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  1. Thomas B. Colwell: Birth: 17 JUN 1930 in NY. Death: 26 APR 2006

1. Title:   Census
Page:   1930 Smithfield Twp., Monroe Co., PA

  no. 11 1934 6732 pt. r. v. 7, p. 185 has: Three nursery song pantomimes for young children by Susanna Myers. 1933. various pagings. 4to. Contents.--Polly put the kettle on.--The man in the moon.--Simple Simon. © May 25, 1933; 2 c. May 31; D 23153; Bernice Congdon Colwell, Marshalls Creek, Pa. 4066 * * * 1-812 LIBRARY OF CONGRESS COPYRIGHT OFFICE CATALOGUE OF COPYRIGHT ENTRIES PART 1, GROUP 3, DRAMATIC COMPOSITIONS, MOTION PICTURES no. 11 1934 6732 pt. r. v. 7, p332 has: Let's pretend; portfolio of plays with songs for children, plays by Susanna Myers, songs from Congdon music readers, arranged for piano by Harvey Officer, with a Primer of playacting by Susanna Myers. New York, C. H. Congdon [1934] 9 v. in portfolio. obl. Svo. Contents.-- Baby brother.--The clock.--Dreams.--The King of France.--Mary is lost.--Signs of spring.--The surprise party. © Oct 17, 1934; 2 c. Oct. 22; D 28776; Bernice Congdon Colwell, Stroudsburg, Pa. 6740 * * * LIBRARY OF CONGRESS COPYRIGHT OFFICE CATALOGUE OF COPYRIGHT ENTRIES PART THREE, MUSICAL COMPOSITIONS NEW SERIES, VOLUME 36, PART 2, LAST HALF OF 1941, Nos. 4-12 RENEWALS no. 12, 1941, p2027 Congdon music reader, no. 3; by Chares Harris Congdon. © Bernice Congdon Colwell, E. Stroudsburg, Pa. R 101828, Nov. 21, 1941 64 * * * The Pocono Daily Record (Stroudsburg, Monroe Co., PA) of Sept 28, 1963, p24 has: Series of Smaller Dams Better Than Big Tocks Island Dam To the Editor. There must be something to the opposition to the Tocks Island Dam threat or there wouldn't be so much objection by intelligent men and women who live and have their being in and around the Delaware Valley. From the standpoint of beauty it has no equal (yes, Harriet, Classical). Who wants a hoard of "outlanders" from the big city crowding our shores! We, the people, are forced back into the rattlesnake dens for peace and quiet. As I understand it, the alternative to Tocks Island mammoth project is a series of smaller dams further up the river. This would be less disturbing all aound. Who decides what the majority want? Apparently not the majority, and as for any lack of intelligence, education, inspiration, judgement, who have better knowledge of the needs of our countryside than we, who live here. Surely better than some far off politician. From a mercenary standpoint, on the whole we are doing pretty well around here -- judging by healthy increase of year round homes. To be sure we have some poluting industries -- e.g. -- a belching of uninhibited black-yellow smoke from a "factory" out King Street way. A little less apathy on part of residents could help that. And new (modern) highway construction, even that pollutes our streams. But up the valley there are to date just beautiful hills, drives, country towns, the best farm land, homes, retreats -- and ol' man river, a crowning glory. Come on all you folks who are to be crowded out. At least speak up -- who knows, some of the planners -- for us -- might be convinced. BERNICE CONGDON COLWELL, Marshalls Creek. [Note: the land was acquired by the Army Engineers, and mamy homes and businesses demoished before a geological study determined that it would be unsafe to build a large dam at the proposed site. Instead, the project was turned into the Delaware Water Gap National Recration Area. - wbt] * * * <b>Anna Bernice Cowell [sic], 103 </b>March 15, 1992, The Morning Call Anna Bernice C. Cowell [sic], 103, of East Stroudsburg, died Saturday in Pocono Medical Center. She was the wife of the late Thomas B. Cowell Sr. Born in St. Paul, Minn., she was a daughter of the late Charles Harris and Anna (McWilliams) Congdon. Survivors: Son, Thomas B. Jr. of West Nyack, N.Y., and sister Louise E. of Stroudsburg. Memorial services: Will be announced by the Lanterman & Allen Funeral Home, 27 Washington St., East Stroudsburg * * * See is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.