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Marriage: Children:
  1. Tjerk "Cherrick" Van de Bogart: Death: 11 AUG 1835 in Genesee County,New York, USA

  2. Francis Van de Bogart: Death: 7 JUL 1829 in Richmond Tp., Addington County, Ontario, Canada,Addington County, Ontario, Canada

  3. Rachel Van de Bogart: Death: BEF 1767 in Schenectady, Albany, New York, USA

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a. Note:   5: Van Der Bogart, Nicolaas, son of Tjerk, m. first, Ariaantje Schermerhorn, Jan. 9 1747/8, & secondly, Anna Van Vorst, July 1753. He was dead at the baptism of his last child. Ch. bp: Tjerk, March 5, 1754; Frans, May 4, 1755; Rachel, Feb. 6, 1757; Margarita, July 16, 1758.
  Nicholaas was still alive on Dec. 11, 1757 when he and his wife, Anna, were witnesses to a baptismal: Schenectady Reformed Church Baptismals 1694-1811, by Arthur Kelly: pg. 104, #2306 - Dec. 11, 1757 - Nicholaas, Parents - Harmanus V den Bogaard & Catarina van Antwerpen, Witnesses: Nicholaas van den Bogaard & Anna van den Bogaard. Therefore, he died sometime between Dec. 11, 1757 and July 16, 1758.
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