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Marriage: Children:
  1. James Greer: Birth: ABT APR 1653 in Newton, Shilbottle, Northumberland, England. Death: AFT 1693 in Lissascurran, Shankill Parish, County Armagh, Ireland

  2. Robert Greer: Birth: ABT 1655 in Redford, Tyrone County, Ireland. Death: ABT 1730 in Redford, County Tyrone, Ireland

  3. Thomas Greer: Birth: ABT 1657. Death: 1689 in Redford, Ireland

  4. Joseph Greer: Birth: ABT 1659.

  5. Mary Greer: Birth: AFT 1660 in Ireland.

a. Note:   openoch, was born there in 1629 and died in Ireland in 1673/77. He became a Quaker and according to EXTRACTS FROM RECORDS OF THE LURGAN MONTHLY MEETIN IN IRELAND," He removed to Newton, Parish of Sheelbiller, Northumberland, England." In 1652, he married Mary Turner, daughter of Robert and Debora Turner, of Turnerstown, same county. From this place, they removed to Redford, County Tyrone, Ireland. Their named children, four: James, Robert, Thomas, Joseph." (GREGOR, MacGREGOR, MacGHEE, MAGRUDER, GRIERSON, GRIER, GREER --- A HISTORY OF THE ORIGIN OF THE ABOVE FAMILIES AND MANY OF THEIR DESCENDANTS, 1954, compiled by Robert M. Torrence, A.B., F.G.S.P., F.I.A.G., 110 Edgevale Road Baltimore 10, Maryland, pages 41, .)
  "Henry Grier, of Rock Hall, Alnwick, Northumberland. Removed to and settled at Redford, near Grange, County Tyrone (Ireland) in 1653. Died 1675. The Greer motto, "Memor Esto," (which means) "Be mindful," is taken from the Greek "Gregoreo," (which means) "To be watchful." Married Mary, daughter of Robert and Deborah Turner of Turnerstead, Shilbottle, Northumberland. Removed to Ireland, and settled at Turner's Hill (now the Glen), Newry, County Armagh. Died 1691." (Printed Pedigree Chart of 1888.) (NOTE FROM RALPH TERRY: Rock Hall was one of the Greer estates east of Dumfries, Scotland. The old castle still stands today (1995) and is in use as a hotel. Judia and I spent a night there in 1994. I am still studying old Scottish records to determine if Sir James or any of his descendants actually lived at Rock Hall, or if this estate had passed on down to the descendants of Sir James' brother, Sir Robert Grier, by this time. There is a town called "Rock" north of Alnwick, in Northumberland, England. The Turners, of which two of the Greer children married were said to be from Turnerstead (probably an estate) near Shillbottle, which is south of Alnwick, Northumberland, England. I have seen no evidence that any of the Greers moved to Northumberland, but Henry could have been in that area, where he met the Turners and introduced his sister to his wife's brother. I feel that the names "Rock Hall" and "Rock" have been mixed up. The old Greer estate of Capenock is located north of Dumfries, near Penpoint. I would like to thank Kevin Howley, who is a Morton descendant, 572 Dayton Avenue, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55102-1712, tel: 612-291-1652, for keying in many of the descendants of Henry Greer.)
  "The 2nd(?) son, he is reported born in Rock, near Alnwick, Northumberland, but Ralph Terry (and I, William Greer) think that site confused with Rock Hall, near Dumfries. He emigrated to Redford, County Tyrone in Ulster. A plan of the manor and lordship of Rock (surveyed 7 May 1599) can be found in Rolls, 2 of the Bodleian Library. Henry joined Society of Friends [Quakers] in 1660 and began spelling his name "Greer" instead of "Grier". He also used the name Greves. Some other Greers of Lag settled at Grange, Rhone-Hill and Tullynagan in Tyrone and in Lurgan, County Armagh. Germaine Greer descends from a family that migrated to Australia from Maghera, County Derry in the mid-19th century. John Robert Gregg, inventor of Gregg shorthand, was born at Rockcorry, County Monaghan. Other family branches of Grier of Lag went to Ireland and settled in County Antrim. The Hearth Moner Roll of County Antrim, 1699, lists William Greer in Craigfaddock Townland in the Parish of Dunghy, Barony of Kilconway, about 5 miles from Rasharkin; Thomas Greer, Ballee Townland, Parish of Connor; & Franc Greer, Dreen Townland, Parish of Craigs." (William Greer, Wheaton, Illinois, 1995.)
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