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  1. Mehitable Gaunt: Birth: ABT 1640 in Sandwich, MA. Death: 11 NOV 1673 in Newport, RI

  2. Lydia GAUNT: Birth: ABT 1642 in Sandwich, MA. Death: AFT 17 FEB 1698 in Newport, RI

  3. Zachariah Gaunt: Birth: ABT 1642 in Sandwich, MA.

  4. Israel Gaunt: Birth: ABT 1644 in Sandwich, MA. Death: BET 17 FEB AND 16 MAR 1698 in Sandwich, MA

  5. Hananiah Gaunt: Birth: ABT 1646 in Sandwich, MA.

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a. Note:   National Genealogical Society Quarterly 62 4 December 1974
  Peter Gaunt, is said to have been born on December 8, 1608 in Lincolnshire, England and was taken by his father, Thomas Gaunt, for baptism to St. Peter's on Gowts (two miles south of Lincoln) on June 29, 1610. St. Peter's at Gowts was a church of the craftsmen of Lincoln. The Gowts area was named for a sluice between dikes and therefore a low boggy and unhealthy area. This parish served about 58 families in 1560 and the population only increased to 875 by 1706. Birth and death rates were about equal for a long time. This area was a suburb of Lincoln, in Thomas and Peter's time, where craftsmen resided.
  Peter Gaunt married a Lydia ---?--- before 1633 and had a least two children born in England. Peter was transported by the London Company from St. Bridget's Parish London, to Scituate, Massachusetts, on a ship named 'Mayflower,' but not the original. With relative certainty, we can say this was in 1636 because his daughter, Lydia Gaunt, was born in England and baptized at Saint Peter's in Lincoln on April 2, 1636 and Peter was in Sandwich, Massachusetts in 1637 where records show that he transferred from Lynn, Massachusetts to Sandwich, Massachusetts.
  Here are some of the records found pertaining to Peter; "Peter Gaunt was fined five shillings on March 6, 1638 for being 'defective in arms;' on December 4, 1638 he was fined for keeping his hogs unringed; on September 7, 1640 he bought four acres of meadowland at six pence an acre to cover 'surveying, measuring, and laying forth the said meddow lands.'...He is listed as able to bear arms in a list of able men of Plymouth Colony of August, 1643. On June 2, 1646, he was appointed Constable of Sandwich and on July 7, 1646, the court appointed him to recover excise tax at Sandwich, Massachusetts. He was reappointed as tax collector at the Courts of June 1, 1647 and June 7, 1648. At the latter court, he served on the Grand Enquest"
  Peter shared the views of many of the settlers in the Plymouth Colony, especially Sandwich, in the last half of the seventeenth century. He was fined for "not frequenting the publick worship of God" in 1651. Their dissenting views prepared them for the arrival of the first missionaries of the new religion of the Society of Friends, who soon appeared in Sandwich. Peter became a Quaker and was persecuted along with many others by the Sheriff Marshal Bartlow. Many of the Quakers moved to Rhode Island, Long Island and Dartmouth, Mass. out of the reach of Sheriff Bartlow. There is a gap in the records of Peter during 1661 to 1675 for that reason. Peter returned to Sandwich by 1675. He was appointed Surveyor of Highways for Sandwich 5 June 1677. At the marriage 10 May 1678, of Hananiah Gaunt, the witnesses included parents Peter and Lydia Gaunt and brother Israel Gaunt. This is the last record found of Peter Gaunt. It appears that he died soon after, for his name does not appear when his widow Lydia later signed as witness to other Friends' marriages.
  Peter's wife Lydia ---?--- was born 1610, in Lincolnshire, England, and died in 1692 in Sandwich, Massachusetts. Her will was made December 28, 1691 and was inventoried February 17, 1691/2, The will and inventory were recorded April 26, 1692. ----------------- in will of Thomas HAMPTON of Sandwich. March 1637 ----------- 2 march 1659, Peter Gaunt, Daniel Winge, Ralph Allen jr., and William allen were brought before the court "appeared to Answare for a tumultuous carriage at a meeting of the Quakers at Sandwich... coming before the court with their hats on" ... were admonished and fined 20 shillings. -------- Records of the Colony of New Plymouth 1633 -1689 Pub. Boston 1857 Pub. Baltimore 1976
  Page 103The Fines of October Court 1660
  Saquatum, an Indian, fined 01:00:00 Quachevenett fined 00:01:00 Fined for being att Quakers meetings: Robert Harper and his wife Peter Gaunt Josepth Allin Benjamine Allin Dority Butler John Newland and his wife Obadiah Butler William Allin John Jenkins Wiliam Gifford Richard Kerbey, Seni Mathew Allin Rich Kerbey, Juni The wife of Henery Dillingham Jone Swift William Newland and his wife John Smith of Ply John Soule Deborah his wife Rodulphus Elmes Lydia Hickes of Ply
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