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Marriage: Children:
  1. Leonore Hermina Cleveland: Birth: 13 MAY 1860 in Newark, Essex Co., NJ. Death: 18 APR 1917 in Manhattan, New York Co., NY

Marriage: Children:
  1. Cyrus Edwards Cleveland: Birth: 4 NOV 1869 in NJ.

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2. Title:   Edmund James Cleveland and Horace Gillette Cleveland, The Genealogy of the Cleveland and Cleveland Families Hartford, Connecticutt, 1899
Page:   Vol II, p1019
Text:   An Attempt to Trace, In Both the Male and Female Lines, The Posterity of Moses Cleveland Who Came from Ipswich, County Suffolk, England About 1635, Was of Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusets; of Alexander Cleveland of Prince William County, Virginia; and of Ancient and Other Clevelands in England, America and Elsewhere; With Numerous Biographical Sketches; and Containing Ancestries of Many of the Husbands and Wives also a Bibliography of the Cleveland Family and a Genealogical Account of Edward Winn of Woburn and of Other Winn Families Illustrated, In Three Volumes
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a. Note:   The Genealogy of the Cleveland and Cleveland Families, v2, p1019 has: 3029.
  FRANCIS ASBURY' CLEV^ELAND (Ezra'% Benjamin Norton^, Benjamin Norton', Ichabod3, Moses^ I, HI. iSt, Newark, N. J., July 31, 1856,
  Catharina Romana Marsiglia, b. New York city, Feb. 8, 1840, only da. Gerlando and Eliza Henry (Ballentine) [Charruaiid]. Divorced at Danbury, Conn., Aug. 27, 1863. (She m. 2d, see below.) He m. 2d, Newark, Jan. 28, 1866, Elizabeth Morgan Edwards, b. N., Sept. 9, 1842, a da. Cyrus and Elizabeth (Morgan). Ch. b. Newark, by ist m. : +8275 Leonore Hermina' Cleveland, h. May 13, 1857. By 2d m. :
  8276 Cyrus Edwards' Cleveland, b. Nov. 4, 1869, m. in Grace P. E. church, Newark, Nov. 20, 1895, Miss Matilda C. Nebenger ; res. Newark, 1895, clerk.
  8277 Frank Buell' Cleveland, b. July 31, 1874, d. N., July 23, 1875.
  8278 Bennett Buell* Cleveland, b. Dec. 21, 1876. Francis Asbury' Cleveland resided at Elizabeth, N. J., to 1850, and since in Newark (1897). In 1881 he organized the firm, Cleveland & [J.] Frank (late Cyrus Edwards), Newark Iron Railing Works, founders and manufacturers until 1885. Mrs. Catharina Romana (Marsiglia) Cleveland m. 2d, in New York, N. Y"., June it, 1868, Herman Baetjer, b. Bremen, Germany, Feb. 20, 1838, as. of Hermann and Julia Kohler (Frederick), s. p. Residence, N. Y. city, importer of cement.
  Baetjer ancestrv : — Hermani Baetjer, b. Bremen, m. Julia Kohler Frederick, b. Bremen, da. of Ernst, b. Bremen, and Margarita (Kohler, b. Bremen).
  Mrs. Catharina R. Baetjer, an author and contributor to periodicals, among the productions : AT. V. Genealogical and Biographical Record, XVII : 222 — Biographical Sketch of Gerlando Marsiglia ; Carteret and Bryant Genealogy, by Catharina Romana Baetjer. New York : Dempsey e^ Carroll, Art Stationers, I88-J, i2 mo, pp. J 6.
  Marsiglia ancestrv :- Antonioi, b. Sicily, m. Catharina Romana, a Roman lady belonging to an old familv, name of Roman Catharine having been handed down from generations ; Gerlando^ Marsiglia, b. Palermo, Sicily, Feb. 18, 1792. At a very early age Signor uerland(j Marsiglia showed a wonderful talent for painting at a country home, Julianna, Sicily, and painted by light of the moon, making his own colors from berries; was placed under tuition of Sig. Patania of Palermo, Sicily; he was admitted into Royal Academy of Naples, Italy. Exhibited his work when the nobles visited the Academy and received the highest' medal for historical painting; was decorated Mar. 22, 1810, by Fernando, King of Sardinia, in the kingdom of the two Sicilies. Naples was his home. When the king of France was visiting the Academy, Jan. 5, 1817, he ordered that Gerlando should be decorated with the " Fleur de Lis," which was tendered him Feb. 20, 1817. The following season he went to France and was presented at the court of Louis XVIII. In manners he was verv elegant. Among his friends was a young American, a son of Robert Fulton, who persuaded him to visit America. 1824, and here he remained and painted "The Landing of Columbus," "Queen Artimesia at the Tomb of her husband," " Julius Caesar and the Roman Senate," &c. At Washington, D. C, he copied Stewart's portrait of Baron De Steuben. The copy was sold to city of N. Y., 1850, Woodhull, mayor, and is now in mayor's room, Citv Hall. A number of artists established, Nov. 8, 1825, the N. Y. Drawing Association, and Jan. 16, 1826, they resolved into the National Academy of Design, the founders: Cummings, Thos. S., Danforth, M. L., Dunlap, Wm., Durand, A. B , Frazee, John, Inman, Henry, Ingham, Chas. C, Marsiglia, G., Mavereck, Peter, Morse, S. F. B.. Potter, Edw. C, Reinagle. Hugh. Town, Ithiel, Wright, Chas. C, Wall, W. G., d. New York, N. Y., Sept. 8, 1850. All rites of Catholic church were observed, and his interment took place at Calvary cemetery; m. 1837, Mrs. Eliza Henry Ballentine^) Charruaud, b. N. Y. city, Julv 14, 1799, d. Newark, Aug, 8, 1856, wid. of John J. Charruaud, poetess, contributor to N. Y. Mirror.
  Ballentine ancestrv of C. R. Marsiglia : — Burke's .-iy-;«frv — Ballentine (Crookdale, Eng.) Ar. on a cross betw. 4 mullets, a sword erect of the first, hilt and pomel or. 0-£.y/ — A demi-griffin sa. wings endorsed erm., in dexter claw a sword erect. . . . John' of Edinbure, Scotland, came to America ab. 1785, nephew of John Ballentine, publisher of Robert Burns' poems, d. New Orleans, La., 1803, m. Mrs. Elizabeth (Bryant^; Bonnell ; Eliza Henry' Ballentine m. Gerlando Marsiglia^.
  Breijandf, Brianty Bivtiiit ancestrv : — Johannisi came from Amsterdam, Holland, an early Dutch settler of Hackensack; N. J. ; Cornelius^ left Hack. 1717 with his bro. Simeon, they built at Springfield and Westfield, N. J., the two first homesteads erected there, he was drowned near his home, Springfield, 1792, m. Hannah Carteref, she d.; Elizabeth3 Bryant, b. Springfield, N. J., 1768, d. Elizabeth, June 26, 1845, m. ist Jonathan Bbrmell. of Chatham, N. J., ad, John Ballentine', 3d, Samuel Williams of Hack.
  Carteret arccestj-v Of C. R. Marsiglia, three lines : — 4 arms : Cartaret Hawnes, Bedford co., Eng. Barons Carteret and Earls Granville ; twice the chief of the ancient house of Carteret gallantly defended the island of Jersey, first in 1374, against Bertrand du Gueselin, second, against the Parliamentarians ; Elizabeth Castle in Jersey, under Sir George Carteret, was the last fortress that lowered the royal banner). Gu. 4 fusils in fesse ar. Crest — A squirrel sejant gu. cracking a nut ppr. on a branch of laurel springing up before him vert. Motto — Loyal Devoir, Helier', Deputy Gov. of Isle of Jersey, descendant of the Lords of Carteret, Duchy of Normandy, family dating back to William the Conqueror, 1066; Sir Philip^, knighted by Queen Elizabeih 15S8, m. Rachel Paulet ; Sir Philip^ d. »i662, m. Ann Dowse ; Elizabeth'' Carteret, for whom Elizabeth Castle and Elizabeth, N. J , were named, m. George Carteref. . . Helier^ m. Elizabeth Dumaresque; Sir George*, b. 1599, joint Gov. of Jersey, Eng., 1626, knighted May g, 1646, Baron of Saltrum, Devon, who and Lord John Berkelev, Baron of Stratton, Somerset CO., youngest s. Sir Maurice, were grantees by Duke of York of Nova Caesarea, now New Jersey, and sent his 4th cousin, Capt. Philip Carteret, commissioned [first] Gov. of N. J., who arrived at Elizabeth Aug., 1665. Sir George*, first proprietor of Eastern N. J., July 29, 1673-1, d. Eng. Jan. 14, 1679-80, m. his cousin Elizabeth* Carteret; Capt. James^, mariner, sent by his father to Elizabeth and Carolina, of which Sir George* was a proprietor, d. in America, m. June, 1673, Frances Delevall, da. Capt. Thomas Delavall, mayor of N. Y. city ; Elizabeth" went to Isle of Jersey, Eng., m. ist there Edward Carteret, a relative, he d. Isle of J., she ret. to America ; Hannah' Carteret m. Cornelius Bryant^. .See Hatfielcfs History of Elizabeth, 43 — 210. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.