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Marriage: Children:
  1. Timothy Carpenter: Birth: ABT 1789 in , , Massachusetts. Death: DECEASED in , , Texas

  2. Consider Carpenter: Birth: 25 Jul 1797 in Rowe, Franklin, Massachusetts. Death: 22 May 1869 in White Oak Creek, Anderson, Tennessee

  3. Cyril Carpenter: Birth: ABT 1790/1800. Death: DECEASED in , McMinn, Tennessee

  4. Dan Carpenter: Birth: ABT 1791/1801. Death: DECEASED in , McMinn, Tennessee

  5. Deborah Carpenter: Birth: 5 Feb 1801 in , , North Carolina. Death: 2 Feb 1867 in , Fentress, Tennessee

  6. John Carpenter: Birth: ABT 1802. Death: BEF 1838

  7. Lucy Carpenter: Birth: ABT 1793/1803. Death: DECEASED in of , Whitley, Kentucky

  8. Nancy Carpenter: Birth: ABT 1795/1805. Death: DECEASED

a. Note:   Birth place may have been Massachusetts or Connecticut. Other children have been reported as: Cyril Carpenter who md Rhoda Cisel Dan Carpenter who md Jane Cisel Lucy Carpenter who md Middleton Holloway Nancy Carpenter who md William Potter Mike McGrath -- Was a traveling Itnerent Minister in the early days of the Methodist Church. Raised most of his family in The Valley of the Three Forks of the Wolf in Fentress Co, TN. Later moved to White Oak Creek in Nydeck, Morgan Co, TN. His grandson-in-law, the Reverend A.B. Wright, in his published autobiography (published 1896), on page seven states, ".....he (Timothy Carpenter) came to Tennessee, and purchased a good farm on the head of Wolf River, and lived near where William Pile now lives." Another family member describes the property as being on Cove Creek. They lived in Salem Mass until their second son was about 6 yrs old then moved to southern KY. Then after a short stay moved on into the Valley of the Three Forks of the Wolf. they raised 8 children 5 boys and 3 girls.Their names were Timothy Jr, moved to TX, Consider, John, Dan, and Cyril were the boys. The girls were Lucy, Deborah and Nancy. Timothy Jr moved to TX, Consider married Susan Guthrie and were the ancestors of many of the western end of Morgan Co. They are buried in Carpenter Cemetery at Nydeck, Morgan Co. TN. John married Rhoda Guthrie and also went west.Dan and Cyril married sisters by the name of Cisel and both migrated to Sweetwater in McMinn Co TNLucy married Middleton Holloway and moved to Whitley KY. Nancy married William Powell and moved to ILL. Deborah married Corneilius Mitchell Frogge, and became the ancestors of most Frogges in this part of the country. Deborah and Mitch's daughter Cynthia married AB Wright and another dau Rebecca B. married Timothy Carpenter Peters.
  Timothy Carpenter moved to a place on White Oak creek in Morgan Co.and built a house under a cliff. He dammed the stream for power and built a grist mill. This dam or the or a replacement is still there today. Just down the hill from Carpenter Cemetery in Nydeck,TN is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.