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Marriage: Children:
  1. Timothy Blevins: Birth: ABT 1805. Death: DECEASED in , , Illinois

  2. Pleasant William Blevins: Birth: ABT 1806 in , , Tennessee. Death: DECEASED in Poplar Bluff, , Missouri

  3. Jonathan Blevins: Birth: 9 Oct 1808 in Little South Fork, Scott, Tennessee. Death: 22 Aug 1887 in , Pulaski, Kentucky

  4. Mary Ann Blevins: Birth: ABT 1809 in , Wayne, Kentucky. Death: 15 Jul 1899 in , Pulaski, Kentucky

  5. Tarlton Blevins: Birth: ABT 1810 in , Wayne, Kentucky. Death: DECEASED in , , Kentucky

  6. Jacob Blevins: Birth: 19 May 1811 in , Wayne, Kentucky. Death: 2 Sep 1868 in Laurel Fork, Scott, Tennessee

  7. Ada Blevins: Birth: ABT 1812 in , , Tennessee.

Marriage: Children:
  1. Henley Blevins: Birth: 1815 in , Wayne, Kentucky. Death: 1887

  2. Armstead Blevins: Birth: 1820 in , Wayne, Kentucky. Death: 1897

  3. Isaac Blevins: Birth: 1822 in , Wayne, Kentucky. Death: 26 Mar 1844 in Oneida, Scott, Tennessee

a. Note:   "Jonathan Blevins Sr. of Virginia and His Descendants" by Laccie W. and Ray F. Blevins, 1982. May have been born as early as 1773. Stated that he was age 90 when he died 21 Mar 1863. 1814 Wayne Co, KY tax list; owned 100 acres on the South Fork. Land warrant 54 dated Apr 1813. Died when on the way to the mill he was attacked and stung by a swarm of bees. He died he next day. May have died in Pulaski Co, KY and been buried in Freedom Cemetery on Highway 1247, north of Somerset, Wayne Co, KY. Wayne Co, KY Deed book H, page 354; Jonathan Blevins Junior and Ann to Joseph Abbott, 75 acrees of land on Rock Creek, dated Oct 5, 1840. His first wife's surname is not known. Jonathan Blevins was living on Parch Corn Creek as early as 1815. They hid their meat in an Indian cave up Parch Corn during the Civil War to prevent it from being taken by Guerilla forces which made raids throughout the country. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.