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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mary Elizabeth Lillian "Lily" Dobson: Birth: 4 JAN 1897 in New Carlisle, Bonaventure County, Quebec, Canada. Death: 3 JUL 1940 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  2. Charles "Charlie" Thomas Dobson: Birth: 31 JAN 1899 in New Carlisle, Bonaventure County, Quebec, Canada. Death: 9 APR 1974 in New Carlisle, Bonaventure County, Quebec, Canada

  3. Ella "Rena" Dobson: Birth: 9 APR 1901 in New Carlisle, Bonaventure County, Quebec, Canada. Death: 18 NOV 1996 in Hamilton, Wentworth County, Ontario, Canada

  4. Mancil Eva Dobson: Birth: 9 FEB 1904 in New Carlisle, Bonaventure County, Quebec, Canada. Death: 6 NOV 1987 in New Carlisle, Bonaventure County, Quebec, Canada

  5. Anne Inez Dobson: Birth: 31 MAR 1907 in New Carlisle, Bonaventure County, Quebec, Canada. Death: 14 APR 1994 in Chandler, Bonaventure County, Quebec, Canada

  6. John Everett Dobson: Birth: 14 SEP 1911 in New Carlisle, Bonaventure County, Quebec, Canada. Death: 13 SEP 1998 in Markham, York County, Ontario, Canada

  7. Stella "Thelma" Dobson: Birth: 10 DEC 1914 in New Carlisle, Bonaventure County, Quebec, Canada. Death: 6 JUN 1990 in New Carlisle, Bonaventure County, Quebec, Canada

a. Note:   obson, farmer of New Carlisle, and of Ann Renouf, his wife, born on the sixth of March in the year eighteen hundred and seveny-three, was baptized privately on this the sixteenth day of July in the year eighteen hundred and seventy-seven (the parents and Widow McGierbeuig (?) being present). By me J. H. A. Sweet (Incumbent). I certify above to be a correct copy of the above entry in the Register of Baptisms kept in St. Andrew's Church, New Carlisle, County of Bonaventure, Province of Quebec, Canada, this twenty first day of June A.D. one thousand nine hundred and eighteen. J.W. Harrison, Locum Tenens for the Rector, Major the Reverend A.W. Buckland, absent on Military Duty.
  1881 Census Records, Quebec, Film C13187, 38 - Bonaventure Co., D - New Carlisle - pg. 24: Archie Dobson, 6, born Que., Ch. of England, English origin; living with his parents & siblings
  1891 Census Records, 142 - Bonaventure Co., Microfilm T6388, L- New Carlisle, pg. 2: Arhcie Dobson, 17, born PQ, living with his parents & siblings
  Marriage- Drouin Collection: 30 June 1896, at Paspebiac to Emma Adle Wellman
  1901 Census Records, Quebec, Microfilm T6515, 143-Bonaventure Co., G1 - New Carlisle (West), pg. 1: Archie Dobson, married & living with his parents & siblings, b. March 1875, 26, b. PQ, Farm Labourer, wife Emma, b. June 1875, 16, b. PQ, & children Elisabeth, b. Jan. 1897, b. PQ, & Charles T., b. Jan. 1899, 2.
  1911 Quebec Census, Bonaventure, 17 New Carlisle West, pg. 7 9 59 Dobson Thomas M Head M May 1844 77 10 59 Dobson Ann F Wife M Sep 1847 73 11 59 Dobson Archie M Son M Mar 1873 38 12 59 Dobson Emma F Wife M Jun 1874 36 13 59 Dobson Ida F Daughter S Apr 1894 17 14 59 Dobson Lizzie F Daughter S Jan 1897 14 15 59 Dobson Charles M Son S Feb 1899 12 16 59 Dobson Rena F Daughter S Apr 1901 10 17 59 Dobson Mansall F Daughter S Feb 1904 7 18 59 Dobson Almae F Daughter S Mar 1907 4
  1921 Quebec Census 155 - Bonaventure County, New Carlisle Archibald Dobson 48 Emma Dobson 47 Rena Dobson 22 (s.b. Van Saders) Charlie Dobson 20 Mancel Dobson 17 Annie Dobson 14 John Dobson 10 Thelma Dobson 7 Doris Dobson 4/12 (s.b. Van Saders) Ann Dobson 83 b. Quebec Widowed
  Mom said Grandpa Dobson sailed to Barbados, along with his brother Jim, to collect molasses. He worked for T.J. Caldwell who owned a wholesale/retail store. The story is that there was a false bottom on the molasses barrels and that they actually were smuggling in rum (not a proven story though). Afterwards, Grandpa was a spotter for the railway & was responsible for seeing that they were unloaded & the contents driven by horse & wagon to the wholesaler. Mom said her grandfather was very strict & walked very tall & proud. When you ate at his table, you did not talk. If you did talk, he'd drop his fork & knife & stared at you until you quit talking. He was a man of few words. He had woodland & hauled wood all winter by sleigh.
  Obit - Death has again visited the community of New Carlisle, Quebec, & taken one of its oldest residents, the late Archie Dobson, who passed away at his home on February 26th (Sat.), after a long and painful illness, which was borne with patience & fortitude. He was born in New Carlisle, 82 years ago, the son of the late Thomas Dobson and Annie Renouf, & was a well known & respected citizen, a good neighbour & a willing helper to those in need. He leaves to mourn his loss, his wife, the former Emma Wellman, two sons, Charles at home, & John of Toronto; four daughters, Mrs. George Crozier (Rena); Mrs. Edgar Flowers (Mancil); Mrs. George J. Gilker (Anne); Mrs. John S. Shearer (Thelma); all of New Carlisle, & who were all at his bedside when the end came. Another daughter, Mrs. Alfred St. Denis died in 1940. Also surviving are three sisters, Mrs. E. Murray, Cape Breton, N.S.; Mrs. E. Thurston, Saugus, Mass.; & Mrs. A. Buttle, Montreal. A large number of grand and great grandchildren also survive. The pallbearers were John C. Gilker, John Chatterton, Clifton Flowers, James Thompson, & John Thompson. The remains were driven by Lionel Gilker. Funeral services were held on March 1st, at St. Andrew's Anglican Church, conducted by the Rev. Mr. Knox. Tombstone in St. Andrews Anglican Cemetery, New Carlisle, Quebec - Archie Dobson 1873-1955; Emma Wellman 1874-1966 Gone but not forgotten
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