 75 and a resident of Clinton Co., KY, states she was living in the house of Alexander Beaty in Sullivan Co., TN when he served as a soldier against the Indians. She helped get his clothes ready for service and remained there with his father and mother until his service was over and continued to live there for some years after that. She married James Meek and lived some further years on Beatys farm; Beaty married Catharine Travis at his house where his father then lived and she and her husband were at the wedding. She has lived in sight of the house where Alexander and Catherine live for about 40 years or perhaps more; that she lived by them all the time in TN and moved with them to KY. On 7 Dec 1857 she further states she lived at the house of BILLY BEATY in Sullivan Co., TN at the time said Alexander volunteered and had from a small child, and continued to live there until she married. ---Nel To date, no one has been able to identify a William or Billy Beaty living in either Southwest Virginia, East Tennessee or Southcentral Kentucky who fits the bill for the parents of Andrew and Alexander. I'm sure that the statement is no doubt correct, but the evidence is still very scanty. Have seen that his spouse may have been Frances Boyd???
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