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a. Note:   d up the mountain from Larkin and Peggy Smith. Lindy visited them at every opportunity and made herself at home working with them on their farm. It appears she went home with them when she was about 7 years old and simply stayed until she reached puberty. At that time her mother sent for her and insisted she return home.
  As an interesting aside, these two uncles raised two other nieces: Polly Phillips born 1834, daughter of their brother William and his wife Elizabeth; and Vica (Vicy) born 1846, daughter of their brother Jonas and his wife Clary. From all accounts they were wonderful uncles, who did well by their nieces. In 1889 the two men wrote their will leaving their property to Polly and "Vice". At that time Vica still lived with them.
  According to the book, "Granny Lindy" young Lindy Smith eloped with a fiddle player and gave birth to a baby boy. Her parents fetched her home shortly before the babe was born. But when the baby was very young, her husband came to their cabin and kidnapped him in the hope that Lindy would return to the marriage. She was far too ill to seek him out, and her family was unable to trace him. Three weeks later he brought back the dying baby who had not been fed mother's milk nor changed nearly often enough, and the baby died shortly thereafter. Lindy's heart was broken and she never gave birth to another child.
  After Lindy and Ira married, a lady asked them to take her small son and raise him. He was illegitimate and her new husband did not want him. So Grady was raised and dearly loved by Ira and Lindy along with Ira and Nancy's child Berry.
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