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Marriage: Children:
  1. Flora York: Birth: 30 Jul 1898 in , Fentress, Tennessee. Death: 25 Jan 1971 in , Fentress, Tennessee

  2. Porter York: Birth: 4 Nov 1899 in , Fentress, Tennessee. Death: 3 Jul 1929 in Wilder, Fentress, Tennessee

  3. Ertie York: Birth: 16 Jun 1901 in , Fentress, Tennessee. Death: 15 Feb 1985 in Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee

  4. Elsie York: Birth: 30 Aug 1904 in , Fentress, Tennessee. Death: 17 Jul 1980 in , Cumberland, Tennessee

Marriage: Children:
  1. Virgil York: Birth: 1907 in , Fentress, Tennessee. Death: 1909 in , Fentress, Tennessee

  2. Joseph Curtis York: Birth: 1 Aug 1909 in Glenobey, Fentress, Tennessee. Death: 31 Jan 1982 in , Fentress, Tennessee

Marriage: Children:
  1. Carson York: Birth: ABT 1912. Death: ABT 1912

  2. Laura May York: Birth: 23 Jul 1915 in , Fentress, Tennessee. Death: 11 Sep 1961

  3. Edith Pearl York: Birth: 4 Jan 1918 in Wilder, Fentress, Tennessee. Death: 28 May 2001 in , Fentress, Tennessee

  4. Walter Dooley York: Birth: 24 Dec 1919 in Wilder, Fentress, Tennessee. Death: 23 Oct 1997 in Lakeland, Polk, Florida

  5. Bernice York: Birth: 16 Nov 1921 in Wilder, Fentress, Tennessee. Death: 30 Sep 2011 in Muncie, Delaware, Indiana

  6. Nancy Jane York: Birth: 3 Jul 1924 in Wilder, Fentress, Tennessee. Death: 28 Apr 2007 in Fairborn, Greene, Ohio

  7. William Edward York: Birth: 20 Oct 1927 in Wilder, Fentress, Tennessee. Death: 28 Oct 2004 in Muncie, Delaware, Indiana

  8. Person Not Viewable

  9. John York: Birth: 21 Oct 1933 in , Fentress, Tennessee. Death: 17 Mar 1998 in Rancho Cucamonga, San Bernardino, California

a. Note:   Name may be John William "Sharpe" York? Birth date may be Oct 1868, Oct 1872 or 4 Nov 1875 (Gene Owens). Gene said, "The information concerning the birth and death of John William (Sharp) York was given to me on 20 May 2006 by John and Ada Hood York's own daughter, Beatrice York Craven. She was 75 at the time and lived in Cookeville, TN, with her husband, Charles C. Craven." Chester "Ray" York and Erika, 4017 Lk.Bayshore Dr., Bradenton,Fl 34205; 941-756-5356; [email protected] He may be the son of Andrew York and Lucinda Newport of Scott Co, TN or Richard York and Rebecca of Campbell Co, TN. Gene Owens believes him to be the son of Jefferson E. York? The middle or nickname "Sharp" was given to John due to him being so clever at times. 1900 Fentress Co, TN census John York 27 TN 1872 Oct m District 6 #140 26 Feb 1914 John York bought land from S.S. Davis and Erma Davis. 1910 Fentress Co, TN census District 4 #87, 32 TN, widower. 1920 Fentress Co, TN soundex John York 48 TN/TN/TN b. 1871-1872; farmer; District 4; 24/20/12/46. 1930 Fentress Co, TN census John York 55 TN/TN/TN b. 1874-1875; ED 25-8 Sheet 2B line 71 #35/35; 2 Apr 1930.
  Erika York: We tried to find out more info on the John York family,but as always didn't turn up much..None of his living family will talk about him,he was said to have been a very mean man,according to some of the remarks his daughters and son have made.Walter Dooley was the Oldest ,it is said that his father died when he was 9-10 yrs of age. It is also said that they had quite alot of Half brothers and sisters,not sure of who the Mother was.Possibly a Mary...The name Cooper has been brought up. One of those Brothers is said to be Porter York,who married Jane Dodson. We also learned that he was known as John "Sharp"York. John York died 1932 in a Hospital in Nashville from Locked Bowels and Kidney problems...Bernice his daughter gave me this information. Erika 12 May 2001 -- Now, as for the marriage date of Mary York (yes York) to John York, I got the marriage application for them at the County Clerk's office. They were married 27 Sep 1906. John York married Ada (Ader) Hood 13 Oct 1910. I have a certified copy of their marriage. I also found out that Curtis had a full brother named Virgil who died at the age of six of flux. I also was given a picture of Mary York.
  1900 1910 1920 1930 Birth John York 27 TN 32 TN 48 TN/TN/TN 55 TN/TN/TN Oct 1872 Mary York 18 TN May 1882 Ader York (2nd wife) 29 TN/TN/TN 39 TN/TN/TN 1890/91 Flora York 1 TN 11 TN Oct 1898 Porter York 6/12 TN 10 TN Nov 1899 Easter York 8 TN 1901/02 Elsie York 5 TN 1904/05 Laura May York 4 8/12 TN/TN/TN 14 TN/TN/TN 1915 Edith Pearl York 2 0/12 TN/TN/TN 12 TN/TN/TN 1918 Walter York 0/12 TN/TN/TN 10 TN/TN/TN 1920 Burnis York 8 TN/TN/TN 1921-1922 Janie York 5 TN/TN/TN 1924-1925 William York 2 1/12 TN/TN/TN 1928 Hayden Owens 23 TN May 1877 George Boles 40 TN/TN/TN 1899-1900
  Erika York: I sent the National Archives in Nashville a request to do a search for death records from 1930-1935 and no records were found.So the date of death for John is still debatable. Even in the Fentress Co. Pictoral Hist. it shows that Ada Hood married John S. York...I have repeatedly heard him refered to as John Sharp York....Who knows...Also have heard many times that when Alvin C's mother had the store he used to help around there, and practically lived there. Another mystery...This man has been the hardest to find out any information on...All I have are marriage Cert's and a land Deed .
  1. JOHN S.1 YORK was born October 1872 in Fentress Co.TN, and died 1934 in Fentress Co. TN. He married (1) MARY FRANKLIN (Source: Porter York's Death Certificate.) Abt. 1897 in Fentress Co.TN, daughter of THOMAS FRANKLIN and SARAH DAVIS. She was born June 27, 1882 in Boatland, Fentress Co. TN, and died February 09, 1905 in Boatland, Fentress Co. TN. He married (2) MARY C. YORK September 27, 1906 in Fentress Co.TN (Source: Marriage Cert..), daughter of GEORGE YORK and ELLEN WHITEHEAD. She was born May 1887, and died Bef. 1910 in Fentress Co. TN. He married (3) ADA HOOD October 13, 1910 in Fentress Co.TN (Source: John and Ada's Marriage Certificate.), daughter of JEREMIAH "JERRY" HOOD and NANCY WHITEHEAD. She was born May 30, 1889 in Fentress Co.Tenn, and died March 28, 1967 in Muncie IN.
  Cora Beatrice York: My mother told us that John's father was small in stature and this man intimidated him for years, beating him up. There was a confrontation and my grandfather used a pocket knife to defend himself and the man was killed. He was arrested and put in Fentress Co jail and he escaped from jail and went up into Kentucky. My father understood that they never went after him because they felt he was justified in defending himself. Mother and Dad were married 10 Oct 1910. After they had been married a few years he said he had to be gone for a couple of days because his mother was dead. My mother said that my father told her that his mother was kind of a loose woman. John Sharp never talked about his family. From about 8 years of age he lived with a Sherwood (could be Sherwood Pyle) family around Pall Mall. He came from a dysfunctional family. John's father was called Jack according to his mother. My mother said that my Daddy said that John's father's name was Jack. John Sharp slept in a room at the back of the Sherwood's (could be Sherwood Pyle) store. He was deserted as a little boy and he did work there for his keep.
  Bernice York; 765-282-3397; My father's name was John. My brother's son. John York's father's name was Thomas. My nephew, Ray York, lives in Bradington, FL. Ray is Walter's son. Ray is Erika's wife.
  Erika wrote: At one time I had heard that Andrew Jackson York, son of Thomas York and Margaret Price, had gotten a woman pregnant. A man came after T.J. with a knife and to keep from getting prosecuted T.J. fled to Kentucky. Doesn't this sound awfully familiar to another story?
  Erika wrote: According to family story, a few years after John Sharp York married Ada Hood, his mother Eliza Jane died, this would have been around 1910-1915.
  Erika wrote: A. J. York was charged with Felonious Assault upon George Cooper in Aug 1873 in Fentress Co, TN with a pistol with the intent to kill and murder in the first degree. He was allowed bail for $400.00 which A. J. York, David Beaty, John L(inder), Mitchell York and Nathan Franklin jointly indebted themselves for. On Dec 3, 1873, the charge of Felonious Assault was dropped, but he was guilty of Assault and Battery. He was to pay $5.00 and spend five days in the Fentress Co, jail. Also on the same day he was charged with carrying a pistol, was charged $15.00 and 45 days in the Fentress Co. jail. April 1, 1874, Defendant indicted in July 1873 for Felonious Assault and tried and convicted in Nov 1873 for Simple Assault, and confined to jail for the period of five days and escapted and a fifa issued against the defendant. Needless to say, they never did go after him, but the cost of the hearing and all was paid out of the Treasury of the State.
  Gene Conley Owens -- gene & janice owens [email protected] -- Joseph Curtis York`s father, John William (Sharp) York B: Nov 4, 1875 D: Aug. 27, 1934. He died onn the way to Nashville to be treated for some kind of bowel disorder according to his daughter Beatrice York Craven. All Beatrice knew about her grandfather was that people called him Jack. Could that be for Andrew Jackson? (Beatrice lives in Cookeville, TN at this writing. She lives with her husband, Charles C. Craven) Aside from talking to her, I have had extended conversations with one of his granddaughters Mrs. Opel York Hargis (I grew up with Curtis`s Children) Opel lives in Grimsley Tenneessee with her husband, Franklin Hargis. Aside from all that My Mother was Curtis`s first cousin and she knew quite a bit about the family because she attended school with Curtis. He was always visiting mom and her brothers and my Grandmother york. But the most of the information concerning John Willian (Sharp) York`s father and mother comes from Jill Franklin Hicks in her Book: OUR STEPHENS ANCESTRY OF FENTRESS, OVERTON, AND PICKETT COUNTIES IN TENNESSEE. Jill lives at 1107 N. Balsam Drive, Muncie, IN 47304. I have searched all the information you have concerning who John William (Sharp) York`s father is. I still will say his father is Jefferson E. York and his mother is Lucinda Cinda Stephens. Not Andrew Jackson York and Eliza Jane Hoover as some suppose. I maybe wrong....but who knows? I can remember my Grandmother york talking about old man Jeff York when she would be discussing John`s father. remember also, John William (Sharp) York married Mary Cathrine York, my Grandmother`s Sister-In Law And by the way , Virgil their first born was born 1907 and died the year Joseph Curtis was born, 1909, That is according to my Grandmother york. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.