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  2. Elizabeth Berkshire Coe: Birth: 18 SEP 1961 in New York,New York County,NY USA. Death: 19 JUN 2001 in Beaverton,Washington County,OR USA

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a. Note:   Cecil6, Maj. Jesse5, Capt. John4, Daniel3, Timothy2, Timothy1), was born December 23, 1934, in Pensacola, FL. A graduate of the University of Chicago and Emory University School of Medicine, he served several years as a doctor in the US Navy, resigning in 1964 as a commander.
  He returned to Pensacola, where he was an anesthesiologist, with an office at 5150 Bayou Boulevard. His interests included music, theater and horticulture. A qualified American Orchid Society judge, he raised orchids, African violets and other flowers since childhood. He attended St. Michael's Church. His home address was 1175 Norton Drive, Pensacola. He married July 25, 1959, at the First Presbyterian Church, Pensacola, FL, Judy Rogers Berkshire, born May 26, 1937, in Canton, OH, daughter of Dr. Roger, PhD, and Virginia Frances Berkshire.
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