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  1. Caleb Beck: Birth: ABT 1680 in Portsmouth, Rockingham, New Hampshire, USA. Death: 1733 in Schenectady, Albany, New York, USA

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a. Note:   vis, pg. 101: Bowles, Hannah, b. 25 Nov. 1649 m. Caleb Beck.
  Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire on page 85: indicates that Hannah Beck married Nathaniel Wright prior to 1702. Nathaniel died (page 773) on Sept 9, 1717 and Hannah was still alive as late as Oct. 5, 1717.
  From Bonnie Ferguson: Hannah Beck Bond Administrator 1694. Then you can't read a thing on the page it is so light that it didn't copy. But the inside I can make out that it says that Hannah Beck came before the court to probate a will and it was dated 4th day of Feb 1694/5 It was signed by Hannah B Beck mark and two witness signed: SS Redford Esq and Samuel ? and ? S Lovell mark The second page is a listing of the Inventory of Caleb Beck filed Mar 1694
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