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a. Note:   812.
  Info. per Archie & Claire Lamont, Picton, ON.
  1851 Ontario Census, Lennox County, Richmond Tp., Dist. 2, pg. 1 N. Vandebogart, b. C. W., W.M., 62 C. Vandebogart, b. US, W.M., 64 C. Denison, b. C.W., W.M., 19 (female)
  1871 Ontario Census 63- Lennox, D1- Richmond Frank Van Debogart 35 b. Ontario Nancy Van Debogart 32 b. Ontario Nicholas Van Debogart 81 b. Ontario Widowed William Van Debogart 5 b. Ontario Carrie Van Debogart 3 b. Ontario Pauline Van Debogart 2 b. Ontario Annie Van Debogart 1 b. Ontario David Davis 33 b. Ontario Ellen Davis 28 b. Ontario
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