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a. Note:   e Rapparees, name of the Irish rebels of that day." (Printed Pedigree Chart of 1888.)
  "Thomas Greer, a Quaker, was shot in 1689. Wife's name not given, but they left a son, who married a Whitsett. The following is quoted: "In the year 1689, great disturbances took place. The Friends had settled in and around Grange and suffered much from being between the two garrisons, one being English and Irish at Charlemont and the other at Dungannon. About 700 Irish and 60 English had a skirmish near the house of John Whitsett in which the Irish were turned back, but in retreat, plundered the properties of the Friends. It was during this raid that Thomas Greer was shot." (GREGOR, MacGREGOR, MacGHEE, MAGRUDER, GRIERSON, GRIER, GREER --- A HISTORY OF THE ORIGIN OF THE ABOVE FAMILIES AND MANY OF THEIR DESCENDANTS, 1954, compiled by Robert M. Torrence, A.B., F.G.S.P., F.I.A.G., 110 Edgevale Road Baltimore 10, Maryland, page 41.)
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