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Madoc ap Ievan Goch: Birth: ABT 1340/1350 in of, Penllech, Wales. Death: DECEASED
Einion ap Ievan Lloyd: Birth: ABT 1467/1477 in of, Havod Un Nos.
Griffith ap Llewelyn ap Ievan: Birth: ABT 1416/1426.
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Dorothy Mae Igo: Birth: 16 Feb 1927. Death: 31 Dec 2000
Joshua Igo: Birth: ABT 1783.
Rosa M. Igo: Birth: 24 Nov 1980 in , , Missouri. Death: 30 Jun 1981 in Fletcher, Comanche, Oklahoma
Roy Igo: Birth: ABT 1886.
Virginia Jane Igo: Birth: 1813. Death: 1853
S. H. Igon: Birth: ABT 1880.
Michael Wayne Ihrig: Birth: 25 Mar 1950. Death: 25 Mar 1950 in Only Lived a Few Hours
William Marion Ihrig: Birth: 1925. Death: 1958 in Jet Crash While In Usaf
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Charles Henry Ikerman: Birth: 24 Oct 1895. Death: 1965 in Decatur, Morgan, Alabama
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James J. Iman: Birth: 1875/1876 in , , West Virginia.
Emma Imbeau: Birth: 1922. Death: 2003
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Harold Wayne Imes: Birth: 15 Apr 1930 in Bee, Texas. Death: 14 Apr 1995 in Travis, Texas
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Sally E. Impson: Birth: ABT 1878.
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Diane Inbody: Birth: 12 Jul 1954. Death: 9 Apr 2006
Fred E. Inbody: Birth: 16 May 1926 in Findlay, , Ohio. Death: 4 May 2010
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Ince: Birth: 1874. Death: 1874
Ince: Birth: 1874. Death: 1874
Amanda Ince: Birth: ABT 1869.
Arthur Ince: Birth: ABT 1881 in Hill, Texas.
Bertha Beatrice Ince: Birth: 19 Jan 1886. Death: 16 Jun 1946
Blevin Ward Ince: Birth: ABT 1899.
Campbell M. Ince: Birth: 28 May 1837 in Overton, Tennessee. Death: 5 Oct 1920 in McCullough, Texas
Charlie William Ince: Birth: ABT 1890 in Deceased.
Charlotte Ince: Birth: ABT 1864 in , , Texas. Death: DECEASED
Clarissa Jane Ince: Birth: 13 Oct 1853 in Wright, Missouri. Death: 1 Jan 1902 in Hill, Texas
David Wilson Ince: Birth: 10 May 1888. Death: 21 Jul 1917
Earl Callaway Ince: Birth: 4 Apr 1905. Death: 3 Jul 1964
Edgar Ince: Birth: ABT Sep 1876 in Hill, Texas.
Edwin or Edward Ince: Birth: ABT Sep 1876 in Hill, Texas.
Elbert L. Ince: Birth: 25 Jun 1884. Death: DECEASED
Elizabeth Jane Ince: Birth: 20 Dec 1855 in Joplin, Jasper, Missouri. Death: 24 Feb 1940 in Earlimart, Tulare, California
Emma Ince: Birth: Feb 1878 in Hill, Texas.
Francis Marion Ince: Birth: 13 Jan 1843 in , Wright, Missouri. Death: 1 Jun 1919
George P. Ince: Birth: 1866 in Texas.
George Washington Ince: Birth: 13 Nov 1830 in , Overton, Tennessee. Death: DECEASED
Hilah J. Ince: Birth: ABT 1860 in Texas.
Homer Wilburn Ince: Birth: 31 Jul 1903 in , Hill, Texas. Death: 25 Feb 1988
Hulda Ince: Birth: 20 May 1863 in Texas. Death: 9 Jun 1910
James Earnest Ince: Birth: 7 May 1894. Death: 21 Jan 1978
James J. Ince: Birth: 3 Mar 1858 in Hill, Texas. Death: 28 Jul 1927 in Mills, Texas
James Madison Ince: Birth: 18 Sep 1828 in Overton, Tennessee. Death: 24 Mar 1906 in Stephens, Texas
James Monroe Ince: Birth: 19 Aug 1869 in , Hill, Texas. Death: 1943 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California
James William Ince: Birth: ABT 1847 in Missouri. Death: 1917 in Rio Vista, Johnson, Texas
Joanna Ince: Birth: 23 Dec 1860 in Texas.
John Calvert Ince: Birth: ABT 1858 in Texas.
John Prichard Ince: Birth: 18 Sep 1858 in Hill, Texas. Death: DECEASED
John Wesley Ince: Birth: ABT 1887. Death: DECEASED
John Wilson Ince: Birth: 7 Aug 1826 in Overton, Tennessee. Death: 9 Feb 1907 in Hill, Texas
Julia Rebecca Ince: Birth: 26 Sep 1898.
Lafayette Ince: Birth: ABT 1863. Death: DECEASED
Laura Lee Ince: Birth: 28 Feb 1866 in Texas.
Lee Ince: Birth: ABT Dec 1874 in Hill, Texas.
Lizzie Lillian Ince: Birth: 22 Jul 1896. Death: 22 Jan 1985
Lou Ann Ince: Birth: 23 Sep 1886.
Margaret Charlotte Ince: Birth: 9 Jan 1898. Death: 28 Aug 1974
Margaret Isabell Ince: Birth: ABT 1839 in Wright, Missouri.
Martha Ada Ince: Birth: ABT 1869 in Texas. Death: DECEASED
Mary Agnes Ince: Birth: 1845 in , Wright, Missouri. Death: DECEASED
Mary B. Ince: Birth: 7 Jun 1891. Death: ABT 1989
Mary Bell Ince: Birth: ABT 1876. Death: DECEASED
Mary Elizabeth Ince: Birth: 22 Nov 1850 in , Wright, Missouri. Death: 27 Jun 1927 in Derden, Hill, Texas
Mary Ince: Birth: ABT 1865. Death: ABT 1866
Mettie Ince: Birth: ABT 1864. Death: DECEASED
Nora Ince: Birth: ABT 1889 in Hill, Texas.
Nora Ince: Birth: 4 Jun 1882. Death: 4 Jun 1882
Oma Ince: Birth: 22 Nov 1883. Death: 12 Oct 1969
Ora Serepta Ince: Birth: 4 Jun 1880 in Arkansas. Death: 13 Jan 1940
Rebecca Jane Ince: Birth: 30 Jul 1875. Death: 30 Jan 1956
Robert Ince: Birth: 15 Aug 1878 in Hill, Texas.
Rose Etta Ince: Birth: ABT 1866. Death: DECEASED
Roy Russell Ince: Birth: 4 Oct 1901. Death: 16 May 1922
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