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a. Note:   wo subjects, one his 27-year-old ex-wife, have been arrested and charged in connection with his death. According to reports, about 12:45 a.m. on Friday, October 28, Tina Garrett called 911 and stated that an intruder had come into the trailer and cut her husband, Johnathan Garrett with a knife. Deputy David Slaven arrived at the residence within a few minutes, along with Fentress County EMS, where they reportedly found Mr. Garrett on a couch in the living room, bleeding profusely from a wound in his neck. He was transported immediately to the Jamestown Regional Medical Center where he died. In addition to the large wound on the left side of Garrett’s neck, he reportedly had another wound on the right side of his neck, as well as a defensive wound on his right hand. Tina Garrett, who was divorced from her husband earlier this year, and had moved back in with him in July, provided a handwritten statement to Deputy Tracy Langford at the scene indicating that she did not know the intruder and that she only saw him as he left the trailer. She stated that she and her husband were asleep on the couch when the intruder came in and cut her husband and left. However, evidence at the scene and on the body of Garrett indicated a fierce struggle. Shortly afterwards, Tina Garrett confirmed this story to Detective Al Daniels and indicated that she had no additional information to provide. About an hour later, Ms. Garrett called Detective Daniels and told him that she had communicated by cell phone with a former boyfriend earlier that night. His name was Gilbert Corson. A photograph of Corson was obtained from driver records, and it was learned that Deputy David Slaven had interviewed Corson in the parking lot of Burnett’s Grocery in Allardt about 8:30 p.m. on Thursday night. The TBI and Attorney General’s office were called in to assist in the investigation, with the TBI sending their mobile violent crime investigation unit to the scene. On Friday morning, TBI Agent Jerry Spoon went to Corson’s residence in Crossville where Corson was found. He voluntarily went to the Cumberland County Justice Center where Special Agent Spoon interviewed him. The co-residents where Corson lived in Crossville provided to Spoon and investigators bloody clothing that Corson had left there. After being advised of his Miranda rights which he waived, Corson reportedly admitted to going to the Johnathan Garrett residence in Jamestown and cutting Garrett and then leaving the scene. Agent Spoon recovered the knife believed to have been used in the crime. Full story in this week's Fentress Courier.
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