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Marriage: Children:
  1. Patrick Joseph McCann: Birth: 22 Mar 1914 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois. Death: 21 Jun 1971 in Cicero, Cook, Illinois

  2. William Ambrose McCann: Birth: 18 Sep 1915 in Chicago, Illinois. Death: 26 May 1989 in Chicago, Illinois

  3. Francis Frederick McCann: Birth: 8 Mar 1917 in Chicago, Illinois. Death: 23 Sep 1969 in Oak Lawn, , Illinois

  4. Mary Corine McCann: Birth: 30 Jan 1919 in Chicago, Illinois. Death: 19 Mar 1999 in Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska

  5. Peter George McCann: Birth: 2 Feb 1921 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois. Death: 26 Nov 2000 in Michigan City, LaPorte, Indiana

Marriage: Children:
  1. John Rudolph York: Birth: 28 Sep 1910 in , Lincoln, Kentucky. Death: 17 Jan 1980 in Las Vegas, Clark, Nevada

1. Title:   Revised York Data
Author:   York, Don
2. Title:   Death Certificate for Corine Holsapple York McCann
3. Title:   #12
Text:   Receipt from Holy Sepulchre, from Jeanne McCann Alexander, from the estate of Mary Corine McCann Johnson.
4. Title:   #24
Page:   copy made
Text:   Film viewed at Archdiocese of Chicago Cardinal Bernardin Archives in July 2003. Hard photo-copy made.

a. Note:   d by Patrick , Joseph McCann, II, was allegedly a brother or cousin of Sgt. Alvin York of World War I , fame. Patrick J. McCann IV (Junior) -- When I was very little, and used to ask about my grandparents, the story I was always told was that my dad’s mother had died when he was a little boy and that my grandfather’s second wife had raised all of his children, in addition to the two more they had. It was not until my step-grandmother, Marion Cox, died in 1956 that I learned that she had nursed Corinne in the last weeks of Corinne's life in 1932. Corinne died of cancer with no real home and no money. As it turns out, my father was 18 when his mother died, not a little child. But as I was growing up, neither my father nor his siblings ever spoke much about their mother. Only once did my dad ever take me to the cemetery where she is buried (no stone), in the paupers’ section of the cemetery.
  Lain & Son 315 W. 63 St. Chicago, IL. Grave was paid for by John McCann for $30.00 1a Other birthdate is 1891, acc. to Reba Neil Brown. 1b Another birthdate is Aug. 30, 1893, acc. to family bible record. 1c. Another birthdate is Nov. 30, 1894, acc. to her daughter Mary Corine McCann 1d. 1900 census gives birth as Aug. 1892, stating that she was 7 years old when the census taker visited on June 15, 1900. 1e. Her birthday was Aug. 30, 1894, acc. to her son, Patrick J. McCann, in his own hand. 4. She was living at 6920 Perry Ave., at the time of her marriage to Patrick J. McCann. Her religion was given as “Bapt(?) by the recording priest at Old St. Mary’s. Her father’s name was recorded, erroneously, as Ambrose York. 5. She was living at 1036 W. 69th street at the time of her divorce in 1926. 6. Acc. to 1928-1929 Chicago City Directory, she was living at 6354 Maryland Avenue, and claimed to be the widow of Joseph McCann. 6. Burial record from cemetery has address of 6742 S. Artesian. Possible address at time of death? This address was also written by her son Patrick Joseph McCann, III in his father's funeral service prayer book. Buried in Grave #26, Block 7, Section 12 of Holy Sepulchre.
  Dear Duane, Excuse my stepping into your personal site with another fam ily. I just recently learned that my maternal grandmother , Corine Mary Holsapple, was from Albany, or at least Clint on Co. She was born about 1893, married someone named Joe York (one son: John Rudolph) and then in 1913 married my gra ndfather in Chicago. I have no idea how she got to Chicago . The person who sent me this info also sent names and date s for her parents and grandparents as well as some of her b rothers and sisters. I found them listed in census indici s and the Kentucky death index (online). Can you tell me: a re there still Holsapples in Albany and Clinton County? I f so, would you have perhaps a name and address I could wri te to in order to get more information? As I recall, she ha d a brother named Aaron Burr Holsapple, another named Fred , a sister named Flossie (who married someone whose name wa s Ashberry Poc) and a couple of others. Her father's name w as Ambrose Bramlette Holsapple. If any of this rings a bell , I would be very much obliged for any help you might be ab le to give me. Sender: Patrick McCann - Dallas, Texas [email protected]
  Patrick McCann - Dallas, Texas [email protected] -- A few years ago, I managed to get copies of my grandparents’ divorce papers with transcripts. They were divorced in 1926; my grandmother claimed that my grandfather had deserted her, although he was living just a couple of blocks away. As a settlement, she asked for $2000 and for her children to be placed in an orphanage or a group home run by an order of nuns (pretty strange for a woman raised as a Baptist, don’t you think). So, she received her money, and the five kids were placed in an orphanage for a few months. But as soon as my grandfather remarried a couple of months later, he brought his children back to live with him and his new wife. I can’t imagine what that home must have been like, but I think that my dad’s reticence to talk about his mother stems from this. None of them ever resented Marion, however, and always referred to her as "mom."
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