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Marriage: Children:
  1. David Hall: Birth: ABT 1754.

  2. Thomas Hall: Birth: ABT 1755.

  3. Nancy Hall: Birth: ABT 1757.

  4. Samuel Grant Hall: Birth: 25 Mar 1760 in , Pittsylvania, Virginia. Death: 9 Jun 1819 in , Morgan, Tennessee

  5. Martin Daniel Hall: Birth: 1762 in , Wilkes, North Carolina. Death: 19 May 1837 in , Morgan, Tennessee

a. Note:   0, 1723." ------------------------------------- Re: Hall/Lansdown/Webb in Wilkes Co., NC Posted by: Cynthia McDaniel Date: April 02, 2000 at 14:57:43 In Reply to: Re: Halls in Carter County, KY by L ABRAMS of 21262 I have just found hese posts and have something to contribute and hopethat it will help others and you can fill in some blanks for me. I have a will for Millian Webb in Wilkes Co., NC where she mentions herson David Lansdown. It is possible that she was married before marryingSamuel Hall and had a son David. Unfortunately, I don't know who David is. I have Wlliam who is suspected to be the brother of Samuel. Theirparents are suspected to be John and Sarah (Heard)Hall of New Kent Co.,VA. I don't have any information on William so I don't know if he was inWilkes Co., NC with his brother Samuel nor if this William is the same asthe William which was discussed in 1998-1999. Has anyone else looked inWilkes Co. NC for this William? Does anyone have more on the Lansdowns inconnection to the Halls?
  Here is what I have for Samuel & Millian plus her will: From Richard Hall ([email protected]): "From Original Land Book, Franklin Co., VA: 19 March 1767 Samuel Hall 400 acres on the North side of Smiths RiverBeg. at Randolphs Order Line then down river............ The same day above Marrah-Merrah Webb 2 tracts of 400 acres each onMarrowbone Creek of Smith River....... A William Monkus 400 acre tract on same date as above corner ofRandolphs-G. Rowland and Samuel Halls line..... The land area above was Lunenburg Co. until 1746, then Halifax Countyuntil 1767, then Pittsylvania, then Henry in 1775, then Franklin in 1778.
  "From Antrim Parish Virginia Records... Samuel Hall agrees to take care of Milly Harrison for one year for 2thousand pounds of tobacco... To Samuel Hall assesser of Thomas Payne for maintaining MilliHarrison...1450 lbs.... "In 1777, Samuel Hall and Merry Webb were among the signers in HenryCounty, Virginia, renouncing allegiance to Great Britain and swearingallegiance to the Commonwealth of Virginia. This would appear to indicatethat both were of English origin. Samuel Hall and his family moved fromHenry County, Virginia, to Wilkes County, North Carolina, some timeshortly after the Revolutionary War began. Samuel was granted 100 acreson Elk Creek in Wilkes County, North Carolina, as recorded in Deed BookA, 1778 - 1783, pages 4,61 and 4,62.
  "On 8 Sep 1778, Samuel Hall and wife Milian of Henry Co, sold to PhilipRyan of same, for 200 pounds, 162a on south side of Smith River. Wit:Daniel Reamee, John Alexander Junior, Joseph Goodwin. (Henry Co. Deed BookI:198-199).
  "In Wilkes Co, NC, on 7 Sep 1778 a Land Entry #339 of James Duggars, 200aon Elk Creek, joining Bed Duggars and Samuel Hall, James Duggars andWilliam Isaacs are marked out, transferred to Elijah Duggars. "Land Entry #507, 17 Nov 1778, to Samuel Hall, 100a on Elk Creek, atJulius Duggars line. "On 9 Nov 1784, grant to Samuel for 100a on Elk Creek (Wilkes Deed BookA-1:461). "On 22 Sep 1785, grant to William Isaacs 190a on Elk Creek, on SamuelHall's line, John Beverly's and Benjamin Duggars's Lines. (Book C-1:109) "An entry on 26 Apr 1788, between William Isaacs, of Burke Co, NC andZebulon Baird, for 200pounds, 190a, both sides of Elk Creek joining landlately owned by Samuel Hall, John Beverly and Benjamin Duggar, beingentry by Julius Duggar. (Book C-1:58). " Entry on 26 Jan 1789, between Zebulon Baird and John Haglar, 200pounds,190a, both sides Elk Cr. etc, same property as above. (Book C-1:100-101).
  On 25 Apr 1792, Martin Hall was granted LOA in Wilkes Co, NC, in estateof Samuel Hall, dec'd. Thomas Hall, the oldest surviving heirrelinquished right to administer. (Wilkes Co Will Book I:323). Securityby Moses Waters, William Brown. On 30 Jul 1792, Martin returned aninventory of the estate and on 2 Nov 1792 George Hulme returned aninventory. Inventory dated 18 Jul 1792, by Martin Hall mentions negrowench Tildey, negro boy George. (Wilkes Will Book I:341).
  The estate sale was on 20 Aug 1792: purchasers included Millian Hall(negro woman), Darby Hendrix (negro fellow), Thomas Hall, Abraham Hughes,George Hulme, William Brown, Opy Landsdown, William Ferguson, JohnNorthern Junior Isaac Preston. Sale by sheriff George Hulme. Amt:322:6:7(Wilkes Will Book I:350)
  May 26, 1997 Present day directions to original Samuel Hall land in Wilke's County, NCare as follows: Take highway 268 from Wilkesboro southwest to the smalltown of Ferguson. Approximately 5 miles beyond Ferguson, you will come toa place on the left side of the road called Eller's store. At this point,you will turn right on Elk Creek Road. After about 6-8 miles on that roadyou will come to Leatherwood Stables on the right. A few miles past this,you should look for a good sized hill and then ask someone forassistance. A Hall descendant, Dixie Edmiston, lives on the road at thispoint and she can give complete directions
  Samuel Hall may be buried at Triplett-Hall cemetery on Elk Creek. Thereare about 50 unmarked graves there.
  End Richard Hall Info.
  More About SAMUEL HALL: Deed: 19 March 1767, Original Land Book, Franklin Co., VA 9 Moved: Abt. 1776, Elk Creek, Wilkes Co., NC 10,11 Residence: Abt. 1768, Pittsylvania Co., VA 12 Witness: 20 March 1768, Sale of Cows between William & Benjamin Dugger inPittsylvania Co., VA 12
  Notes for MILLIAN WEBB: The 1782 Tax List for Capt. Keeses' District of Wilkes County lists:Milla Hall, 100 acres worth 25 pounds, one negro 7-15 or 40 -49 worth 40pounds, one negro 16 -39 worth 80 pounds, one horse worth 6 pounds, 4cattle worth 4 pounds, total 155 pounds. The 1784 Tax List for the sameDistrict lists Million Hall with 100 acres on Elk Creek.
  From: Wilkes County Wills, Inventories, Sales of Estates 1779-1852 (original bound), Volume I, page 63 Millun Hall, 1802
  The following was copied from a photostat of the hand written originalrecord.
  May Term 1803 MILLIEN HALLs WILL
  In the name of God Amen ---
  Whereas I MILLIEN HALL of Wilkes County State of North Carolina beingweak in body but of sound mind and understanding do ordain and appointthis to be my last will and Testament any will heretofore made by me ishereby cancelled and made void. I do hereby dispose of the worldly goodswherewith the Lord hath blessed me in manner following- VIZ. First I dogive and bequeath unto my son THOMAS my negro woman named Judea inabsolute possession and his heirs after him --- Item. To my son, SAMUEL Ido give and bequeath my bed and the furniture appertaining thereto --Item. All and every of the monies that may be in my possession or due meat my decease and likewise my cattle to be divided equally among mychildren hereafter named with this express condition that they give myDaughter BETSY HENDRIX ten dollars in cash the names of others are asfollows, vix. MERRY HALL, JOHN HALL, DAVID HALL & NANCY BRAZEL. --- Item.To my Daughter Mary Dugger one Shilling. Item to my son DAVID LANSDOWNone shilling -- Item. To my daughter NANCY BRAZEL my Cotton Petticoat andfine linen shift & handkerchief -- Item, The rest of my wearing apparel Ido bequeath to ELIZABETH HENDRIX and JUDEA HALL to be divided equallybetween them --
  I do constitute and appoint DARBY HENDRIX and MARTIN HALL Executors ofthis my last will and testament. Sealed with my seal and Dated this 27thday of August 1802
  May Term 1803 Duly proven by the oath of THOMAS DULA -- Test Wm. B LENOIR Clerk
  More About MILLIAN WEBB: Tax Records: 1787, Wilkes Co., NC Will: 27 August 1802, Wilkes Co., NC Will Proved: May 1803, Wilkes Co., NC
  Children of SAMUEL HALL and MILLIAN WEBB are: 3. i. NANCY3 HALL, b. Abt. 1745, Wilkes Co., NC; d. 1840,Morgan Co., TN. 4. ii. THOMAS HALL, b. Abt. 1755, Halifax Co., VA; d. Bef.1830, Wilkes Co., NC. iii. MERRY HEARD HALL, b. Abt. 1757, Henry Co., VA; d. 28January 1828, Greenville Co., SC13; m. MARY; b. Abt. 1746; d. 02 January1834, Greenville Co., SC..
  5. iv. MARY HALL, b. 1760, Rockbridge Co., VA; d. 03 August1838, Carter Co., TN . 6. v. DAVID HALL, b. 25 March 1760, Halifax Co., VA; d. 22April 1842, Clinton, Anderson Co., TN. 7. vi. SAMUEL HALL, b. 25 March 1760, Halifax Co., VA; d. 19January 1819, Morgan Co., TN. 8. vii. MARTIN HALL, b. 1762, Halifax Co., VA; d. May 1831,Morgan Co., TN . viii. JOHN HALL, b. Abt. 1764; m. BARSHEBA PALMER. Notes for JOHN HALL: From: The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography (for years endingJune, 1902) - Volume IX - Henry County: From the records of the clerk'soffice. JOHN HALL on lists of persons renouncing allegiance to Great Britain andswearing allegiance to the Commonwealth of Virginia. (Richard Hall, 7/2/1999) ix. ELIZABETH HALL, b. 176614; d. Wilkes Co., NC; m. DARBYHENDRIX; b. Abt. 1745. 9. x. MILLIAN HALL, b. 1768; d. Abt. 1799, Wilkes Co., NC.
  Cynthia McDaniel ---------------------------------- Children of Samuel Hall (1723-bef. 1787) and Millian Webb (1723-1803) d/o Merry and Elizabeth Webb Thomas Hall (1755-bef. 1830) m. Judith Dula Merry Hall (died 1818 in Greenville SC) m. Mary Martin Daniel Hall (1770-1831) m. Chloe Hendrix (1768-1848), d/o GarrettHendrix and Mary Jackson Backwood John Hall m. Barsheba (m. 1784 Wilkes Co. NC) David Hall (1760-1842) (twin) m. Obedience Braswell, s/o James Braswelland Nancy Hall Samuel Hall, Junior (1760-1819) (twin) m. Letitia Hendrix (1784/5-1840), d/oGarrett Hendrix Elizabeth Hall (abt. 1766-aft. 1850) m. Darby Hendrix (abt. 1763-1836) Mary Hall (1761-1838) m. Julius C. Dugger (1760-1838) Nancy Hall (1787-1857) m. James Brazeal (Braswell); 2) John Webb(?-1841), s/o Francis Webb
  John Hall, Junior was charged April 29, 1783 for begetting a bastard childon Sarah Adams. (Wilkes Co., NC)
  (Note: David served six months in the militia under Captain Thomas Witherspoon, John Cleveland, Absalom Cleveland, andEilbern. He also served two years as an Indian Spy under Captain EdmundSale and was in the expedition against the Cherokee Indians under ColonelJohn Sevier)
  Allegedly a Revolutionary War soldier and early settler of Morgan Co, TN.
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