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Marriage: Children:
  1. Nicholas Van de Bogart: Birth: 1788 in Ontario, Canada. Death: 1874 in Ontario, Canada

  2. Mary Ann Van de Bogart: Birth: 1793 in Ontario, Canada. Death: 1885 in Richmond Tp., Addington County, Ontario, Canada

  3. William Van de Bogart: Birth: 17 OCT 1793 in Fredericksburgh Tp., Addington County, Ontario, Canada. Death: 25 JUL 1847 in Napanee,Ontario, Canada

a. Note:   15: Baptismal - Frans, Feb. 23, 1754. (Parents - Nicolaas Van der Bogart and Anna Van Vorst).
  War Office 28, MG13, Vol. X, pt.2, pg.302, Monthly Return of Loyalists Names, with the Dates of their Arrival from the Colonies, St. John's, 1st Sept. 1781: Francis Vandebeger, from Schenectady, arrived 9th Aug., Enlisted for Major Rogers Corps, brought in by Miller, aged 26 1/2.
  W.O. 28, MG13, Vol. X, pt.2, pg. 314, King's Rangers: Francis D. Bogart, from Albany, 28, 5'5" tall, having served 5 months.
  Haldimand Papers, MG21, B167, pt. 2, 10 Jan. 1782, St. John's, Quebec, Return of a Detachment of the King's Rangers Commanded by Major James Rogers in Canada for which he is entitled in the King's Bounty, at five dollars per man: #52 - Francis Vande Bogard.
  W.O. 28, MG13, Vol. X, pp490-91, Return of the names County age Size and time of Service of a detachment of the Kings Rangers Commanded by Major James Rogers Quartered at St. Johns, 21 Jan. 1783: Francis Vandbogart, Albany, 28, 5'6", having served 1 yr. 5 months.
  Haldimand Papers, MG21, B166, Muster Roll between Sept. 1783 & May/June 1784: Frances Van DeBogart, 1 man, 1 ration.
  Haldimand Papers, B160, (B.M.21,820) pp 153-6, A list of Officers & Men of Major Roger's Company of King's Rangers together with the Number of their Families, St. John's, 27th January, 1784: Francis Jn De Bogart, 1.
  Fredericksburgh Twp. Papers, Con. 1 Additional, Kemps & Bogarts Certificate 6536, 6537 #66 (Source: Bob Kemp, Peterborough)- Province of Quebec, Cataraqui 23 Sept. 1784: The bearer hereof, James Kemp & Francis V.D. Bogart, late Soldiers in the King's Rangers, being entitled to 200 acres of land by his Majesty's Instructions to the Governor of this Province, has drawn a Lot (No. 3 [Tp.]) consisting of 200 acres in the 1st Concession Additional & having taken the Oaths, & made the Declaration required by the instructions, he is hereby authorized to settle & improve the said Lot, without delay; & being settled thereon, he shall receive a Deed of Concession at the Expiration of 12 months from the date hereof. By Order of His Excellency, John Collins, D.S.G.: We the within mentioned, James Kemp & Francis V.D. Bogart, do mutually agree to divide the within lot as follows--that is to say, I James Kemp agree to take the Easternmost half of said lot, & I Francis V.D. Bogart agree to take the Westernmost half, in witness whereupon have hereunto set our hands this 8th day of May, 1797.
  Haldimand Papers, MG21, B168, pg. 74, Return of Disbanded Troops & Loyalists Settled in Township No. 3 (Cataraqui): King's Rangers - Fra'V D Bogart, 1 man.
  Ontario People 1796-1803, by E. Keith Fitzgerald, pg. 139 (National Archives of Canada; Upper Canada District Loyalist Rolls) - Tp. of Fredericksburg, #3461, 90, Francis Vander Bogart, UE.
  Abstract Index, Con. 7 Lots 27 & 30 Thurlow Tp.: Patent to Frances VanderBogart, 1798.
  Abstract Index, GS4650, Cab. 6 Reel 63, Ontario Archives, Con. 1 Lot 5 Additional, Fredericksburgh Tp., Addington County: Instrument - Deed, Document Prepared - Jan. 3 1805, Grantor - Crown, Grantee - F.V.D. Bogart, 100 a W1/2.
  Loyalists In Ontario, W.D. Reid: Francis Van de Bogart of Fredericksburgh, Children: Nicholas of Richmond OC 25 Feb. 1812; William of Richmond OC 13 Feb. 1816; Mary Ann of Richmond OC Feb. 13 1816.
  Loyalist Lineages of Canada 1783-1983, pp 707,708.
  Abstract Index, GS4650, Cab. 6 Reel 63, Ontario Archive, Con. 1 Lot 5 Additional, Fredericksburgh Tp., Addington County: Instrument #C362 - Deed, Document Registered - 21 Feb. 1824, Grantor - F.V.D. Bogart, Grantee - Isaac Ingersoll, Consideration $500 pounds, W1/2 100 acres.
  Will: To my beloved wife, Susanah Vande Bogart, an annual stipend of 12 pounds tens shillings, two feather beds, & her clothing; to son, Nicholas, Lot 26 & the east half of Lot 25 & all the broken front of Lot 25 Concession 1, Richmond Township, Lennox & Addington Counties, Lots 24, 25, 27 Concession 7 & half Lot 23 Concession 8 of Thurlow Township; to son, William, Lot 24 Con. 2 & west half of Lot 25 (exclusive of broken) Con. 1 Richmond Tp., Lots 20, 21, & half of 23 Con. 8 Thurlow Tp.; to son-in-law, Emanuel Treadway & his daughter, Mary Ann, E 1/2 Lot 24 Con. 3 & Lot 25 Con. 2, Richmond Tp., Lots 25, 30 & 31 Con. 7 Thurlow Tp.; to Timmothy Price, son of John Price, Lot 19 Con. 8 Thurlow Tp.; to Thomas Lions, 1/2 Lot 28 Con. 7 Thurlow Tp.; & to Sally Loucks, sister of Thomas Lions, other 1/2 Lot 28 Con. 7 Thurlow Tp. Will made 26 February, 1825. Witnesses: Philip J. Roblin & Jane C. Roblin. Executors named as being Nathan Denison & Renseler Denison.
  An inventory of the Goods & Chattels of Francis Van de Bogart, deceased, was was filed on 21 January, 1830, in the Register office of the Surrogate Court for the Midland District. Besides personal effects, his land was listed as: Richmond Tp. 1 Con. - 700 acres of land N25 & 26; Richmond Tp. 4 Con. - 200 acres of land N24; Thurlow Tp. 7 Con. 400 acres of land N24 & 27; Thurlow Tp. 7 Con. 600 acres of land N25,30,&31; Thurlow Tp. 200 acres of land N21; Thurlow Tp. 8 Con. 400 acres of land N 23 & 28.
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