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Marriage: Children:
  1. William Anderson York: Birth: 15 Mar 1835 in , , Tennessee. Death: DECEASED

  2. Martha J. York: Birth: 1838/1839 in , , Tennessee.

  3. Henry Lee York: Birth: 24 Dec 1841 in , , Tennessee. Death: 7 Dec 1895 in , Pulaski, Kentucky

  4. Mary Jane York: Birth: 1844/1848 in , , Tennessee. Death: DECEASED

  5. Susan York: Birth: 1848/1849 in , , Tennessee. Death: BEF 1860 in , Pulaski, Giles, Tennessee

  6. Joseph Fayette York: Birth: 24 Jan 1849 in , Pulaski, Kentucky. Death: 20 Jan 1898 in , Pulaski, Kentucky

  7. Vertilda Jane York: Birth: 24 Apr 1852 in , Pulaski, Kentucky.

  8. John F. York: Birth: 20 Mar 1855 in , Pulaski, Kentucky. Death: 12 Jul 1878

  9. Sarah Ann York: Birth: 14 Dec 1857 in , Pulaski, Kentucky.

a. Note:   1850 Pulaski Co, KY Census as William York age 35 TN; #453/453, pg. 106. 1860 Pulaski Co, KY Census as William York age 44 NC; #833/812, pg. 275. 1870 Pulaski Co, KY Census William York 50 NC; 183/183 pg. 226. Thomas York Descendants by Vivian R. Sims, pg. 10;407 Meadowgreen Dr., Franklin, TN. Marriage record Pulaski Co., KY 1799-1863 p.203.
  1850 1860 1870 1880 Birth William York 35 TN 44 NC 50 NC 1814-1816 Mary York 43 TN 1816-1817 William Anderson York 14 TN 21 TN 1835-1839 Martha J. York 11 TN 18 TN 26 KY (56?) 1838-1842 Henry G. York 9 TN 16 TN 1843-1850 Mary York 5 TN 14 TN 1844-1846 Joseph York 2 KY 11 KY 1847-1849 Susan York 1 KY 1858-1859 Matilda York 17 KY 1852-1853 John York 6 KY 13 KY 1853-1856 Sarah A. York 13 KY 1856-1857 Lydia Harah 22 KY 1847-1848
  Fentress Co, TN deed book H, pages 307, #1890 -- Estate of Elizabeth manning, Decd., to William York. 100 acres. I, James E. Manning, for myself and as attorney in fact for Catherine Livingston, Exc. of the estate of Elizabeth Manning, deceased, late of the City and State of New York, bind myself to pay william York the sum of Four Hundred Dollars. The condition of this obligation is such, that whereas, the said York has this day purchased of me for Two Hundred Dollars, on the following payments, to wit: Sixty-Five Dollars on the 1st day of February, next, (1855) Seventy Dollars on the 1st day of February, 1856, and Sixty Five Dollars on the 1st day of February, 1857, for which his notes under seal have been this day executed to me, a tract of land in Fentress County, State of Tennessee, District Number 4, containing by estimation one hundred acres, and bounded as follows: Beginning at a stake on the mouth of Bill's Creek of the East Fork of Obey; running thence up said creek one hundred and sixty poles to a stake; on the south side of said creek; thence south one hundred poles to a stake; thence by a line parallel to the line up said creek to the said East Fork; thence down the river to the beginning, including the place or tract of fifty acres sold to me, the said Manning by Thomas York, and fifty acres adjoining of the land belonging to said estate. Now if I should make or cause to be made to the said York, his heirs or assigns, a good and sufficient title in fee simple with general warranty on the making of the last payment; then this obligation to be void. This 13th day of June, 1854. Possession given at the expiration of Thomas York's rent. Jas E. Manning. Witnesses present: Thomas Hood, James J. Riddle.
  Fentress Co, TN deed book G, page 208, #1533. I, William York, have this day bargained and sold, and do hereby transfer and convey to Silas Smith, and his heirs forever, for the consideration of One Hundred and Twenty five Dollars, to me paid, a tract of land in the State of Tennessee, Fentress County, District No. 4, containing, by estimation, twenty-five acres, be the same more or less, lying on Bill's Creek, a branch of Obeds River, and bounded as follows: Begining on a white oak, marked "T.Y."; running south forty three poles to a stake; thence east eighty poles to a beech; thence north fifty poles to a beech on the bank of the creek; thence west eighty poles to a stake; thence south to the beginning. To have and to hold the said to said Silas Smith, his heirs and assigns forever. I do covenant with said Silas Smith that I am lawfully seized of said land; have a good right to convey it, and that the same is unincumbered. I do further covenant and bind myself, my heirs and representatives, to warrant and forever defend the title to said land and every part thereof, to the said Silas Smith, his heirs and assigns, against the lawful ____ of all persons whatever. Given under my hand and ______, this the 24th of August, 1855. William York. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.