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Marriage: Children:
  1. William Aldridge: Birth: ABT 1774. Death: ABT 1809

  2. Sarah Aldridge: Birth: ABT 1780.

  3. Elizabeth Aldridge: Birth: ABT 1791 in Virginia.

  4. Joseph Aldridge: Birth: 30 NOV 1792 in Virginia. Death: 2 FEB 1877 in Caswell County, North Carolina

  5. James Aldridge: Birth: 1794 in Virginia. Death: BET 1850 AND 1860 in Carroll County, Georgia

  6. Susannah Aldridge: Birth: 1797.

  7. Richard Simpson Aldridge: Birth: 1799. Death: 1853 in Webster County, Missouri

  8. John Dickinson Aldridge: Birth: 1807.

a. Note:   Name also seen as Ilsey Jacobs. Possibly buried at Bush Arbor Primitive Baptist Church (Caswell County, North Carolina).
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