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Marriage: Children:
  1. Robert Stockton: Birth: 28 Feb 1783 in , , Tennessee. Death: DECEASED

  • Married: Mary .
  • Mary : Birth: ABT 1730. Death: DECEASED
  1. John Stockton: Birth: ABT 1763 in , Albemarle, Virginia. Death: 1803/1805 in Stockton Valley, Cumberland, Kentucky

a. Note:   . J. W. Wells, HISTORY OF CUMBERLAND COUNTY, 1947, p. 15, “LAND GRANTS . . . As Copied from the Old Records of Cumberland County . . . William Cross, 200 A. on Spring Creek in Stockton V., Oct. 1799 . . .” and “John Silvertooth, 200 A. in Stockton Valley, Aug. 23, 1799.” The 200 acre property of John Silvertooth was on the Clear Fork of Spring Creek. This was only one property away from “Smith Creek” John 4 Stockton on Smith Creek, and one property away from Thomas 4 Stockton, Junior, on Spring Creek. Thomas 3 Stockton, Sr., who is credited with being the first settler in what is now Clinton County, lived just five properties away on Spring Creek. Deed records show that in 1799 Nathaniel Stockton owned property on Spring Creek adjacent to Thomas Stockton, Sr. Plat maps showing the location of the above properties can be found in Jack Ferguson’s EARLY TIMES IN CLINTON COUNTY, Volume I, Revised Edition, 2004.
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