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Marriage: Children:
  1. Margaret Beck: Birth: ABT 1717 in New York State, USA. Death: 4 SEP 1801 in Amsterdam, Montgomery County, New York, USA

  2. Caleb Beck: Death: BEF 1714 in Schenectady, Albany, New York, USA

  3. Caleb Beck: Death: 9 DEC 1787 OR 9 DEC 1797 in Schenectady, Albany, New York, USA

  4. Engeltie Beck

  5. Anna Beck: Death: ABT 1746 in Schenectady, Albany, New York, USA

a. Note:   alebBeck and Anna Mol Fairly Beck, att. to Nehemiah Partridge (1683–ca. 1737),Schenectady, N.Y., 1724–1725. Oil on canvas, 30 x 26 inches; 29. x 25⅜ inches. Photography by Bryan Haeffele. (VC.58.19, 20).
  NYG&BR, Vol. 38, pp98-100, (1907) Contributed by Catherine T.R. Mathews, The Founders of the Beck and Mabie families in America: Caleb was a master mariner, but he gave up the sea when he left Portsmouth. It is supposed that Caleb & Anna [his parents] died prior to 1698, for at that date their son Caleb left Portsmouth, & under the Mayoralty of Johannis de Peyster in 1698, he was made a freeman in New York. In 1701 he sold to his brother Thomas of Portsmouth: "The land lying between the middle of my grandfather Beck's 60 acres, which was granted to my father Caleb Beck by the town of Portsmouth & upon record,"&c.He married in New York 2 Nov, 1703, Anna (Mol) Fairly, the eldest daughter of Jan Jansen Mol & Engeltie Pieterse Mabie. Caleb & Anna settled in Schenectady immediately after their marriage.
  Van Vorst Papers, Schenectady Library: Anna Beck was the daughter of a Schenectady innkeeper, Caleb Beck, who settled in the town in 1700 or a little later. He owned the lot on Union Street extending from the present Education Building (old Court House) to the corner of Church Street--property now, in part occupied by the Knights of Columbus. Caleb died in 1733. In the records of Portsmouth, N.H. of 1674 & 1680 are references to a Caleb Beck & his father Henry Beck, & Cuyler Reynolds has assembled the following possible genealogy: Henry Beck, born Dover, England, died 1728 aged 110 yrs. His son, Caleb, born Holland, married Annatje Mabie. His son Caleb, in Schenectady by 1703, was the father of Anna Beck Van Vorst.
  Abstracts of Wills-Liber 12, pp124-5: In the name of God, Amen, the 8th of March, 1728. I, Caleb Beck, of Schenectady, in Albany County, Gen., being very sick. I leave to my son Caleb my wearing cloaths from head to foot, and that he chues the best gun in the house & has it mended & prepared as he thinks fit for himself, and my Pocket Pistols and sword, with all my printed books & the Great New Chest, & if he learns a trade, he is to have 5 pounds to buy tools. I leave to my son-in-law, John Fairly, 2.5 feet of ground, fronting the street that leads to the Church, on the north side of his own lot, and at the east end 1.5 feet wide joining to the breadth of his own lot. My executors are to dispose of my horses, to pay debts. All the rest of my moveables are left to my wife Anna for life, and then to my son Caleb. Twelve months after he is possession he shall pay to my daughter Angeltie, 25 pounds. If it be necessary, my wife may sell a lot of ground behind where the Bolting house stands, 50 feet fronting the streeet & so backwards to Nicholas Schuyler's. I make my wife Anna & Thomas Williams, a gentleman of Albany & Lt. Helmas Vedder, of Schectady, executors. Witnesses, Robert Yets, Abraham Mestre, Robert Freeman. Proved at Albany, before Myndert Schuyler, Esq., Oct. 3, 1733.
  Geneaolgies of the First Settlers of Schenectady, pg. 10 & 11: Capt. Caleb Beck, settled in Schenectady about 1703. He was an inn keeper, licences "to draw or sell liquor by retaile". His home lot was on the south corner of Church & Union streets, where after his death, in 1733, his widow continued the business, together with trade in groceries & dry goods, until her death. Caleb Beck made his will Mar. 8, 1728/9, proved sept. 29, 1733, in which he spoke of his wife Anna, to whom he left the bulk of his property, which after her death was to pass to his son Caleb. He gave "to my son Caleb my wearing cloaths from head to foot, and that he chues the best gun in the house & has it mended & prepared as he thinks fit for himself, and my Pocket Pistols and sword, with all my printed books & the Great New Chest". He married Anna (Harley) Mol, in New York, Nov. 2 1704 (3?). Ch: Anna, bp Oct 7 1704, m. Jacobus Van Vorst' a dau. named ...., m. John Fairly; Caleb bp. June 21, 1712; Caleb, b. May 24, 1714; Engel, bp Dec 15 1715 m. Isaac Ab. Traux, d. June 27 1758, a. 42 ys., 6 m., 12 d; Margaret, m. John W. Brown.
  Schenectady County, New York Genealogies: Beck Family
  [This information is taken from pp. 236 and 266-267 in Chapter XXIV of Austin A. Yates' Schenectady County, New York: Its History to the Close of the Nineteenth Century. Thanks to Carol Di Crosta for data entry help with this page]: Caleb Beck, settled at Schenectady in 1703. Some of his descendants became distinguished for talents and high literary attainments, among the noblest sons of our state. He married Ann Harley, at New York, November 2d, 1703. His house and lot was on the southeast corner of Church and Union Streets, where he kept a hotel, and, after his death in 1733, his wife, at the same point, continued the business, together with trade in groceries and dry goods until her decease. He was the ancestor of Theodore Romeyn Beck.
  The descendants of Caleb Beck, 1703, are as follows:
  Anna, his oldest daughter, born October 7th, 1704, married Jacobus Van Vorst.
  Elizabeth, another daughter, married John Fairly, who owned the lot on the east side of Church Street, next south of his father-in-law's lot.
  Engel, also a daughter, born December 15th, 1715, married Isaac Abram Truax.
  Margaret, another daughter, married in 1751, John W. Brown, one of the first founders and a prominent member of the Episcopal church in Schenectady.
  Caleb, the only surviving son of Caleb, Sr., born May 24th, 1714, married, November 1st, 1747, Elizabeth, daughter of Abraham Truax. He was an attorney-at-law of considerable prominence, and died December 9th, 1787, aged nearly seventy-four years.
  Anna, his oldest daughter, born October 6th, 1748, married Peter Van Guysling.
  Angelica, another daughter, born April 5th, 1761, married Andrew Van Patten.
  Caleb, the only surviving son of Caleb, Jr., born October 22d, 1758, studied law with his father, but never practiced; his fortune was comfortable and his tastes were literary. In 1788 he was principal of the Schenectady Academy, and died in October, 1798. His wife died August 23d, 1853. On the 26th of August, 1790, he married Catharine Theresa, the accomplished daughter of the Rev. Dirk Romeyn, and in his short married life of nine years, he left surviving him the following named sons, who all became distinguished in the various departments of science, law and military affairs, but are now resting from their labors in death.
  Theodorick Romeyn, oldest son of the last Caleb, born August 11th, 1791, died with a world-wide reputation as man of science. He was the author of Beck's Medical Jurisprudence.
  Abraham, the second son, born October 21st, 1792, after practicing law for some years in Schenectady, removed to St. Louis, Missouri, and rising high in his profession for so short a residence, died there in 1821.
  John Brodhead, the third son, born September 18th, 1794, died at New York in 1851. He was a distinguished physician and professor in the New York Medical College.
  Nicholas Fairly, the fourth son, born November 7th, 1796; died June 30th, 1830 in Albany. He was a lawyer of excellent reputation, and was at the time of his death adjutant-general of the state of New York, and had been since 1825.
  Caleb Lewis, (commonly written Lewis C.) M. D., born October 4th, 1798, and died in 1852. He was professor of chemistry and natural history in Rutger's College, New Jersey, and is the author of several literary writings, and particularly of a folio volume of the mineralogy of New York.
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