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Marriage: Children:
  1. Hiram Carl Stockton: Birth: 20 May 1821 in , Cumberland, Kentucky. Death: 4 Feb 1882 in Summit, Cloud, Kansas

  2. Elvira Jane Stockton: Birth: Feb 1823 in , , Kentucky. Death: DECEASED

  3. Lemuel Leroy Stockton: Birth: 26 Oct 1824 in , , Kentucky. Death: 27 Oct 1903

  4. Andrew J. Stockton: Birth: ABT 1826.

  5. James Paul Stockton: Birth: 1827/1828 in , Cumberland, Kentucky. Death: 4 May 1863 in , , Tennessee

  6. Rebecca Margaret Stockton: Birth: 1831/1832 in , , Kentucky.

  7. Nancy D. Stockton: Birth: 25 Aug 1833 in , , Kentucky. Death: 11 Mar 1920 in , Clinton, Kentucky

a. Note:   d it is Mar 1835. Jerry provided most of the following information DANIEL STOCKTON of Stockton's Valley died by March of 1835, not on 15 Sep 1838 There are three documents that show that Daniel Stockton of Stockton's Valley, Clinton County, Kentucky, died before the 1838 date of death commonly shown for him. The 1838 date of death for Daniel is from a 1878 pension application by his widow Rebecca Stockton. In the pension application she stated that she was 78 years old. Due to the fact that Rebecca Stockton was 78 years old at the time of the pension application it is seems reasonable that she might have made a mistake, or maybe she gave the date of 15 Sep 1833 and it has been misread as 1838. Daniel Stockton, a son of "Smith Creek" John Stockton, married Rebecca Smith on 12 June 1820 in Stockton's Valley. Their marriage was performed by Rev. Isaac Denton of the Clear Fork Baptist Church. Daniel was a grandson of Thomas Stockton Sr, one of the Charter Members of the Clear Fork Baptist Church. Daniel and Rebecca (nee Smith) Stockton were the parents of: 1. Hiram Carl Stockton, born 20 May 1821 2. Jane Stockton, born about 1823 3. Lemuel Leroy Stockton, born 24 Oct 1824 4. Andrew J. Stockton, born about 1826 5. Mary Ann Stockton, born about 1827 6. James Paul Stockton, born about 1828 7. Rebecca Margaret Stockton, born about 1831 8. Nancy D. Stockton, born 30 Aug 1833 - - - The first of the three documents that show Daniel Stockton died before 1838 is from the Clear Fork Baptist Church. In January of 1836 Rebecca Stockton was expelled from the Clear Fork Baptist Church for having an illegitimate child. Daniel Stockton must have died by March of 1835 for Rebecca to have an illegitimate child born in January of 1836. Clear Fork Baptist Church, Stockton's Valley, Cumberland (now Clinton) County, Kentucky: "Rebeckah Stockton expelled from membership for having a base born child." - - - The second document is the Clinton County, Kentucky, 1837 Tax List. 1837 Clinton County, Kentucky, Tax List: Thomas Stockton Wilson or William Stockton Jesse Stockton Sr. Jesse Stockton Jr. John Stockton Samuel Stockton Rebecca Stockton - Rebecca is the widow of Daniel Stockton. He is not shown on this 1837 tax list. Thomas, Gap Creek Thomas Stockton - - - The third document is a deed from the heirs of Daniel Stockton. In 1856 the heirs of Daniel Stockton signed a deed to Mary Ann Craig. This deed was destroyed during the Civil War, however, it was later recreated and signed by five of the surviving heirs of Daniel Stockton. The surviving heirs of Daniel Stockton who signed this recreated deed were: Hiram Stockton - born about 1821 Lemuel L. Stockton - born in 1824 Andrew J. Stockton - born about 1826 Margaret (nee Stockton) Braswell - born about 1831 and Nancy (nee Stockton) Dowell - born in 1833 All of the heirs that signed the deed were children of Daniel Stockton and were born before 1835. None of the children born after 1835 signed this deed as they were not heirs of Daniel Stockton. - - - The following children shown living in Widow Rebecca Stockton's household in 1850 were not the children of Daniel Stockton. ~ Carrol Van Stockton, born 4 Jan 1836 ~ Lorenzo Dow G. Stockton, born about 1839 ~ Phoebe E. Stockton, born about 1841 ~ Commodore P. Stockton, born about 1843 See: 1830 census, Daniel Stockton, 30-40 Daniel died by March 1835 ----- Carrol Van Stockton born 4 Jan 1806 Feb 1806 - Clear Fork Baptist Church records "Rebeckah Stockton expelled from membership for having a base born child." ----- Lorenzo Dow Stockton born about 1839 1840 census, Rebecca Stockton, 40-50 - Rebecca is shown as head of household - Daniel is clearly dead by this time ----- Phoebe E. Stockton born about 1841 ----- Commodore P. Stockton born about 1843 1850 census, Rebecca Stockton, 50 1860 census, Rebecca Stockston, 61 1870 census, Rebecca Stockton, 70 1880 census, Rebecca Stockton, 80 There were two Rebecca Stocktons living in Stockton's Valley in 1836. The Rebecca Stockton expelled from the Clear Fork Baptist Church was the widow of Daniel Stockton. The other Rebecca Stockton living in Stockton's Valley in 1836 was the wife of Jesse Stockton Sr. They are shown as a married couple on several later census records, and Rebecca, the wife of Jesse Stockton Sr, would have been about 54 years old in 1836. The 1850 census shows Jesse and Rebecca Stockton, both 68 years old, with no child born about 1836. Census records show Rebecca Stockton, widow of Daniel Stockton, with several children born after Daniel is known to have died.
  1830 Cumberland Co., KY; Daniel Stockton 30-40 b. 1790-1800; 220001-110001; 2 males under 5, 2 males 5-under 10, 1m 30-40 / 1 female under 5, 1 female 5-10, 1f 30-40 1840 Clinton Co, KY census Rebecca Stockton 40-50 b. 1790-1800; 2022-0121001. 1850 Clinton Co, KY census Rebecca Stockton 50 KY b. 1799-1800; District 1 page 10 line 39 #339/339; 20 Aug 1850. Since Daniel died in 1835, last 6 children may be grandchildren or out-of-wedlock children of Rebecca's?
  1830 1840 1850 Daniel Stockton 30-40 gone 1790-1800 Rebecca Stockton 30-40 40-50 50 KY 1799-1800 male 5-10 15-20 male 5-10 15-20 Jane Stockton 5-10 15-20 26 KY 1823-1824 male 0- 5 10-15 female 0- 5 10-15 James Stockton 0- 5 10-15 22 KY 1827-1828 Margaret Stockton 10-15 19 KY 1830-1831 Nancy Stockton 5-10 17 KY 1832-1833 Carroll V. Stockton 0- 5 14 KY 1835-1836 Lorenzo D. G. STockton 0- 5 11 KY 1838-1839; out-of wedlock child? Femila E. Stockton 9 KY 1840-1841; out-of wedlock child? Comidore P. Stockton 7 KY 1842-1843; out-of wedlock child? Lora C. Stockton 3 KY 1846-1847; gr-child by Jane? Lydia K. Stockton 1 KY 1848-1849; gr-child by Jane? Elizabeth I. Stockton 1 KY 1848-1849; gr-child by Jane?
  P. J. -- [email protected] -- sent the following info: Marriage Record: Know all men by these presents that We, Daniel Stockton and George Smith are held and firmly bound unto the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the sum of 50 pounds to the payment whereof we do and truly to be made, we bind ourselves ourselves or heirs .. jointly and severally firmly by these presents sealed with our seals and dated this 7th day of Jun 1820. The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas a marriage is shortly intended to be solomnized between the above bound Daniel Stockton and Rebecca Smith of this county. Now if it shall always hereafter appear that there is no just cause to obstruct the said marriage then the above obligation shall be void, also it shall remain in full force and virtue. (Signed) Daniel Stockton, George Smith; attest, Milton King; June the 8 day 1820; This is to certify that I James Smith do give leave that Daniel Stockton may get license for my daughter Rebecca and himself where he applys as she is of age to choose f! or herself. Given under my hand (signed) James Smith, Cumberland County; attest, George Smith War of 1812 pension list pg 1661; lists Stockton, Daniel, w. Rebecca, served Capt. William Wood's Co., KY Milita, Col James Wilson, for 3 months as a private. pension application was #W.O. 34149. Widow's Pension Application #W.C. 20019; Rebecca, 78, 15 June 1878; married 12 June 1820 by Rev Isaac Denton, Baptist Minister; d/o James Smith, consent signed 1820; marriage bond signed by George Smith; undated affidavit of John Irwin, age 90, part of application married 12 Jun 1820; Daniel died 13 Sep 1838, Clinton Co., KY; J. J. Wood swears by affidavit that he knew Daniel and Rebecca and was at Daniel's burial, dated 15 June, 1878
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