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Marriage: Children:
  1. Sinah Morgan: Birth: 1825 in , Fentress, Tennessee. Death: ABT 1880 in , Wayne, Kentucky

  2. Burnetta Jane Morgan: Birth: Dec 1826 in , Fentress, Tennessee. Death: 12 Sep 1909 in Moodyville, Pickett, Tennessee

  3. Lucinda Elenah Morgan: Birth: 1830 in , Fentress, Tennessee. Death: DECEASED

  4. Mary Ann Morgan: Birth: 1833 in , Wayne, Kentucky. Death: 20 Jun 1893 in , Wayne, Kentucky

  5. Tilman Morgan: Birth: 7 Mar 1833/1836 in , Wayne, Kentucky. Death: 20 Aug 1920 in , Wayne, Kentucky

  6. Thursda Morgan: Birth: 7 Mar 1833 in , Wayne, Kentucky. Death: DECEASED

  7. William Perry Morgan: Birth: 1834 in , Wayne, Kentucky. Death: 1 Dec 1912 in , Barren, Kentucky

  8. Fanny Morgan: Birth: Feb 1836 in , Wayne, Kentucky. Death: 3 Dec 1915 in , Wayne, Kentucky

  9. Julia Morgan: Birth: 1838 in , Wayne, Kentucky. Death: DECEASED

  10. Granville Morgan: Birth: 1838 in , Wayne, Kentucky. Death: in Buffalo Cove, Fentress, Tennessee

  11. Amy Morgan: Birth: 1841 in , Wayne, Kentucky.

  12. Byrd Morgan: Birth: 1843 in , Wayne, Kentucky.

Marriage: Children:
  1. Milton S. Morgan: Birth: ABT 1844/1846 in , , Kentucky. Death: DECEASED

  2. Emerson Morgan: Birth: ABT 1848 in Kentucky. Death: Jun 1858 in Otter Creek, , Wayne, Kentucky

  3. Jasper Morgan: Birth: ABT 1848 in , Wayne, Kentucky. Death: DECEASED

  4. Nathan Morgan: Birth: 6 Jul 1849 in Slickford, Wayne, Kentucky. Death: 20 Mar 1938

  5. Abner B. Morgan: Birth: 3 Jul 1850 in , Wayne, Kentucky. Death: 9 Jun 1918 in , Wayne, Kentucky

  6. Millie Hattie Morgan: Birth: Mar 1861 in , Wayne, Kentucky. Death: DECEASED

a. Note:   1830 Fentress Co, TN census Randal Morgan 20-30 b. 1800-1810; 10001-20001; Page 7. Bruce York assumption that this Randal Morgan is the John Randal Morgan who was father of Tilman Morgan.
  1830 Randal Morgan 20-30 1800/10 wife 20-30 1800/10 son 0- 5 1825/30 daughter 0- 5 1825/30 daughter 0- 5 1825/30
  Notes from Betty Jean Gullion: Mary Milsap that married Randle Morgan the first time was the daughter of Thomas Milsap b. 1766 Jenny Dearing Randle and his wife Mary Milsap resided in Fentress Co TN. until migrating across the state line to Wayne Co. Ky about 1832. They settled first at Milsap Mountain where Mary's parents lived . In 1834 Randle bought fifty acres on Otter Creek at present day Slickford for 40.00 dollars from William Meigs. The first oil well drilled in Wayne County was drilled on his land about the year 1865. The producers hauled the oil by wagon to the Cumberland River and shipped it to Nashville by boat. About 1845 Mary died. Randle married second Millie Privett . Millie was born in North Carolina about 1825. This made her about the same age as Randles daughter Sinah. Family tradition says that she worked for Randle and Mary as a domestic helper. After Marey's death Milllie became Randles wife, perhaps by common law. So yep, she was a lot younger than him....Betty
  Now for the "soap opera". Samuel Privett (b. 1790 in Virginia) and his family lived in Household #527. He had a daughter, Millie (b. 1826) who bore Morgan Hughes an illigetimate son (c. 1842) which she named Morgan Hughes, too. Morgan senior refused to acknowledge the child as his even though everyone knew it was true. Randal Morgan, Morgan Hughes' uncle, was very upset with Hughes. When Randal's first wife, Mary Millsap, died (c. 1844) he married Millie Privett and adopted the younger Morgan Hughes. Granny Pop said that Randal loved the boy as if he was one of his own
  My ancestor was Randal Morgan's daughter, Polly Ann "Granny Pop" Morgan Dishman (b. 1832), by his first wife Mary Millsap Morgan. She was an older step-sister to Abner. Randal had eleven children with Mary and five with Millie Privett, Abner's mother. I have quite a bit of information on Randal's children. I recently found William Morgan's original Land Warrant for his service in the Revolutionary War. If you would like to share information, please contact me. My e-mail address is [email protected]
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  here is the immediate family information I have Please confirm add to or change if need be and any personal stories would be great I have some information and some pictures I can exchange foir information If anyone is willing email me [email protected] 1-John Randolph Randal MORGAN b. 1805, Fentress County, Tennessee,, d. 3 FEB 1874, Slickford, Wayne County, Kentucky +Mary MILSAP b. 1805, North Carolina, d. 1844, Wayne County , Kentucky, m. 1824, Fentress County, Tennessee |--2-Sinah MORGAN b. 1825, Fentress County, Tennessee, d. Abt 1880, Wayne | County, Kentucky married Thomas Oscar Sowders |--2-Bernetta Jane MORGAN b. DEC 1826, Fentress County, Tennessee, d. 12 SEP | 1909, Moodyville, Pickett County, Tennessee married Jacob Jones |--2-Lucinda MORGAN b. 1830, Fentress County, Tennessee, d. UNKNOWN married Henry Blevins |--2-Mary "Polly" A. MORGAN b. 1833, Fentress County, Tennessee, d. UNKNOWN married John Dishman |--2-William Perry MORGAN b. 1834, Wayne County , Kentucky, d. UNKNOWN, | Missouri married Mary Ann Blevins and Jane Piercy |--2-Tillman MORGAN b. 7 MAR 1833, Kentucky, d. 5 MAR 1915, (Morgan Cemetery, | Slickford, Kentucky) married Cyrene Jane Upchurch |--2-Thursda MORGAN b. 7 MAR 1833, Wayne County, Kentucky, d. UNKNOWN married Not sure |--2-Granville MORGAN b. 1838, Wayne County , Kentucky, d. UNKNOWN married Malvina ? and Nancy Goins |--2-Julia MORGAN b. 1838, Wayne County , Kentucky, d. UNKNOWN married C. G. McCarty |--2-Amy J. MORGAN b. 1841, Wayne County , Kentucky, d. 3 DEC 1915, Wayne | County , Kentucky married Andrew J. Hardin |--2-Byrd MORGAN b. 1843, Kentucky, d. UNKNOWN married Mary Abbott +Millie PRIVETT b. 1826, Kentucky, d. Bet 1900-1910, Kentucky, m. Abt 1844 |--2-Emerson MORGAN b. 1844, Wayne County , Kentucky, d. 1953 |--2-Milton S. MORGAN b. 1844, Wayne County , Kentucky, d. UNKNOWN married Martha J. Gilbert |--2-Jasper MORGAN b. 1848, Wayne Co, KY,, d. UNKNOWN married ???? Not sure |--2-Nathan MORGAN b. 16 JUL 1849, Slickford KY, d. 20 MAR 1938, Lakeland Hosp | (Known As Central State) married Sina Wright (her name is spelled a lot of differnent ways) |--2-Abner MORGAN b. 1852, Wayne Co KY, d. 9 JUN 1918, (Morgan Cemetary KY) married Thursda Bridgeman |--2-Millie Hattie MORGAN b. MAR 1861, Wayne Co, KY,, d. UNKNOWN married ? Atkinson is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.