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  1. Arnold McKinley Stephens: Birth: 11 May 1918 in , Fentress, Tennessee. Death: 16 Mar 1985 in Warren, Macomb, Michigan

  2. Arie Elma Stephens: Birth: 31 Oct 1921 in Cookplace, Fentress, Tennessee. Death: 29 Nov 1993 in Portland, Jay, Indiana

  3. Irvin Kenneth Stephens: Birth: 22 Jan 1925 in Cook Place, Fentress, Tennessee. Death: 5 Oct 2004 in Detroit, Wayne, Michigan

  4. Herbert Ray Stephens: Birth: 2 Oct 1928 in , Fentress, Tennessee. Death: 2 May 1998 in Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee

  5. George Russell Stephens: Birth: 13 Oct 1931 in Jamestown, Fentress, Tennessee. Death: 19 Nov 1981 in , Lenawee, Michigan

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a. Note:   tephens, M. G. -- witness our hand Geo R. Stephens and I. D. Franklin (was this her?) or was this I. D. Atkins, a witness? Have also seen that he married Sarah Ann Atkins/Adkins/Adkinson/Adkerson? Fentress Co, TN marriage record 28 Jan 1905 G.R. Stephens to Sarah Ann Adkerson; on bond, C.M. York. 1920 Fentress Co, TN census George R. Stephens 38 TN/TN/TN b. 1881-1882; District 3; farmer. 1930 Overton Co, TN census George R. Stephens 51 TN/TN/TN b. 1878-1879; District 10, ED 67-14, Supv District 5, Sheet 5A, page 153/5201; 86/86; line 14. 1940 Fentress Co, TN census George R. Stephens 58 TN b. 1881-1882 TN; District 1 ED 25-2 Sheet 6A lione 28 #89;
  1920 1930 1940 George R. Stephens 38 TN/TN/TN 51 TN/TN/TN 58 TN 1878-1879 Della V. Stephens 18 TN/TN/TN 29 TN/TN/TN 40 TN 1900-1901 Arnold M. Stephens 1 7/12 TN/TN/TN 11 TN/TN/TN 21 TN 1918-1919 Arie Elma Stephens 9 TN/TN/TN 18 TN 1920-1921 Kenneth Ervin Stephens 5 TN/TN/TN 15 TN 1924-1925 Herbert Stephens 1 6/12 TN/TN/TN 11 TN 1928 George R. Stephens Jr. 8 TN 1831-1832 Edward J. Stephens 2 TN 1837-1838 Lone/Leona Franklin 48 TN/TN/TN 74 TN 1881-1882; mo-in-law
  Jill Franklin Hicks wrote 18 Nov 2003: I too have ran into the same 2 George Russell Stephens, and there are 2 George Russell Stephens, born about the same time. This is what I have came up with. Della Velma Franklin who married George Russell Stephens is the daughter of David Franklin and Leona Lone Hampton. On the 1930 Overton Co., TN. Census, you will find George Russell, Della Velma and her mother in the same household. On the 1920 Fentress Co., TN. Census: George Russell and Della Velma are living next door to Leona Franklin, Leona has a Nova C. Smith in her household that is her neice., Since Nova is the daughter of John and Armildia Franklin Smith, Leona must have been the widow of Armilida's Brother David Franklin. (This is my belief anyway, since David Franklin died between 1900 and 1910, there is no census showing them as a family. David Franklin died shortly after Della was born.) When I was in Jamestown a couple of months ago, Opal and I called a Decendant of this family, and she said that the George Russell Stephen that married Della Velma Franklin was the son of Marion Collier and Julia Tucker Stephens. The lady I talked to was Nola Alma Stephens d/o Caleb David and Ermine Smith Stephens. I think that she is the neice of George Russell and Della Velma.
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