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Marriage: Children:
  1. William Jefferson York: Birth: Aug 1816 in , Rutherford, North Carolina. Death: 14 Apr 1901 in Mingo, Jasper, Iowa

  2. Thomas York: Birth: ABT 1825 in , Rutherford, North Carolina. Death: DECEASED

  3. John R. York: Birth: 1 Jul 1828 in , Fentress, Tennessee. Death: 24 Aug 1904 in Creston, Union, Iowa

  4. Andrew Marion York: Birth: 4 Oct 1836/1837 in , Fentress, Tennessee. Death: 8 Oct 1921 in , Webster, Missouri

a. Note:   Cindy Klein: [email protected] Andrew York born in 1805 acc to Wilma Foley. 19 Jun 1817 Rutherford Co, NC marriage bonds -- Andrew W. York married Nancy York. John York was the bondsman for the marriage and David Hoyle was the Justice of the Peace. "Sep 1824, William Chapman came into open court and proved by the oath of Andrew York that his right ear was bitten off in a fight with Levi Kirby on the date of the Annual election in August 1824 at the house of Martin Shuford in Rutherford County, NC and prays that it be entered on the records of this court." -- "Bridges of the Past" page 33, abstract from the Pleas and Quarter Sessions of the Rutherford Co, NC Court. 1830 Fentress Co, TN Census pg.2, Andrew York (30-40): 210001/00101. Mrs. Walter Hammer, Murfreesboro, TN (York Family News) may be descendant. Letter dated 1975 from Betty Young, daughter of Charlie Young, son of Daily Young, said "Andrew York lived near the present site of Deer Lodge, Morgan Co, TN. He was driving a cow to his home, passed his house, and froze to death."
  1830 Andrew York 30-40 (1790-1800) Wife 20-30 (1800-1810) Daughter 10-15 (1815-1820) Son 5- 10 (1820-1825) Son 0- 5 (1825-1830) Son 0- 5 (1825-1830)
  Anyway, I feel as you do that these Keokuk Yorks with the exception of James York are possibly brothers. I have had contact with a decendant of James York in Keokuk. His family does have an oral history of migrating from NC to Indiana (skipped TN) and then to Keokuk. My oral family history is of migration from NC to TN and then to Keokuk via Indiana. I feel that perhaps there is a family connection back in NC. Perhaps these families were cousins, kept in contact and my Yorks decided to head to Iowa where the cousins were. Just a guess here. Back to Thomas, Andrew, William and John (did you notice him lurking in the 1850 Keokuk census living with Thomas York)? In the 1850 census we have: William, 28,NC; Thomas, 24,NC; John, 22,TN (living with Thomas), and Andrew M.,13, TN (living with William). The James M York is 37,NC. Having William as the oldest brother and Andrew as youngest is possible, must be some missing kids between a 22 year old and a 13 year old. This does fit with oral tradition that the family started in NC and then moved to TN (younger kids born there) and then off to Iowa. Oral tradition is that when the mother married a "Mr Hoover" in TN and then headed off to Iowa, she died on the trail in Indiana somewhere and then Mr. Hoover settled in Keokuk and kept the younger kids. I haven't found a Hoover in the 1850 Keokuk census that fits this, quess I should look again, I just checked the index, sometimes there are listings on the films that are missed in the indexes. By 1860: William is still around with his family. There is a M.J. York and family, this must be Maria York and kids, the names fit..her husband Thomas is either dead or gone. It also seems that 2 of her kids are also listed in the census at this time living with 2 other families as farm laborers, this is Moses York with the John Wade family and Joseph York with the Robert Holferty family. I don't know where John York has gone to at this time. Also not sure where my Andrew Marion York is. I have information from the internet about a 1856 Keokuk census that shows; Marion York,18,TN living with David Halferty,p736. Wonder is this is a relation to Robert Holferty. I have not seen this film, it is an odd year so must be something done locally. In May 28, 1861 Andrew enlists in the Iowa Infantry. So, he must be around Iowa somewhere in 1860. So to answer your question, yes, it would seem that these 4 Yorks are brothers. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.