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  1. Doris Adele Selph: Birth: 25 DEC 1904 in Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY. Death: 19 MAR 1950 in Morristown, Morris Co., NJ

1. Title:   Brooklynn Eagle
Page:   21 Apr., 1941, p11
Source:   S1317
2. Source:   S3
3. Title:   Temporarily unavailable Marriage Records
Source:   S883

a. Note:   Wellsboro Agitator of Mar 18, 1890 has: "-- OSCEOLA---Willie Selph has returned from Starkey, N, Y., where he has been attending school." * * * He also attended the Mansfield Soldier's Orphan's School. * * * Brooklyn Eagle of Feb 15, 1902, p12 has: ENTERTAINED THE WOMEN. The annual midwinter "Ladies Night" of the Simpson Brotherhood of Simpson M. E. Church was held Thursday evening at the residence of Mr and Mrs. J. D. Barndollor, 11 Arlington place. Among those present were ... Miss Edith Loder, ... William E. Selph ... * * * The Life Insurance Independent, Vols 23, p. 178, Jan. 1911 has: An Application a Day for a Month William E Selph, special representative of the New England Mutual Life, in New York City, recently won a hard fought contest among agents of that company and achieved the remarkable record during thirty days of thirty-eight applications, of which thirty were paid for. This record was the result of no less that 175 calls during the month and the manner in which this splendid result was attained will be of interest to other agents who might wish to accomplish a similar feat. When asked how he did it, Mr. Selph said: (1) Confidence in myself and my goods and the buyer's confidence coupled with earnest enthusiasm and hard work are, of course, the prime factors which resulted in my success, (2) My ambition at the beginning of the month was to actually write two applications a day for the twenty-five working days of June. This schedule was maintained for the first half of the month, although some of the applications were not acceptable to my company. Delays on account of medical reasons naturally retard an agent's progress somewhat. Nevertheless applications on the lives of thirty-eight men were actually offered, thirty of which were approved and paid for within the month. (3) As the month of June was characterized by our company as "Old Policyholders' Month" I made it my business to see a large number of my old policyholders, and as a result of this part of my labor ten of my former policyholders came in for additional insurance during the month. I consider old policyholders one of the most fruitful of new business, and believe that if every agent would systematically canvas his old policyholders, whether or not new business in each case rewarded his efforts, that he would be agreeably surprised at the next result. (4) Applications were taken from two or three men who were strangers to me, but were recommended by friends who had purchased their products in June and were enthused over the contest. (5) Anytime of the day or night is a good time to write life insurance. I believe many agents make the mistake of confining their efforts to the hours of nine to five. During the month of June some of my applications were written at 8 A. M., others at 10 P. M., and others on Saturday afternoon, showing conclusively that any life insurance agent who is on fire with enthusiasm and strains a point can get orders for his goods any time of day or night. * * * See his mini-bio at is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.