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  1. Caleb Beck: Birth: ABT 1680 in Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire, USA. Death: 1733 in Schenectady, Albany, New York, USA

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a. Note:   Birth per IGI (John Beck) Death per New England Marriages prior to 1700: Beck, Caleb ( -1695) & Hannah [Bolles/Bowles], m/2 Nathaniel Wright; ? by 1661; Portsmouth, NH.
  NYGBR, vol. 38, pp98-100: Caleb Beck was a master mariner. He was living in Portsmouth, 1674-9. The town records have the following items: "May 8, 1674 Laid out to Caleb Beck 13 acres beginning at his father Henry Beck's land. A Rebate to Caleb Beck 15 Mar. 1679." NOTE: This record surmised that Caleb had married Anna Mabie [& not Hannah Bolles, as is on my records]. It is supposed that Caleb & Anna both died prior to 1698.
  Genealogical Dictionary of Maine & New Hampshire, by Noyes, Libby, & Davis: Beck, Caleb, of age or m. by 1661, householder in 1677. Lists 326c,327d,330ab, 331b. Widow Beck taxed 1690. Adm. gr. 11 Mar. 1694/5 to wid. Hannah (Bowles3). List 335a, p. 176. In 1696 was living in the hear of Portsm., m 2d bef. 1702 Nathl. Wright.
  "The Pioneers of Maine and New Hampshire 1623-1660" by Charles Henry Pope, Page 16. "BECK, BECKS, BEX Caleb, Portsmouth, proprietor, 1660. Admin. of estate granted to widow Hannah March 11, 1694-95.
  From Bonnie Ferguson: Hannah Beck Bond Administrator 1694. Then you can't read a thing on the page it is so light that it didn't copy. But the inside I can make out that it says that Hannah Beck came before the court to probate a will and it was dated 4th day of Feb 1694/5. It was signed by Hannah B Beck mark and two witness signed: SS Redford Esq and Samuel ? and ? S Lovell mark The second page is a listing of the Inventory of Caleb Beck filed Mar 1694.The Volunteer reseacher sent this note: Our available information on the estates of these men named Caleb and Henry Beck is enclosed.Neither apparently left a will, so their estates were administered by their wives. Additionally, given the dievergence in dates, two or more generations of Caleb's involved. Since the estate of the Caleb deceased in the late 17th century (ca 1686) would almost certainly have been inventoried before the late 18th century (1700). Also there were two different widows: Hannah in 1694 and Alice in 1770 ? The Henry Beck concerns a Henry who died ca 1686 leaving a widow Elizabeth. From Military Records there were also one or more Henry Becks in the 18th Century. However, without approximate yr of death, it is not pratical to search for a probate file in the name following the Revolution. There are none prior to that except for the 1686 one. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.