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Marriage: Children:
  1. Richard Henry Edward Jones: Birth: 22 APR 1887 in Kerry, Montgomeryshire, N. Wales, Wales.

1. Title:   Wellsboro Gazette Wellsboro, Tioga Co., PA
Page:   Thu., Jan 22, 1938, p5
2. Title:   Census
Page:   1910 Ward 9, Syracuse, Onondaga Co., NY

a. Note:   NEWS-11F966A60B18BE78@2416788-11F966A663ED1520@8-11F966A6B7A2DFC8@Syracuse+University+Notes/?search_terms=syracuse|jones|evan&s_dlid=DL0114103116562824673&s_ecproduct=SUB-Y-4895-R&s_ecprodtype=RENEW-A-I&s_trackval=EM_Family_Prospects_1410_30&s_siteloc=email&s_referrer=silverpop&s_subterm=Subscription%20until%3A%2010%2F30%2F2015&s_docsbal=%20&s_subexpires=10%2F30%2F2015&s_docstart=&s_docsleft=&s_docsread=& has: Northern Christian Advocate, Syracuse, NY, of Nov. 3, 1904, Vol 69, Issue 44, p697 Syracuse University Notes ... ---The Preachers' Club has issued the following program for the coming semester: November 1---Visiting speaker, Professor Earp, of the sociology department. November 8---Conference. Subject, "How Should a Ministerial Candidate Conduct Himself?" November 15---Sermon, A. C. Parker. November 29---Visiting speaker, Rev. Philip H. Cole, D.D., First Reformed church. December 6---Conference led by Professor Mace, of the department of history. December 13---Sermon, Levi B. McMickle. December 20---Papers, Evan M. Jones and John C. Griffin. January 10---Visiting speaker, Rev. D. D. Cambell, Presiding elder of Syracuse district, Methodist Episcopal Church. Subject, "Finance." January 17---Conference. Outlines of Sermons, George E. Hares and Edward E Merring.
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