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1. Title:   Roger Rhodes Hughey
Page:   E-mail of Jan 7, 2002 19:40
2. Title:   Source #1219
Page:   Ancestry's Taylor Message Board 9/19/2011
3. Title:   Census
Page:   1940 Manchester, Kitsap Co., WA
4. Title:   Find A Grave
5. Title:   Tombstone

a. Note:   1940 census of Dist 45-1,Howard, Bonne Femme Co., MO has: Stclair, John M., head, 61 married, MO Stclair, Andy, son, 33, single, MO Stclair, Nancy, mother, 91, wid, MO Stclair, Lena, dau, 35, wid, MO Stclair, Lowell, grandson, 11, MO
  1930 census of Dist 143, Seattle, King Co.,WA has: St Clair,John R., married, 50, MO, DC, MO, Merchant Seaman on ferry City of Bremerton [wife not shown]
  1930 census of Dist 1, Bonne Femme, Howard Co., MO has: St Clair, Jack M., head, 51, MO, VA, MO St Clair, Andy L., son, 22, MO, MO, MO St Clair, Nancy, mother, 81, MO, WV, KY
  1920 census of Dist 225, Puyallup, Pierce Co.,WA has: StClair, John R., head, 40, MO, DC, MO StClair, Mary, wife, 42, KY, KY, KY StClair, Minnie, dau, 15, WA, MO,KY
  1920 census of Dist 87,Bonne Femme, Howard Co., MO has: 125, St Clair,John M, head, 41, married, MO, VA, MO 125, St Clair, Ed S., son, 16, MO, MO, MO 125, St Clair, Lena L., dau, 14, MO, MO, MO 125, St Clair, Andy L. son, 12, MO, MO, MO 126, St Clair, Ed S., head, 75, VA, VA, VA 126, St Clair, Nancy, wife, 71, MO, VA, KY
  1912 Directory of Bellingham, WA has: John R St Clair, 2310 QuC 611, occ-Teamster, m. Mary St Clair
  1910 census of Dist 49, Madison, Polk Co., MO has: Stclair, Wm, head, 63, MO, MO. MO Stclair, Nancy, wife, 59, MO, MO, MO Stclair, John, son, 30, single, MO, MO, MO
  1910 census of Ward 2, Bellingham, WA Stclair, John R, head, 28, MO, DC, KS Stclair, Mary A, wife, 25, KY, KY, KY Stclair, Minnie A.,dau, 6, WA, MO,KY Stclair, Maude M, dau, 2, WA, MO, KY is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.