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Marriage: Children:
  1. James York: Birth: ABT 1791/1800 in of, Rutherford, North Carolina. Death: DECEASED

  2. John York: Birth: ABT 1797/1800 in , , North Carolina. Death: DECEASED

  3. Andrew W. York: Birth: ABT 1791/1800 in , Rutherford, North Carolina. Death: 1837/1838 in Deer Lodge, Morgan, Tennessee

  4. Margaret York: Birth: ABT 1800/1806 in , , North Carolina.

  5. Jesse Russell York: Birth: 1807 in , Rutherford, North Carolina. Death: Apr 1865 in , Fentress, Tennessee

  6. Thomas York: Birth: 1810 in , Overton, Tennessee. Death: ABT 1867 in , Fentress, Tennessee

  7. Jefferson York: Birth: 1811 in Bill's Creek, Overton, Tennessee. Death: May 1880 in , Clinton, Kentucky

  8. Frances York: Birth: ABT 1815 in , Overton, Tennessee. Death: DECEASED

  9. William York: Birth: 1815/1816 in , Overton, Tennessee. Death: AFT 1870 in , Pulaski, Kentucky

  10. Nancy Ann York: Birth: 8 Dec 1815 in , Overton, Tennessee. Death: 28 Mar 1881 in Burrville, Morgan, Tennessee

a. Note:   1800 Rutherford Co, NC Census #156, Thomas (26-45): 30010/00100 1810 ??? 1820 ??? 1823 Nov 22 Land Grant Fentress Co, TN Loc.94, 3 acres East Fork Obeds River. 1825 Feb 14 Land Grant Fentress Co, TN #1054, 3 acres bk.2 pg.125. 1825 Fentress Co, TN land grant 3a M dist, bk 2, p. 125, g#1054, 1830 census Fentress Co, TN pg.8, Thomas York (50-60): 11020001-01200001. 1840 census Fentress Co, TN pg.006 Thomas York (60-70): 000100001-000010001. 1850 census Fentress Co, TN #246 Franke, 69 (probably 79), w/ Cajah & Mary Turner. Clyde M. York wrote in the 1987 History of Fentress Co, TN page 686 that Thomas York came from Ashville, NC. However, he also said that Thomas York Sr. migrated from Scotland with his bride Margaret Mitchell in the early 1790's. This is not at all accurate. Thomas' father and grandfather were in the U.S., Thomas Sr. was born in NC, and his wife was not Margaret, but Frances "Franky" Mitchel. They came from Rutherford Co, NC. DNA Study conducted in 2003-2004 indicates that Thomas York was not a descendant of Jeremiah York and Sarah Seymour.
  1800 1810 1820 1830 1840 1850 Birth Year Thomas York 26-45 50-60 60-70 1770-1774 Wife 16-26 50-60 60-70 69 NC 1780-1781 Son 0-10 1790-1800 Son 0-10 1790-1800 Son 0-10 1790-1800 Several 1800 Missing - Children 1810 Son 15-20 1810-1815 Son 15-20 1810-1815 Daughter/Granddaughter? 10-15 1815-1820 Mary (dau/gr-dau?) 10-15 20-30 1815-1820 Laura/Larry (dau/gr-dau?) 5-10 1820-1825 Uriah (son/gr-son?) 5-10 15-20 1820-1825 Elijah (son/gr-son?) 0- 5 1825-1830
  Courtney "Corky" York wrote: Here is the sequence of my thoughts as to why Thomas York descends from James York Sr., Thomas York & Elinor Aldridge, and Jeremiah York Junior & Sarah Seymour (Note: DNA has proven this to not be correct): 1. Found a Thomas York in the early census of Rutherford County, NC. 2. Found him to be younger than old Billy (William) my (Courney Carter York's) ancestor,.. 3. Made a trip to Randolph County in 1983 and found the court action requiring a William York to take one Thomas York and teach him the rudiments of farming. [This did not mean anything to me at the time.] 4. Will was found in Rutherford Co, NC by an Andrew Mitchell which gave the name of Francis Mitchell married to one Thomas York. This document was noted to me by Judson Crow. Judson did not know how the Mitchell family in Fentress was related to theYorks. 5. Previously I had spent a large amount of time working the Fentress, Jackson, and Overton counties, listing the York Information, which was available at the time. With a background of Tennessee, and knowing the relation of Mitchell and York, I then Knew who the Thomas and Francis were related to. 6. Note: while on the trip in 1983 I had been looking for the tie of theYork family to my Old Billy. At that I also found the Will of both Thomas and Elinor. They both included a William about the age to fit my lost William. {I agree with your question of "why did he not name his sons Thomas?' To me there could at least 1 of 2 reasons that I can think of. The first would list would be that because there was a child in the household with the name of Thomas, that it would be a confusing situation. The second reason might be on the part of Old Billy, he did not respect his farther. I would have not named my son after the man who raised me, for I did not respect his attitude with other people. As I considered that his father was possibly the William out of Henry York, who was Brantlys grandfather. That went no where. 7. If you look at the possibilities of Old Williams father you have little choice except to follow your line back from your Thomas in Fentress to the Rutherford County and Andrew Mitchell whose daughter who married and is listed there in the I believe in the 1810 census of that County. While I am thinking about it, Old Billy and wife Maryann may have had a son who died named Thomas, who knows. I am just trying to analyze and make deductions to fit what I believe to be the recorded facts as I see them, and how I got to that conclusion. In your book I believe you have the correct lineage in my opinion. Now that I say that, I ask you why you have doubts about the sequence which I believed in the past. I hope that I have made my points clear to you, which will allow you to see my thinking on this line. I have no ax to grind with anyone, and I will always consider another view point if other documents are found and provided. One of the problems I see in doing genealogy is that without making assumptions you, will never get to the next ancestor. In many cases it will be as the lawyer says " A PREPONDERANCE OF THE EVIDENCE." Let me know your thinking, My Love to You and Your Family, "Corky"
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