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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mary Elizabeth Young: Birth: 1804 in , , Tennessee. Death: DECEASED in , Fentress, Tennessee

  2. Anna Young: Birth: 1805 in , Roane, Tennessee. Death: 1885

  3. Layton Young: Birth: 1807 in , Knox, Tennessee. Death: DECEASED

  4. Nancy Young: Birth: 1810 in , , Tennessee. Death: 21 Oct 1877 in , Fentress, Tennessee

  5. Rachel B. Young: Birth: 1810 in , , Tennessee. Death: 1892 in , Fentress, Tennessee

  6. John Andrew Young: Birth: 26 Jan 1812 in , , Tennessee. Death: 21 Oct 1877 in , Morgan, Tennessee

  7. William F. Young: Birth: 14 Jan 1814 in , Morgan, Tennessee. Death: 14 Mar 1909 in Milwaukie, Clackamas, Oregon

  8. Mathew W. Young: Birth: 7 Dec 1815 in , Roane, Tennessee. Death: 10 Apr 1893 in Glenmary, Scott, Tennessee

  9. Phoebe Young: Birth: 24 Jul 1818 in , Morgan, Tennessee. Death: 1 Nov 1902 in , Casey, Kentucky

  10. Solomon Young: Birth: Nov 1818 in , Morgan, Tennessee. Death: 9 May 1903

a. Note:   1840 1850 John Young 60-70 71 VA 1770/80 Polly Young 50-60 68 VA 1780/90
  Hopefully, the following research on John and Mary "Polly" Smith Young is a starting point to help separate several "John Youngs" who were early residents of Fentress and Morgan Co. Tennessee. The information presented here was complied from original documents and public records and is believed to be accurate. If anyone has questions, comments, corrections or suggestions please contact me. Charlotte Young Slinkard: [email protected] John Young was born in Virginia. His birth year and place was taken from the 1850 Morgan County TNCensus. (There is nothing to indicate that this John Young's middle name was "Andrew".) Mary "Polly" Smith was born in Tennessee. Her birth year and place was taken from the 1850 Morgan County TN Census. (There are no references to her being named "Sarah," and Sarah is not a nickname for Mary.) Mary "Polly" Smith was probably the daughter of Layton Smith, b. 1756 in VA and an unknown first wife. According to Layton Smith's Revolutionary War pension application he lived in Greene Co, TN at the time Polly was born and lived in Knox County, TN at the time she married John Young. On May 17, 1808, 136 1/4 acres was surveyed for John Young in Poplar Cove, now Fentress County, TN. (Roane County TN Survey Book) John, Polly and 12 children are listed in the 1820 Overton County Census. John and Polly Young are in the 1840 Fentress County TN Census. In 1850 they are listed in Morgan County TN--- John, age 71, Polly age 68. They settled in Morgan County on Black Wolf Creek along with several of their children` Mary "Polly" Smith died in 1851 ca. In 1852 ca. John married Rachel Holloway, age 48, who was a neighbor in the 1850 Morgan Co. census. On December 18, 1852, John Young and Rachel sold land to her brother, Joseph Holloway. The deed stated, "Rachel Young, formerly Rachel Holloway . . ." (Morgan County TN Deed Book J, p. 111) John Young died before September 1855 (age 76). H. G. Redmond, Willis Webb, and B, J. staples were appointed "to lay off a years support for Rachel Young, widow of John Young." (Morgan County Court Records October 1855) John b. 1812, William b. 1814, Phoeba b. 1818 and Solomon b. 1820 are probably children of John and Polly Young. John Young named his son Layton Smith Young. William Young and Solomon Young both sold land that was part of John Young's land grant. In 1855 William Young and Herod Lewallen, the husband of Phoeba Young, were administrators of John Young's estate. Layton Young could possibly be another son of John and Polly Young. On November 15, 1823, John Young #75 and Layton Young #76 of Fentress County signed a petition to the Tennessee Legislature. (TN State Library and Archives) Mathew Young, Rachel Young and Patsy Young could also be their children. John Young and Mary "Polly" Smith Young are probably buried in a family plot on their land on Black Wolf Creek. In 1873 when William Young sold his share of John Young's estate, he mentioned a one-half acre family "burying ground" and did not include it in the sale. (Morgan County Deed Book Q, p. 93)
  Morgan Co, TN Deed Book K page 148-149; 12 Dec 1852 -- John Young and Rachel Young, his wife, formerly Rachel Holloway, of the first part and Joseph Holloway of the second part, for the sum of $20 convey all our interest or portion of said land to Joseph Holloway. This growing out of the fact that the said Rachel Young, formerly Rachel Holloway, being one of the legal heirs of John Holloway, deceased...Land was in the 4th district of Morgan Co, TN lying on the waters of Emery River and Rich Creek. Only John Young signed the deed; registered 16 Jul 1853. H G Redmond, Willis Webb and B J Staples were appointed to “lay off a year’s support" for Rachel. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.