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a. Note:   Munsell's 1883 History of Tioga county John Campbell, John and Samuel Hazlett, James and Joseph Campbell, George W. Phelps, Walter Bottom, Samuel Rathbun, John Vroman, Amariah Hammond, Richard Ellison and James Ryan were the first to make permanent settlements. * * * * also Enoch Blackwell still owns the property of his stepfather, John Campbell. Mr. Blackwell is one of the leading business men of Nelson, being a merchant as well as engaged in farming and lumbering. He was born at Jersey Shore, Lycoming county, in 1814. His father died while Enoch was a mere child, and Mr. Blackwell became the wife of John Campbell, of Beecher's Island (Nelson); thus Enoch Blackwell was brought to Nelson at a very early day in the history of the township. He was for many years a deacon in the Presbyterian church, and is now an elder. Mr. Blackwell's first wife was Miss Mary Knapp, of Wells, Pa. They were married in 1838, and she died in 1865. The next year he married Miss Caroline Lugg, by whom he had one child. She died in 1868, and in 1869 Mr. Blackwell married Ms. Caroline P. Putnam, of Tioga, a daughter of Dr. Simeon Power. * * * also The first grist-mill and saw-mill was built by John Campbell. * * * * also Artemus Losey came into the township in 1830, and immediately thereafter purchased the old mills and the water power and commenced the manufacture of lumber, which he carried on successfully for many years. He was a first-class mechanic, and during his life-time at Nelson he built several carding machines, and at different times was engaged, in addition to his lumbering operations, in the manufacture and sale of organs, melodeons, and all kinds of household furniture. He was a man of energetic and active temperament, and contributed largely toward the future success and prosperity of the village. He retained his habits of industry and enterprise up to his death, which occurred in 1873. He saw-mill and other establishments originated by him are now owned and operated by his son J. T. Losey. Mr. Losey originally purchased the property of John Campbell, a gentleman of Irish descent, who bought out the Beechers when they left. * * * * Munsell's 1883 History of Tioga county Pennsylvania; Biographical Index; "Deerfield, Nelson and Osecola Townships, Elkland and Knoxville Boroughs" has: JOHN CAMPBELL, a native of Ireland, came to America about the year 1800. He was first a land agent in Philadelphia, then a merchant tailor. In 1810 he located at Beecher's Island (now Nelson), in the Cowanesque Valley, and he was the first merchant in the place. He built the first permanent grist-mill, in 1820. He married Mrs. Sarah Blackwell, of Jersey Shore, Lycoming county. At the time of his death, in 1854, he possessed 500 acres of land, of which 100 were under cultivation. * * *
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