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Marriage: Children:
  1. Philip Young: Birth: 1827/1828 in , , Tennessee. Death: DECEASED

  2. Benjamin Young: Birth: 1831/1832 in , , Tennessee. Death: 1880 in , Overton, Tennessee

  3. Henry Young: Birth: 1836/1837 in , , Tennessee. Death: DECEASED

  4. William Young: Birth: Dec 1838 in , , Tennessee. Death: DECEASED

  5. Sarah Young: Birth: 1840/1841 in , , Tennessee. Death: DECEASED

  6. Mary Young: Birth: 1842/1843 in , Overton, Tennessee. Death: DECEASED

  7. Rebecca Young: Birth: 1844/1845 in , Overton, Tennessee. Death: DECEASED

  8. James Young: Birth: ABT 1837/1847 in , , Tennessee. Death: DECEASED

  9. Angeline Young: Birth: 1850 in , Overton, Tennessee. Death: DECEASED

1. Title:   1850 Federal Census, Record Type: online census image
Page:   Overton Co, TN
Publication:   1850
2. Title:   Various Ancestral Files on
Page:   Neal Ancestry Chart, submitted by John, last updated 27 Aug 2005, URL:
Author:   various individuals, Compiler: various individuals

a. Note:   verton Co, TN census. Parents have been reported to be Lewis Brown 1761-1815 and Clarissa Smith 1767-1850s. Grandfather as Joseph Brown. See: See:
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